Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dinner Out

Over the next twenty minutes or so I turned to check the door behind me between six and sixty times. Finally, right at 7PM, I saw a charcoal metallic 7 series BMW pull up to the valet. From the angle I was watching I could see the back of a full head of thick blonde hair as the driver got out and got a ticket from the valet. I figured there was a good chance this was Nikki.

I realized I hadn’t ever asked what kind of car she drove... or how tall she was. The woman walked around behind the BMW and towards the restaurant and I thought that was the face from the pictures she e-mailed. Her face was even prettier than the pictures had revealed. I estimated that she was just over 5 feet tall without shoes—but she was wearing very high black heels. Her blouse was white and her skirt was short and black-- probably part of a suit but the jacket was left in the car. Dark hose bridged the gap between her heels and skirt and covered a nice pair of legs. The woman, who I was now sure was Nikki, had very small breasts, a narrow waist, and slightly wide hips. As she got closer to the door I noted a very nice backside that the tailored miniskirt and tall heels, along with her posture and walk, showed off to perfection. The whole presentation was impressive. Aside from her physical attractiveness there was the aura of money—from the car to the clothes. The last thing I needed or wanted was her money, but the way she spent it on herself was looking very good from my vantage point. "Maybe she's a spoiled little bitch who will wreck my life." The thought only briefly crossed my mind.

I stood and greeted her as she entered the restaurant, “Nikki?”
“Wil?” she said.
Her eyes were dark, dancing, and alive. She smiled easily-- revealing perfect teeth. We hugged. She smelled great. I offered a drink and she declined saying that she didn’t drink. I should have remembered... she had told me that in an e-mail. The hostess stepped over to tell us our table was ready and we followed her to the dining area. Walking behind Nikki was pure delight. She really was a little bitty thing with beautiful hair, a great shape from behind, and she made that ass move when she walked—not slutty like a street walker, but just enough to make me think she knew it looked good and that she wanted me to check it out. "Man... would I like to bend that over and go to fuckin' town..." The thought more than crossed my mind. It kind of lodged in my brain. We sat across from each other smiling. Things were off to a great start.

Conversation was easy. Mostly we talked about our respective work. The food was excellent. I had made a good choice of restaurants. Even in a fine dining establishment a dinner can go quickly if you aren’t having wine or after-dinner drinks though. So, it wasn’t even 9PM when we were done. Soon we were out in front of the place and the valets were off getting our cars.

“It’s early, Nikki. Would you like to come by my place before you start that long drive back?” I said.
“Um, sure. Is it nearby?” she said.
“Not far. You can just follow me,” I said.
“OK. That would be great, Wil,” she said. She put her right hand on my left arm and I turned towards her and almost kissed her but the valet rolled up in her sedan. I walked her to the car and told her to just turn left and pull over to the side of the boulevard and I’d be right there so she could follow me. She gave me a big smile and drove off.

The valet brought my car up in a moment and I pulled out onto the street alongside Nikki, got her attention, and she followed me over to the townhouse. On the short drive over I wondered how I had left the place that morning. "Dirty dishes? Something smelly in the trash?" I refocused on the near future. Nikki was interested. This wasn’t high school where the guys are after pussy and the girls are playing keep-away. No, the girl wanted to get fucked. After all she had told me that her husband hadn’t been interested in sex for almost two years. While I had figured this was just a first date for dinner to see how we got along it had seemed pretty dumb to not ask her over since my read on things was that we got along great. Clearly, she agreed.

But, I had to make sure that Nikki didn’t think that I presumed she was coming by to hop into my bed. No, it had to be a mutually agreed upon outcome. But try explaining that to the raging boner in my pants as I pulled into the driveway and her car slowed to a stop right behind mine.