Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I read somewhere of a study that claimed that a man who believes he is in competition for a particular female will release more semen in intercourse with said female. The idea is that somewhere in the wiring of the male brain a signal is transmitted that attempts to increase the odds of coming up with the champion sperm by flooding the battlefield with little soldiers.

Now I didn’t think of myself as being in any competition with Nikki’s husband, but I was damn sure officially bangin’ his wife now, so maybe that deep recess of my brain issued the order to fill her pussy with cum because I shot a big load in her. After I came Nikki fell forward on her stomach and I flipped onto my back next to her. Immediately she started to kiss my stomach and then downward further and further until she was licking and sucking my cock again. I was getting less hard by the second, but she was lapping up everything she could.

All of my nerve endings in that area were over-stimulated and I couldn't take any more attention.
I reached down with my left hand, got it under her thick hair at the back of her neck, and slid her up next to me. My mouth was right next to her ear and I said, softly, “You like the taste of your own pussy, baby?”
“Mmmmmm,” she whispered, “I love the taste of it and your cum mixed together.”
I smiled.
“And, well, I like to play with your cock, too,” Nikki said, “But you stopped me earlier.”
“Yeah, so I could fuck you from behind…”
“Yeah,” she said.
She looked at me, our faces inches apart, and grinned.
“And did you like fucking me, baby?”

I laughed.
“Yeah, Nik, you’re a hot little fuck. But I screwed up.”
She pulled away a foot or so.
“How?” she said with a look of deep concern. Or mock concern, I couldn’t tell.
“I should’ve eaten you first. You have the cutest pussy I’ve ever seen.”
Nikki smiled.
“I shave every morning in the shower,” she said.
“Every day?”
I didn’t say anything.
Then, after at least a minute of silence I said, “That sounds like a lot of trouble. I don’t even shave every day. I skip Saturdays usually.”
“I like the way it feels when I keep it shaved,” she said.
“I’d have to go along with that,” I said.

The idea of her going to the trouble of shaving her pussy every day for nobody but herself got me to wondering. If it was true that her husband wasn’t getting things done in the bedroom, and I believed that it was, well... was anyone else fuckin’ her. I thought about that for a minute or two since, after all, I hadn't used a condom. There were a lot of reasons why that was dumb. Hell, for all I knew she wanted to get pregnant and hubby was sterile. I didn’t think that, in e-mails and phone conversations, she had ever said that she wasn’t getting laid, just that her husband had stopped being interested in her. For some reason I had assumed that meant she wasn’t getting any cock. My good mood started to darken a little.

“Wil?” Nikki said.
I turned to look at her.
“Is it too soon for you to… you know…?”
“Only one way to find out for sure,” I said.

Nikki hopped up and quickly positioned herself down between my legs as I stacked some pillows under my head to see the show. She started pulling on me with her left hand. As I began to stiffen she swirled the tip of her tongue around the head of my cock. Her tits were so tiny that I could easily see her right hand go between her legs as she began playing with her cute, bald pussy.

I stopped wondering whether anyone else was fucking her.