Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pause For Music

I have thrown out, given away, or sold thousands of vinyl LP's from my collection over the past fifteen years or so. But I still own hundreds of those black slabs-- a few hundred I can't part with that sound so good even with a few pops and clicks.. Of course I also have a bunch of CD's and one of these days, I swear, I just might download some tunes too.

You might say I enjoy music. Through the tales I've related here I mention a few artists I like and a few I don't. But the other day it dawned on me that I've never mentioned the musician whose albums and CD's make up more of my collection than any other. Nope, I've never mentioned this great:

No, not The Lace Panty Girls knucklehead!
Look closer...

That's better.

Although, Miles probably would've liked this fresh, young artist too, come to think of it...