Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday fun

Thanks to those of you who noticed that the last post didn't exactly fit what I've been doing here. I just wanted to try something in a different voice and from a different point of view. It was gratifying that some of my friends noticed and even enjoyed it.

Also gratifying is that more people read this site than ever before. I don't look at the statcounter data very often but I did notice that readership went up (higher than I could imagine possible) in September, October, and November. A couple of the people who found me through Love Boudoir and fleshbot have stuck around. I don't make it easy: I closed comments months ago. I don't post regularly. And, I have a picture of a guy in a suit and tie right at the top of the page which causes about 95% of males who find the place to head elsewhere immediately.

Still, I like to think I offer a good value for your time spent--a clean, well-lighted site where you can think very dirty thoughts with no advertising getting in the way. It helps that Riff Dog periodically drives traffic my way, while readers of The Sexy PTA mom, Eva, The Suburban Hotwife , and many others seem to come this way too. Bless their hearts. Also, I seem to get lots of traffic from people who search google for "cock whipping". Go figure.

Right after Christmas I plan to finish telling you about Mona so I can write about Sparkle and Ann. But, right now, you're too busy. Shopping, decorating, planning and going to parties-- hell, who has time to read? In fact a dear friend sent me pictures from her Christmas party. It looks like she had a great time! Sorry I missed it.