Saturday, November 21, 2009

Double Down

It was going better than I thought it would.

Mona was on all fours at the end of her bed taking my cock in her mouth while Chet was doing her from behind. A good rhythm was going and I was keeping my eyes on my dick and her pretty face— I was afraid that paying attention to what Chet was doing might keep me from staying hard. It was, after all, the first time I’d been in such a situation and I felt some pressure to not disappoint. It was self-inflicted pressure, but it was real.

Then Chet drove slow and deep into her about a half dozen times, held the last push for a while, and abruptly pulled out and left the room. He had told me the only ground rule was that he got first crack at her pussy. I assumed that we had just moved into the realm of “fair game” so I moved behind her and slid the head of my cock into that hot slit he had just left. With my right hand I worked my cockhead up and down through her thick, dark bush. I didn’t know whether she was soaked from her own juice or if Chet had shot a huge load into her, and I didn’t care. I squeezed her nice round ass with my left hand, gave it a sharp smack, and plowed my full length into her in a stroke.

She had sucked my cock hard while Chet was fucking her but I hadn’t felt a cumload welling up and I knew I could last a while now that I was buried in her snatch. Every so often I would give her ass a good smack as I kept pounding away at her. At this point it was less like a threesome and more like a two man gangbang—it seemed like we were taking turns.

I hammered Mona from behind for a while and she sounded like she was enjoying it. Then I pulled out and flipped her on her back. I got my hands in behind her knees and pushed them back towards her shoulders, spreading her wide open as I did. I moved closer so my dick was touching her pussy lips and she reached between her legs and guided me right back in. She was biting her lower lip but as I slid all the way back in she said, “Yeah… just like that.”

I had her ass at the edge of the bed and was banging into her hard and fast when Chet came back into the room. He got to the edge of the bed where I had been standing originally and stroked his cock as he watched her getting fucked. When he was hard he turned her head to face his meat. He cock slapped her left cheek over and over. She had her mouth open but he wouldn’t feed that dick to her. He kept slapping her face and lips with his stiff cock until he finally grabbed her hair in his left hand and pushed his cock to her mouth with his right.

“Get on that dick, bitch,” he growled and in a couple seconds he was balls deep in her mouth.
The view of that was so hot I blew my load deep in her cunt almost immediately.
After my balls were drained in her I pulled my dripping cock out and took a couple steps back.
“You wanted to get it from two guys at once, didn’t you slut…” Chet said as he grabbed her right leg and spun her around at the corner of the bed like she was on a lazy Susan.
I hadn’t been out of her pussy a minute before he was right back in it.

Mona was screaming and grabbing at the sheets on either side of her. She was on her back, her legs straight in the air and spread apart with her toes pointed to the sky. Chet was slam fucking her like a beast when I went down the hall to the bathroom to get cleaned up a bit.

Yes, the evening was off to a good start.