Saturday, November 21, 2009

Double Down

It was going better than I thought it would.

Mona was on all fours at the end of her bed taking my cock in her mouth while Chet was doing her from behind. A good rhythm was going and I was keeping my eyes on my dick and her pretty face— I was afraid that paying attention to what Chet was doing might keep me from staying hard. It was, after all, the first time I’d been in such a situation and I felt some pressure to not disappoint. It was self-inflicted pressure, but it was real.

Then Chet drove slow and deep into her about a half dozen times, held the last push for a while, and abruptly pulled out and left the room. He had told me the only ground rule was that he got first crack at her pussy. I assumed that we had just moved into the realm of “fair game” so I moved behind her and slid the head of my cock into that hot slit he had just left. With my right hand I worked my cockhead up and down through her thick, dark bush. I didn’t know whether she was soaked from her own juice or if Chet had shot a huge load into her, and I didn’t care. I squeezed her nice round ass with my left hand, gave it a sharp smack, and plowed my full length into her in a stroke.

She had sucked my cock hard while Chet was fucking her but I hadn’t felt a cumload welling up and I knew I could last a while now that I was buried in her snatch. Every so often I would give her ass a good smack as I kept pounding away at her. At this point it was less like a threesome and more like a two man gangbang—it seemed like we were taking turns.

I hammered Mona from behind for a while and she sounded like she was enjoying it. Then I pulled out and flipped her on her back. I got my hands in behind her knees and pushed them back towards her shoulders, spreading her wide open as I did. I moved closer so my dick was touching her pussy lips and she reached between her legs and guided me right back in. She was biting her lower lip but as I slid all the way back in she said, “Yeah… just like that.”

I had her ass at the edge of the bed and was banging into her hard and fast when Chet came back into the room. He got to the edge of the bed where I had been standing originally and stroked his cock as he watched her getting fucked. When he was hard he turned her head to face his meat. He cock slapped her left cheek over and over. She had her mouth open but he wouldn’t feed that dick to her. He kept slapping her face and lips with his stiff cock until he finally grabbed her hair in his left hand and pushed his cock to her mouth with his right.

“Get on that dick, bitch,” he growled and in a couple seconds he was balls deep in her mouth.
The view of that was so hot I blew my load deep in her cunt almost immediately.
After my balls were drained in her I pulled my dripping cock out and took a couple steps back.
“You wanted to get it from two guys at once, didn’t you slut…” Chet said as he grabbed her right leg and spun her around at the corner of the bed like she was on a lazy Susan.
I hadn’t been out of her pussy a minute before he was right back in it.

Mona was screaming and grabbing at the sheets on either side of her. She was on her back, her legs straight in the air and spread apart with her toes pointed to the sky. Chet was slam fucking her like a beast when I went down the hall to the bathroom to get cleaned up a bit.

Yes, the evening was off to a good start.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Charge Forward

I pulled into Mona’s driveway on Saturday night. There was a fairly new Dodge Charger with Kentucky plates parked there. I had spent a lot of time since Wednesday night wondering if I should bail out on the little party for three. My feet had definitely gotten cold. On Friday Mona called me from work on her lunch break. Luckily my dad was at work and mom was at a neighbor’s house so I could talk. As soon as I heard her voice I felt better about our plans. She asked me not to let Chet know we had been together Sunday and Wednesday nights. In fact she wanted to make sure I didn’t let on I’d ever touched her before. That was no problem—I wasn’t about to bring it up. The effect on me, though, was good. See, up to then I felt like the extra person. Like they were a couple and I was the third wheel. But by having this little secret between us it felt better somehow. I knew something Chet didn’t know. Mona hadn’t gone to college but she would’ve aced Psychology. She definitely knew how to motivate me anyway.

I rang the bell and Mona opened the door. She welcomed me warmly and re-introduced me to Chet. I told him I liked his car. I didn’t tell him it was the sort of thing I would expect a guy like him to drive if he couldn’t afford a Corvette. Hell, I would be happy if my little Italian two-seater didn’t disintegrate into a rust pile while it was parked in her drive-- I sure wasn’t about to take a shot at Chet’s wheels.

Mona made some small talk asking me questions she knew the answers to since we’d seen each other twice already that week. Still, we put on a good show for Chet’s benefit. She was wearing a pair of jeans that she had spray painted on and a rust colored knit top that was just about as tight as the jeans. She looked every bit as good as I expected her to look but she soon excused herself to “get dressed” leaving Chet and me in the living room.

We both watched her leave the room and then Chet looked at me, “Willie, that is one hot piece-a-ass. You have no idea what you’re getting into tonight. This isn’t like some college chick at a frat party.”
“I’m not in a frat,” I said.
“Well, you know what I mean.”
I did. Maybe this wasn’t going to work out after all. I was going to be around him all night, not just Mona, and I didn’t think we would get along. We weren’t even from the same generation.

Chet got us both a beer from the kitchen and we sat in the living room drinking and chatting. He started to seem like an OK guy. We talked about sports, cars, colleges, and then he asked about Sharon. Obviously he had met her when he met me back in August. That conversation was uncomfortable only in that I didn’t want to say anything about Mona and she was pretty well linked to Sharon in my world—at least up until a week ago.

He recalled that Sharon was “cute enough”, but had “a great fuckin’ body.” I figured that the best way to keep from saying anything about Mona was to keep talking about Sharon. So I told him a few things—not as much as I’ve told you, of course, dear reader(s).
“She sounds like a lotta fun, Wilson. Why did you guys break up?”
“She didn’t really enjoy sucking my cock,” I said.
He grinned.
“Seriously? Is that it? I thought Mona said she broke up with you?” he said.
“Well, Chet, I didn’t mean that I broke up with her because she wouldn’t—I meant she broke up with me because I always wanted her to suck my cock,” I said.
He laughed, knowing I was bullshitting him. He was alright, I guess. Kind of like the dirty old uncle I didn't need.

“Well, you don’t have to worry about that tonight, buddy.”
I damn near said the wrong thing by affirming my knowledge of Mona’s oral techniques.
“I like the sound of that,” I said.
“Before she gets out here let’s go over a few things. Have you ever done anything like this before?”
I told him I hadn’t.
“Well here’s the deal. She’s been beggin’ for this. Hell, she wanted me to get a couple of my friends over to my place to gangbang her. No way I was gonna let any of my buddies get any! I’m tellin’ you, she’s wild as hell,” he said.

Well now, that’s not the way she tells it, Chet my man, I thought. But who the hell really knows the truth here. Still, my money would be on Mona before Chet Charger.

“Fuck, Wil, there’s tons of pussy all around where I live. You know this chick’s good if I drive all the way up here for it.”
He grinned at me.
“Anyway. As far as I’m concerned there’s only one ground rule. I get her pussy first,” he said.
“That’s it?” I said.
“Yep. That’s it. I’m in first. After that, go for it. But, man, just keep after her. I’ll bet the two of us together can’t wear her out. I’m tellin’ ya, she’s a fuckin’ wildcat,” Chet said.

My blood was up. The idea of double teaming Mona had finally locked in for me. I was ready. Chet went out to the refrigerator and got us each another beer. We had just started to drink when we heard Mona coming down the hall. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw her. She was wearing the long black dress I had helped her pick out back in August. Necklace, earrings, heels… she was stunning. I had expected her to come out in lingerie so her appearance really threw me.

She came over and sat between us—slightly closer to Chet.
“Mona, I think you should move over there and get to know Wil a little bit better,” Chet said.
“Good idea,” she said with a dirty grin.
She moved right up against me and we kissed. Soon my right hand began to explore her from her left thigh up to her left breast. I could feel her erect nipple through the shiny black fabric. Our tongues were soon darting into each other’s mouths. I remembered what she had said to me when she wanted me to pick out that dress in the mall in Louisville. I was afraid Chet would think the apparent suddenness of our passion was odd. But he was firing up a joint and not really concerned.

Mona had a couple hits and soon we were all off to her bedroom. Chet sat down in the chair as I took Mona’s dress off her. I took her down to nothing but a tiny black g-string, black high heels, jewelry, and perfume. Chet stood up and pulled his shirt off, unbuckled, and got out of his clothes. As soon as he started down that path I got undressed too. He bent Mona over. She put her hands on the corner of the bed and he slowly put his cock into her pussy from behind. I had been concerned that it would be difficult to have an erection around another guy. But, I just concentrated on Mona and it didn’t seem to be an issue. I stepped closer and she lifted one hand off the bed, stroked my dick a couple times, and then took me into her mouth. My hands went to her black hair and I fed her more cock as Chet began to drive into her from behind.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


“Are you talking about a, um, the three of us, um, in bed together, or did I miss something?”
“You didn’t miss anything, sweetie. Yeah, a three-way. You, me and Chet,” Mona said.

Long pause.

“Does Chet know about this?”
“Yeah,” she said, thankfully leaving off the “you dummy” part.
“I mean about me, not does he know what a three way is…”
She laughed at me.
“Yeah. I mean he doesn’t know that you would be the other guy for sure but he knows I was thinking about asking you.”
“So, this past week, I’ve been auditioning?”
“No! Not like that... I mean... here’s the thing Wil... Chet knows I have this fantasy of, ya know, havin’ more than one guy at a time. And he thinks it sounds like a lot of fun. But he suggested a couple of his friends and I just don’t want to do that,” she said.
“Why not?”
“I dunno, I guess I don’t like the idea of him and his buddies talkin’ about it over beers some day. Ya know? I wanted it to be somebody I already wanted to fuck anyway,” Mona said, “and he’s met you, and thought it would be OK if that’s what I wanted.”

I kinda felt like my head might explode. I never saw this coming. Hell, I never saw her call to get together over spring break coming either, but this was completely mind-boggling. Now, you might think I’m kidding, but I didn’t really want to do it. Chet was at least ten years older than me—at least. Mona was somewhere in between our two ages—frankly I felt like I would be the third wheel and like a kid at an "adults only" party. No, I was pretty uneasy about the idea at the time. Now, of course, as I look back I want to tell that college kid idiot to wake up.

“I don't know, Mona. I feel pretty weird about it,” I said.
“Why sweetie? We’ve been having fun this week. You’d have fun Saturday night too, I promise.”

That was the problem. I had been having a lot of fun. Mona was teaching me a lot. She was bringing out stuff in me that I was unaware of. It had been great. And now the idea of seeing her with Chet just wasn’t working for me. Plus, I wasn’t sure I could even do anything with her while he was right there. I mean, how self-conscious would I be with this veteran swordsman critiquing my cock-work? But the biggest issue was that it seemed like they were "a couple" and I was a prop being brought in from the outside. My function was to be a dildo, as far as I could tell. I was going to pass on the invitation.

Mona looked at me with a pouty look. She knew I was going to say “no thank you.” She said, very softly, “Wil, I want to feel your hard cock in my mouth while he’s doin’ me from behind. I want you grabbin’ my titties and my hair and pushin’ me down on your stiff dick while Chet’s fuckin’ me. Won’t you do it for me, sweetie? I want it so bad.”

Well, since she put it that way! You know, I really wouldn't
have agreed, but she asked me the right way. I couldn’t disappoint her like that. I had to do my level best.

Later, as I was trying to get to sleep back at the house, all of the worries came back. But it was too late to turn back now. Better to think of things more pleasing and drift off to sleep…

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dangling A Proposition

Now here’s where this little tale takes a very odd twist. It was getting near time for me to leave Mona’s house. We’d been holed up in her bedroom for more than three hours having an energetic workout when I asked her what had happened to cause the falling out between her and Sharon and Sharon’s older sister-- Mona's long time friend. I shouldn’t have gotten into it. It wasn’t as though it was eating away at me. I didn’t really care. It was just conversation towards the end of an extremely intimate evening.

“Well, it involved Chet, and, umm, it was a big mess,” she said.
Chet was the older guy (about 10 years older than me) that Mona had gone on the blind date with when we were all in Louisville back in August. I knew he had stayed in the picture, at least for a while, because Mona had a box of joints on her cocktail table that she said came from Chet.

Once again, I should have just left it alone.

But I told her she couldn’t leave the story at that.

“Chet and I kept seeing each other… but you know how long a drive it is… anyway, he’d come up here and spend the weekend… ya know, once or twice a month. Just having fun… nothing serious,” she said.
The thought of the two of them having fun all weekend in her bedroom didn’t kill me, but it didn’t make me grin either. I didn’t have the illusion that we were doing anything but fucking around—after all, we’d never even gone out for dinner or a movie. We'd never been out together on a date. Still, it was a visual I didn’t need.

“OK. But how does that turn into a big mess with…”
“Back around the holidays I drove down there a couple times. Hung out at his place. It was cool, but I hated driving down there by myself in the winter. Anyway, you remember that he works where she does, right?” she said.
“Yeah,” I said.
“Well, somehow she found out from somebody at work that I’d been in Louisville without telling her I was in town… which was probably bad, not telling her, I mean, I can see why she got pissed, but I was going there to see Chet and, well, we decided it would be better to not spend the whole weekend hanging out with other friends.”
“Sure,” I thought, “that would cut into sucking and fucking time.”

I was really wishing I hadn’t brought the topic up for pillow talk.

“I guess some guy he worked with asked him what he had done over the weekend and he told him that I had been down for the weekend, and…”
I could just imagine that conversation…. "Chet, what did you do this weekend? I did this chick from _____ all fucking weekend that's what I did, pal.”

I needed to get my imagination in check or I was never going to have fun with Mona again.

“Well, I guess that guy told somebody else and soon enough it got around to her. She called me, really mad, which pissed me off, and we just got into everything that we hated about each other… and we haven’t talked since.” She got quiet. I felt like shit for bringing it up-- it was making her sad, and it wasn't doing me a world of good either.

“Wow, uh, that’s too bad, Mona. You guys went back a long ways. Sorry that happened. I guess Sharon took her sister’s side,” I said.
“I was already mad at her anyway, the way she fucked you over completely pissed me off,” she said.
I kept quiet. So did Mona. We were up against each other, completely naked, under a top sheet.

After a while Mona broke the silence. “So, you’re going back to school Sunday afternoon?”
“Yeah. I’ll leave in the middle of the afternoon.”
“I want to ask you something and I hope you don’t freak out,” she said.
That’s a preamble you don’t necessarily want to hear. Then again, it doesn’t have to mean something bad is coming next.
“Chet’s coming up this weekend. He’ll get in late Friday night.”
Ooof. That landed like a punch to the gut.

“Ohhh Kayyy… so what’s the question you want to ask?” I figured it was whether that bothered me or not.

Boy, was I wrong.
“Well, I wondered if you wanted to come over Saturday night and, ya know, have a party with us,” Mona said.
I was speechless for a few beats. Then I said, “I don’t do real well at parties at this house. Besides, I don’t know any of your work friends… and Chet will be here…I mean, I dunno,” I said.

She smiled. “No Wil, it would just be the three of us.”
I just stared at her.
She rolled onto me pressing her breasts against my chest. She ran her right hand through my hair.
“C’mon Wilson. Let's have a party. Just the three of us.”
I couldn’t think of a thing to say. I just stared into her eyes which were about five inches from my eyes.

“Don’t you think it would be fun?”