Wednesday, October 7, 2009


The trip back to school Monday was an adventure. The snow and ice made things treacherous on the highway. The atmosphere inside the car was chilly too since Sharon couldn’t understand why I didn’t just tell Penny that there wasn't room to take her along. We finally made it to Sharon’s campus and had a brief good bye at the front door of her sorority house. Penny, who hadn’t had much to say on the trip so far was chatty the rest of the way.

The two weeks of classes and exams between Thanksgiving weekend and Christmas break flew by. I got one letter from Sharon during that period. That’s the problem with sending someone a letter nearly every day when a romance is young—it’s noticeable when the correspondence falls off. I suppose the same is true about texting, e-mails, IM’s, tweets, Facebook befriending or whatever Facebookers do with each other, and so on. But back then it was either letters or long distance phone calls and I could barely afford stamps let alone telephone calls. In the one letter I did get Sharon was very upbeat and looking forward to getting together over the break. She wanted me to call her when I got back home. No problem, I was looking forward to seeing her too.

The morning after I got back to my parents’ house for Christmas break I gave Sharon a call and we went out to a movie that night. She was excited about a ski trip with Mona “and some other people” that weekend and wanted me to come. I had a family-oriented conflict for the weekend in question. She seemed genuinely disappointed. I was too, but not because I was a big fan of skiing. Snow is best experienced through a window or in a painting. Sliding down a mountain on a pair of waxed slats isn’t a sport I have ever appreciated sufficiently. My preferred orientation is more equatorial than arctic.

The next afternoon Sharon called and asked if I could make it to a party at Mona’s the night before their ski outing. It was a Christmas Party Mona was throwing for her work friends. That sounded like it might be fun. She said to meet her at Mona’s house at 8:30PM Friday—she was going over earlier to help out with party preparations. No problem—my car knew the way to Mona’s house.

Yep, this would be a fun party. Nothing bad has ever happened at an office Christmas Party, right?