Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Darkened Room

I stepped into the bedroom and leaned back against the door jamb. The bed was turned down. The only lights on were two plug-in nightlights that cast a warm glow in the room. Her scent was evident as soon as you passed through the door. She had prepared for this. I looked around her bedroom and then at her. She had her back to me. Long, straight, black hair, print blouse, light blue miniskirt, white heels, white bracelet. How did I miss that her shimmering white hose were gone? She must have shed them when she took her bra off during her time in the bathroom. I hadn’t missed the bra being gone, but the stockings were a lot more visible and I had completely missed their absence. What else was I missing?

She turned to face me. Her blouse was unbuttoned all the way now. I wasn’t scared, but I was nervous. Plenty nervous. If Mona had said the wrong thing right then I might not have made it. But she did the right thing. Her instincts were perfect-- it wasn't time to challenge me, it was time to make me comfortable. She came to where I was leaning against the door frame and put her hands up on my shoulders. I had left my jacket out in the living room. She moved her hands over my chest and eventually she found her way to my waist. She untucked the Henley shirt and moved her hands back over my skin until she was back at my chest. Then Mona put her head on my chest.
“I think it’s sweet that your heart’s beating so hard,” she said quietly.

I kissed the top of her head. My hands were on her waist. She pulled my shirt up. I helped take it off and tossed it on the floor. She kissed my bare chest. Her tongue played with my nipples as her hands ran across my skin. Then her hands were on my back, holding me close as she kissed my chest... and then my neck... and finally my mouth. We kissed hungrily. I pushed her back slightly and slid her blouse off. Her nipples were hard, dark, and pronounced. I took her left breast in my right hand from underneath, squeezed it up and leaned in. I sucked her nipple, tongued it, flicked it. I opened my mouth wide and took most of her breast into my mouth, the thick of my tongue rubbing on her nipple. I did the same to her other breast. Her head was back, her eyes closed when I snapped a quick slap across her left tit with my right hand. Her eyes popped open. I slapped her firm tit again from the side, slightly from beneath. It was a glancing shot that got all of her big nipple. Next it was the right side with my left hand. She had a smirk on her face as she said, “I knew you were a nasty fucker….”

“Shut up, Mona,” I said.
I put my left hand behind her neck under her hair, gripped her firmly, and walked her over near the only chair in the room—an overstuffed, low, wide chair with a matching ottoman. Still holding her by the back of the neck I undid the button on the back of her tight little skirt, unzipped it, and pushed it down over her hips. It fell to the floor. Not only had she gotten rid of her hose earlier she had taken off her panties too. She stood there, her skirt on the floor surrounding her high heels, with nothing else on but makeup, perfume, a necklace, and some bracelets. I took my time slapping, squeezing and tugging her breasts. I handled her nipples very roughly-- the sounds that escaped her throat told me I was on the right track. I turned her so her back was to me and looked at her bare ass. Mona really was a beauty. I wasn't sure why she wanted to spend any time with me, but she had made it clear what she expected and I sure as hell wasn't going to go limp on her. At least that was my plan. A plan that I was making up on the fly.

I took my hand from the back of her neck and got her firmly by the hair. I had her at arm’s length so I could take in the view. I tilted her head back so she was looking at her bedroom ceiling. With my free hand I gave her a firm crack across the right ass cheek. She gasped. I backhanded the left cheek. Another gasp.
“Turn around,” I said.
She turned to face me and as she did her hair wrapped more tightly around my left fist.
I put my right hand on her shoulder and pushed down. She knew it was time for her to get on her knees.