Friday, October 23, 2009

Hey! What if...?

Mona was on her knees in front of me. With her right hand wrapping my cock she had put her left on her bare ass. The view from above was spectacular. She was working magic on my cock and the last thing I wanted was to shoot my first load so early. I pulled her away and fell back into the big overstuffed chair. She immediately popped up onto the ottoman, got on her knees, leaned down and went back to stroking and sucking. I got her hair in both hands and gathered it up until none of it was falling down. I had it all pulled up into a topknot in my left hand. I didn’t push her down onto my dick or pull her off it. I just had it all up out of the way so I could watch her mouth on my hard cock. There is no better sight on earth for a guy than seeing your own stiff rod being worked on by a beautiful woman. Her oral skills were prodigious. She was so good at sucking dick that I, again, worried about an early cumshot.

I didn't want it to stop, but finally I pushed her up and off my cock. I stood up.
“Get on the bed,” I said.
She moved over onto her bed and got on her back with her ass at the edge and her legs open.
“No. Flip over,” I said.
She turned over and started to move across the bed away from me. I grabbed her just above the hips with both hands and jerked her back to the edge of the bed. She put her feet on the floor and stretched her arms across the bed with her head turned to one side so her nose wasn’t against the sheets.

I slipped a few inches of cock into her pussy. She was warm and slippery.
I gave her ass a hard smack with my open right hand. Then the other cheek got it from my left. Her butt was taut and firm. I slid the rest of my dick into her and leaned forward putting my left hand down on the bed. I got her long black hair wrapped around my right hand and pulled her head off the bed. Her hands were grasping at the bedspread as I ground into her from behind. I got into her just as deep as I could get.
“Oh gawd… do me hard you nasty fucker…” came a low growl from deep in Mona’s throat.
I backed it out slowly until just the head of my cock was still inside her soaked cunt. After a pause to take a good look at this beautiful woman I drove it all back in with one solid stroke.

We went at each other for the next few hours including a few breaks to catch our breath. She was absolutely the wildest fuck I'd had up to that point in my life. I chalked it up to her advanced age and experience.
It was nearly time for me to go home and we were reclined next to each other in Mona’s bed, spent.
“You should come over Wednesday night. I’ll make us dinner,” she said.
“OK,” I said, “What time?”
“Make it six-thirty.”
“Wil, this was great tonight. Thanks for coming over. I think we’re a good fit,” Mona said.
I didn’t know what all she meant by that but I agreed that certain parts fit together real well over the past few hours. I assured her that the pleasure had been mine.

On the drive back to my parents' house I was reviewing the events of the evening. The way she looked and smelled... the sweet red wine and her dope stash from Chet... what she said before we went to her bedroom... and the amazing time spent in that bedroom. It was a nicer drive away from Mona’s house than the one back in December. But then a new thought passed through my brain. I had never considered this before, but what if Mona had set up the whole ski trip and party in December to break up Sharon and me? I rolled everything around in my brain as I drove. I tried to remember everything that had happened and everything that had been said. I decided that it was very smug to think she'd do that. But then again, she had just sucked and fucked me within an inch of my young life, so maybe I had a right to flatter myself? Nah. In the end I couldn’t reach any conclusion, but I did realize that it was entirely plausible that nothing back in December had been just exactly as I thought it had been.

I wasn’t upset. I wasn’t angry. In fact, it amused me. One thing I knew for sure, I was having a better spring break than if I had gone to Florida with the crowd. A helluva lot better.