Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pause: Appreciation

I have been tardy.

Of course, I'm usually late getting to the party. That never bothers me-- I don't like crowds anyway. But this time I'm tardy thanking someone. A week or more ago Riff Dog linked to Crack The Whip in the body of his highly rated and justifiably most-popular-ever blog.

He's done this before and it always creates a veritable Riffalanche of new attendees to our services here. No exception this time too. Of course, the vast majority of the folks who stop by take one look, shake their fist at the sky and shout, "Curses, Riff! You've sent me to that idiot's blog again!!"

What can I say, you were had. I'm just hoping that he hasn't damaged his brand by his kindness towards me. Thanks, Riff, the younger brother mom never let me have. CTW, like me, is an acquired taste-- a polite way of saying, "you probably won't like it much." Which brings me clumsily to the other "thank you" for which I am most tardy... a big thank you to the few hundreds of you who read my musings. I'm touched, I really am. In fact, I'm touching myself right now, truth be known.

As a token of my undying love for you, dear reader, I am posting one of my favorite pictures. It proves that beautiful women were into self-portraiture long before digital cameras and the Internet. Now I would hate to be thought of as so superficial that I only care about the visuals when it comes to you... and you... and you. (Did those links work?) But, let's face it boys, there are some incredibly beautiful bloggresses out here. And many more who have either left blogworld or gone behind firewalls. (They never give me the password, btw!) You know who I'm talking about: You... and you... and, most incredibly, you.
Bless you all.

And, for those who care, I actually am going to write something soon... maybe today... or, at the latest, tomorrow. Or next week.