Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Long Drive Home For Nikki

I walked Nikki out to her car. It was about 11PM and I calculated she wouldn’t get to her home in Orange County until about 1 in the morning. She didn’t seem concerned about what her husband would say about her stumbling in during the wee small hours. Before she drove off we agreed that our first date had gone well and that a second one was definitely in order.

I went back inside and turned on the TV looking for ball scores. Nikki had been gone about fifteen minutes when the phone rang. Very few calls I get after 10 at night are good. I muted the TV and picked up the cordless phone by the living room couch. It was Nikki.

“D'ja already go to bed?”
“Nah. Why, do I sound like I’m asleep?”
“Not really,” she said, “Do you mind talking to me while I drive?”
“Afraid you’ll fall asleep?”
“No. I’m too worked up to sleep,” Nikki said.
Worked up? You shoulda just spent the night.”
She laughed.
“I wish,” she said.

I didn’t know what we were going to talk about, but for about the next forty-five minutes or so we conversed without too much dead air. Mostly she talked and I listened, I suppose. She really was wound up. On the other hand, I was ready to go to sleep. I figured our varying energy levels were due to her being about ten years younger than me. (I later found out she’s sixteen years younger than me.) Around midnight the battery in my cordless phone was going dead. I told her this and said she could call me back in about ten minutes if she still wanted to talk. I was surprised when she said she would.

I used the bathroom, brushed my teeth, washed up, turned all the lights out, got undressed, and hit the sack. I was drifting off to sleep when the phone rang. It was Nikki calling back. I told her I was in bed, in the dark.
“Mmmmm… that sounds good... I think I’ll pull off the road at the next exit and find a safe place to park.”
I chuckled softly.
It turned out she was serious and in about five minutes we were talking to each other while she was working her pussy with a toy she had in her purse and I was, well hell, I was stroking my cock. The conversation progressed, ahem, nicely. She got off loudly right after I told her what a filthy cock-loving little slut she was. And hearing her moan, scream, pant, and cum tripped my switch and I unloaded into the top sheet I had wrapped around my dick.

Yes, a second date would be required.

Early the next week we talked on the phone during the work day. She said she could swing a business trip up to my area the following Tuesday. I looked at my calendar-- I was going to be in town with no evening commitments so I agreed that Tuesday evening would be good. Rather than suggest a restaurant I gave her the address of a huge bookstore near my home. We decided to meet at 7 in the café in the store.

Sometimes you know that something is starting out so fast that it can't possibly last. And some of those times you don't really give a damn because you know that as long as it does last it's going to be a great fucking ride.