Friday, April 16, 2010

All Night?

All night?
Well, maybe. Kinda. Sorta.

After some recovery time we tried it standing up. Sparkle put her hands on the dresser, bent over, and took a solid fucking in that position. Still, the memorable part for me was watching those huge tits swinging free in the mirror on top of the dresser. It was a good thing it was a furnished apartment or the only thing she could have been holding onto would have been a folding lawn chair or a card table. A belated thank you to my old landlord is appropriate here. Thanks!

After that we flopped on the bed and talked, eventually falling asleep-- a possible disqualification for “doin’ it all night” status. However, before dawn I woke up and, after some deliberation and generally not wanting my morning wood to go to waste, I nudged her awake. Before long she seemed as interested in more cock as I was in more Sparkle. I tried to maneuver her into position for a blow job but she deflected that nicely by getting on top of me. Straddling my hips she slipped my hard cock into her pussy and rocked back. We got a nice rhythm going and I was, once again, mesmerized by the swing and bounce of her breasts.

After showers and breakfast a certain awkwardness set in. Three sessions of fucking and not a single kiss. We drove back into town and I dropped her off at her dorm. It had been a pretty wild night. If I hadn’t cut through the student union that Friday afternoon it would never have happened.

Oddly, it was another two years plus before we got together again. We saw each other in class… and ran into each other from time to time during the following year… but we just never had another night together until I had been away from the university for more than a year.

Right after graduation I moved way out West for a job--- more about that later. It was a great experience in every way except for the fact that I was in a very small town and there weren’t many opportunities for activities with females. Plus one of those few opportunities could have brought about my murder. That would have been a shame, I think. Your attitude may vary. Anyway, again, more about that later. For now let’s just concentrate on what happened when I decided to move from the Wild and Wooly West to the American Southeast.

I didn’t have a lot of money to blow on hotels so I was figuring out a way to drive my van (by then I had traded my 2-seater for a van) on the 3 day/ 2 night trip on a route that might lead to crashing on friends’ couches. I had the first night figured out when I realized that, with a slight route change, I could stop for the second night in the good old college town of my dear old alma mater. But, did I know anybody there any more and, if so, did they have a couch I could use as a bed? I had stayed slightly in touch with Sparkle and wondered if she might have room. I made a call to the number I had and a voice I didn’t recognize answered. Luckily it was someone Sparkle sub-let a room to in the house she was renting. The tenant said she’d leave my message.

The next morning I was on the air doing one of my last shows for the station when Sparkle got through on the K_ _ _ Hit Line, baby! She sounded happy and as forward as ever. She loved the idea that she was on the phone with me while I was on the air. I talked to her while the songs played and she listened while I worked. It turned out she was agreeable to the idea of my stopping at her place, but she had a request since she was on the request line. Her request was such that if I had put it on the air the FCC would have pulled our ticket.

By the time I got off the phone with Sparkle I had a hard-on and I’m quite sure it wasn’t because of that super groovy Bellamy Brothers record I was playing for my vast audience of cows and sheep.

"'Let Your Love Flow', baybee!"