Monday, October 5, 2009

November Snow

As we drove away from the dance club it began to snow. It was a heavy, wet snow and was coming down in giant flakes. I had no idea where to go next-- hell, the blood was just beginning to get back to my cranium. Sharon suggested we go over near her parents’ house. So I drove that way, my little two-seater fishtailing all the way. When we got to the country club community where she lived she gave me directions to a place where we could park out of view from the road. We sat in the car with the lights off and the engine and heater running, watching the snow come down in the ambient light.

My car had bucket seats but no console so Sharon turned her back to me, stretched out as far as she could and leaned back against my chest. We quietly watched the snow for a while until I started nibbling on her right ear. We kissed. We kissed a lot. I fumbled with her pants until I got access to her panties and the contents therein. Hoping my hands weren’t too cold I slid a finger between her lips as my left arm pulled her tightly to me. It felt warm and increasingly wet as I worked my way into her. With my middle finger slipped inside her I rubbed the joint of my thumb across the north end of her pussy and talked very softly in her ear. When she started to get close to the edge she grabbed my left hand in both of her hands and took my fingers in her mouth one at a time, sucking at them as she had sucked my cock an hour earlier in another parking spot.

About a half hour later I dropped her off at her house. I was to pick her up at 1 on Sunday afternoon. I had promised to take her back to college. It was out of my way and would add about 2 or 3 hours to my drive but that was the least of my concerns. No, my problem was figuring out how I was going to get all of her stuff into my little car. It was still snowing as I drove over to my parents’ house.

I woke up at about 9AM Sunday to fourteen inches.

I’ve always wanted to write that sentence and have it be the truth! You’re ahead of me though-- we had gotten fourteen inches of snow overnight. By 11 Sharon called to see if we were still leaving at 1PM. Since I couldn’t even get the car out of the garage due to drifts about 3 to 4 feet tall I thought that was unlikely. Even if I could get out of the garage I couldn’t get through our driveway. The road in front of the house wasn’t plowed and the interstate was closed. Other than that it was smooth sailin’. Sharon seemed to blame me for this—well, at least partially.

As the day wound on the highway patrol was still telling people to stay off the roads. There was no way I was driving anywhere until morning and even then I would have to take the family car. My little Italian rust bucket would never make it. At least that saved the problem of where to put her luggage. I told Sharon I’d pick her up at 8AM Monday and with any luck she'd be on her campus by noon.

Late Sunday night the phone rang. My mother handed it to me and with the mouthpiece covered she mouthed, “It’s a girl.” Mom knew Sharon’s voice so I was pretty sure it wasn’t her. It turned out to be Penny Neal. I didn’t really know Penny. She was three years behind me in high school and I didn’t even know she went to the same college I attended. Her problem was simple. Her dad was supposed to take her back to school Sunday and couldn’t because of the snow. He had to work Monday and she was stranded so she was calling people she knew went to the same school hoping someone might be able to give her a ride. Since I was driving the big family sedan, and since I’m a friendly sort of fellow, I told Penny I’d pick her up at about 8:15 in the morning.

She was ecstatic. I do love making women happy, I confess.

But I wasn’t certain that Sharon would think it was a great idea. Admittedly, sometimes my kindly nature can be a problem. But, dammit, a fellow needs to help other people in need!

Oh, did I mention that Penny Neel had been the Sophomore Princess for our football homecoming my senior year in high school?

I left that part out?

Shame on me.