Friday, December 4, 2009

Hey, Before You Go...

I walked into Mona’s bathroom and closed the door. I noticed I could no longer hear her and Chet fucking when I turned on the shower. I wondered how much I enjoyed watching someone else having sex with Mona. Not much, maybe. I stood under the hot water and pondered how the hell I’d gotten into this odd situation.

There was no such thing as home video back then. There was no paid cable or satellite TV. To see two people having sex one had to go to a 25 cent peep show/ skin mag shop in a rough part of town or to an “art house” movie theater. I’d never done anything like that. I figure that today, by the time a twenty-something has group sex, assuming the situation raises its head, he’s seen it on his TV, laptop—hell, maybe on his fuckin’ telephone. But in that era? Nope. Suddenly I was a stranger in a strange land of sexual adventure. I believe the first time I ever saw a cock that wasn’t mine go into a girl was that day. Way to go Chet.

If you had come up to me that night and said, “Wil, one day you will write about this evening’s experience at Mona’s little house and people anywhere in the world will be able to read your words while looking at a hand held telephone,” I would have… well, you get the picture. We live in amazing times.

I found a big, thick towel in a drawer in her bathroom, dried off, and knotted it around my waist. I padded out to the kitchen, got a beer, and sat down at the kitchen table. I would’ve been more comfortable in the living room but the towel was damp and I didn’t want to mess up the furniture. I'm a considerate guest in someone's home, after all.

I heard doors opening and closing in the other end of the house and then I heard the shower start again. Moments later Chet walked into the kitchen. Thankfully he had pulled his pants on before leaving the bedroom.
“I told ya, huh…” he said.
“Yep,” I said.
He got a beer and headed out to the living room. I could hear him torching up moments before the smell rolled into the kitchen. I was starting to think it was time for me to head down the road.

“Hey, Willie, c’mon out here, man,” Chet said.
I walked out into the living room with the towel still around my waist. He passed the number to me. I waved him off. He shrugged and took another hit.
“I think I’ll get going,” I said.
“Better hang in for a little longer, man,” he said, “Mo would be pissed if you left without saying bye anyway. Can't piss off the hostess.”
I finished my beer, walked out to the kitchen and tossed the bottle in the trash. Then I walked back to the bedroom, hung the damp towel on the closet doorknob and put on my underwear and pants. I heard the bathroom door open and then the two of them talking, although I couldn’t tell what was being said. Then I heard the bathroom door close again and, faintly, the shower running. Chet must be getting rinsed off. I had started a trend I guess.

Mona walked in wearing the blue robe that barely covered her ass.
“Why are you getting dressed, sweetie?”
“I figured it was about time I got on my way,” I said.
She made her pouty face. “Not yet, please… just stay another 45 minutes or so, OK?”
I sat down in the chair and put my feet up on the ottoman. I had my pants on but was shirtless. I could hear the shower running and assumed Chet couldn’t hear us.
“Is this what you wanted, Mona?”
“Aren’t you having fun?” she said.
“Yeah, it’s fun. I’m not sure it wouldn’t be more fun if it was just the two of us... I just wondered if it was going the way you wanted... not saying I wasn't enjoying myself...”

She moved so she was sitting on the bed near me. She leaned forward and said very quietly, “Invite me down to your place for the weekend.”
The shower stopped.
I looked up at her from the big chair, “When?” I said.
“Next weekend.”
“You’re invited,” I said.

Chet walked into the room as I remembered that Ann was supposed to be coming down to see me the next weekend. Oh well, the logistics could be worked out. Chet hadn’t bothered to put his pants back on. He took all of the pillows off the bed and tossed them on the floor at the foot of the bed. Then he walked over to Mona and put his hand out. She took his hand and he helped her to her feet, led her to the pillows, untied her robe, and took it off her. As he tossed it on the bed Mona went to her knees, holding onto the bedpost as she did. She started stroking his cock. Soon he was hard and she was licking his dick. He waved me over and I positioned myself 180 degrees from where Chet was. I watched her body as I stroked my dick. Looking at Chester’s member wasn’t going to aid erection. When I had a nice stiffy going I put my hand on her shoulder. She pulled off Chet and turned my way. Her flashing eyes locked on mine. She gave me a faint little smile. Then she ran the tip of her tongue along her lower lip before sliding my shaft into her warm mouth.

She worked away on both of us. We'd both cum so much already that she had her work cut out for her. She was up to the challenge though. Mona was an insatiable little cockhound.