Friday, April 9, 2010

As Friday Becomes Saturday

Sparkle went through my record collection and found quite a few things she wanted to hear. She was partial to the R&B stuff which was cool with me. We talked a bit. I drank a beer or two. She drank tea—I was surprised to find out that she didn’t drink alcohol or do drugs. The image she projected wasn’t necessarily in synch with the real Sparkle. That was kinda interesting. I was somewhat attracted to her... but something put me off. Something that I couldn’t quite figure out. Years later I would deduce that it was just that she kept me off balance. I needed to be the aggressive one and she wasn’t letting me. Still, I could see myself fucking her. Yeah, I was sure that I could see that. Hell, I was pretty excited just to think I was going to get a look at her huge tits. What I didn’t have an urge to do was kiss her. I found it vaguely troubling that I felt that way. Not so troubling that it might get in the way of a good time... maybe I just needed another beer.

It was pretty dark in the apartment as we listened to the stereo and talked about nothing memorable. After a few albums Sparkle excused herself to use the bathroom. I lounged on the couch thinking about how good Marvin Gaye and Tammy Terrell sounded together. Sparkle seemed to be taking a long time to come back but that was no big deal since I still didn’t know how I was going to go about this anyway. I heard a door open and could sense that she was walking back into the living room.

She was now standing right in front of me. I looked up to see that she had nothing on but one of my t-shirts. It was a favorite shirt too—a white tee with the oval logo of an expedition outfitter I had used on a trip to Arizona. Sparkle was pulling it down at the hips but that didn’t do much good as it wasn’t long enough to cover up her pussy... which was right in front of my face now that I was sitting up. I looked up at her big titties stretching out my shirt. Fucccckkkk. I reclined and she put her hands on the back of the couch and leaned over me. I slid the t-shirt up and exposed her breasts as they hung right over my face.

I got both hands on them and took each, one at a time, in my mouth. Licking her swelling, firm nipples. Catching my teeth lightly on those nipples and tugging at them. Sucking those tits into my mouth as far as I could. They were the biggest, prettiest pair I’d ever seen. I bounced them around and gently slapped at them. When I put my face between them she shook those beauties back and forth and smacked me with them. Then I took the right one firmly in my left hand. I pushed my mouth onto it and shook my head from side to side like a puppy with a chew toy. I pulled back a bit and rubbed her tit, wet from my tongue, back and forth across my face. I squeezed it hard as I reached my right hand down to her pussy. There I found the wettest cunt I’ve ever had my hands on. I leaned forward, slid my hand down and found that she had Sparkle juice running down both thighs.

“Stand up,” I said. And as she started to do so I smacked her right tit with my left hand and put my palm over her dirty blond bush. She was absolutely sloppy. Gushing wet.
“Get in there,” I said. Sparkle said nothing, grinned, and went straight to the bedroom.
“And take that fuckin’ shirt off before you ruin it!” I yelled at her as she disappeared.

I stood up and got completely undressed in the living room. I may not want to kiss her, but I sure as hell was going to nail that big-titted slut’s juicy cunt. Playing with her had given me a good hard-on that was still nearly at full strength when I walked into the bedroom. Sparkle had turned off all the lights but the one in the closet. She had left the closet door slightly open so there was some light in the room. She was nude on her back on the bed. She was moaning and clutching her left breast in her left hand. Her left foot was flat on the bed; her left knee up. Her right leg was on the bed and her right hand was at her pussy rubbing furiously. She glanced at me and I saw an arc of something gush from between her legs. It was a spurt that went about a foot or two. Then it happened again. I thought at the time that she was pissing in my bed. Not quite.

My dick was as hard as it could get as I slipped onto the bed, between her legs. My hand went to her cunt and she was both slippery and sticky depending on where I touched her. I leaned forward and squeezed her tits together. They really were unbelievable. The aureoles were enormous. The nipples big and firm. I reached between my legs and got my cock by the root, stroked the head along her pussy lips, and then pushed it into her. Sparkle was warm, soaked, and loose as I started to pound in and out of her. I wasn’t worried about needing to get her off-- clearly she had already cum before I got into her.
There was so little friction on my cock as I banged away at her I thought I could go forever without cumming. I didn't want that. I wanted to do her hard and fast. I slammed away. When I was about ready to unload I grabbed her legs behind the knees with both hands and pushed them apart and back towards her shoulders. I finished her off for the first time that night by driving down into her as deep as I could go. As I shot my cumload I pressed in as far as I could, held it right there, and then just ground into her.
Spent, I collapsed onto her, my head between her tits.

After a minute or so Sparkle said, “I’m still alive.”
I lifted my head. “What?” I said.
“I figured you were listening for my heartbeat.”
She laughed.
I didn’t. I rolled off her.
I stared at the ceiling and thought.
“Let me know when you’re ready to go again,” Sparkle said.
I rolled over onto my side looking at her.
“All night, LJ?”
“Well, I can. But I doubt if you can,” she said.