Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Saturday Around Town

Mona was pretty good at sensing when I was ready to cum.
Maybe I was giving some audible cues.
Who knows?

Anyway, she was able to slide up and catch my cock between her fine, firm tits, squeeze them together with both hands, and push down onto me as I unloaded. No sooner had I stopped gushing jizz on us when she slid up, getting sticky cum all over, kissed me and said, “Well, Good morning!”
“Mornin’” I mumbled back.
“Sweetie, I have a tough time swallowing cum first thing in the morning,” she said, “I hope that was okay.”
Then she laughed, jumped out of bed, and scampered out of the room calling back over her shoulder, “I’m takin’ a shower. Join me, ok?”

Oh hell, I wasn’t that easy. I didn’t move a muscle. For about a half a minute. (I knew the water wouldn’t be hot yet.)

“Um, I need to uh… could you step out for a second,” I said when I got to the bathroom.
“I suppose. But it’s no big deal. You can piss in front of me, Wil.”
“Oh, I’m pretty sure I can’t.”

That was the first time I ever washed a woman’s hair for her. Have to admit, I enjoyed it. She said she did too. She got a pretty thorough cleansing everywhere else too. Certain areas I probably over-washed. I figured it was good to overdo the lathering and rinsing than to leave any square inch dirty. I’ve been praised for my thoroughness in many endeavors.


I got dressed for the day and made coffee for us. For the next hour or two Mona got ready. By the time she was prepared to go into town my whole apartment smelled of smoke, hair spray, and perfume. I didn’t mind. She had tried on about three different outfits from her huge suitcase. Eventually she decided on a pair of black pants, black boots, and a very low cut, tight, light colored sweater. She was an eyeful. And then some.

We rode into town in my little two-seater. I took her on a tour of campus—the first time she’d ever been there. Then we joined the Saturday parade of people walking along the several blocks of uptown college town streets. I went into stores I’d never entered before and went past all the ones I haunted. She bought stuff and I helped carry bags of clothes and trinkets.

We stopped at a tavern I frequented for lunch and a beer. I noticed that people looked at us longer than I was used to people looking at me. Not exactly staring, but lingering. I didn’t blame them. I knew they weren't looking at me.

It was getting to be late afternoon when I saw some people I knew walking towards us on the main street near the campus gate; a guy and two girls I knew from the dorm and dining hall sophomore year. I introduced everybody and we talked a bit when the guy said, “Wil, can I talk to you for a second?”
I excused us and walked a little way down the sidewalk while Mona and the two women chatted about... I have no idea what.

“OK, Wil, how the hell do you know her?”
“I met her through someone I worked with… why?” I wasn’t about to get any further into it than that.
“I swear, Wil, she was in Penthouse last summer!”
“You fuckin’ idiot,” I said.
“Seriously, man, I mean I can’t tell for sure unless she’s naked and I’m holding her up by my left hand while I’m jerking off with my right, but she sure looks like the July Pet of the month.”
I shook my head and walked back to the ladies. Within a few moments we were all on our merry way.

“They seemed nice,” Mona said.
“I guess. I don’t really know those two… just saw them around last year,” I said.
“Uh-huh,” she said in a way that conveyed that she wasn't buying it.

“What did he want to talk to you about?”
“He’s a fuckin’ idiot.”
“Why?" she laughed, "What did he want?”
C’mon, what did he want to talk about?”
“Oh, he was just jerkin’ me around. Said he’d seen your picture in a magazine.”
“Magazine?” Mona said, “What was that supposed to mean?”

I just looked at her.
“Uh, it was along the lines of-- you’re too hot to be hanging around with me,” I said.
Ohhhh. Like a girly magazine!”
Mona laughed.
We walked along a few steps without talking.

“That’s kinda cool, actually. I’d love to be in Playboy.”
“Think more like Penthouse,” I said.
“Is that better or worse?”
“It’s, uh, dirtier,” I said.
She held onto my arm as we walked along.
“Dirtier sounds even better, Wil.”
My mind was pondering the fact that there was no fucking way I could ever keep up with this woman-- that it was just a matter of time before she'd be done with me-- when she spoke again.
“Why don’t we go back to your place and take some pictures?”