Friday, August 20, 2010

Second Date

I arrived at the shopping center about ten minutes late—it was damn near impossible to get out of the office before 6:30. Leaving at 6 felt like I had worked a half day. The parking lot was packed, this being back two crashes ago when the economy was booming, so I spent another ten minutes driving around waiting for a spot to open up.

When I walked in the bookstore I didn’t see Nikki in the café where we were to meet. The main floor of the store was a few feet lower than the café level and I scanned the place looking for her. Didn’t see her-- but she could be on the upper floor. I headed for the escalators towards the back of the mammoth store. I never considered that she had stood me up but I figured she could be late, heck she might just be looking for a parking place like I had been. But, I wondered, if she was in the store, what section would she be browsing?
My first guess from what I knew of her was the Philosophy/ Psychology area. Besides, that’s the best place to look for hot babes in a bookstore. Sure, they might be “troubled chicks,” but that’s the price you pay. (Pay gladly, maybe. I've heard psycho-sex can be fun. Ahem.) A lot of good this wisdom does anyone today now that bookstores seem to be inexorably following record stores down the swirling toilet bowl of retail history. I won't go down that sidetrack now, however.

I found the Philosophy/Psychology aisle, looked down the row, and there she was. She was paging through a book and didn’t see me. I strolled past the row, then turned back and looked at her from an angle slightly behind her and about fifteen feet to her left. She was wearing a gray suit, the skirt of which was just as short and well-tailored as the black one she was wearing the first time we met. Her pumps were a darker gray suede. I felt my dick twitch. I walked down the aisle as if I was browsing the books on the other shelves until I was directly behind her. She still hadn’t noticed me. I turned and stepped up behind her looking over her shoulder, and said, “What the hell is the Celestine Prophecy anyway?” She didn’t jump, but did turn to face me.
“I knew it was you behind me you know,” Nikki said.
“So you saw me.”
“No. I just knew it was you.”
She smiled at me beautifully.
“Ah, so that’s what the book’s about. Apparently I’m a Celestine and you prophesied that I was behind you,” I said.
“Seriously, you don’t know about this book? It’s been out for a few years. My girlfriend told me about it. I’m going to pick it up if we have time.”
“Sure,” I said, “I’ll be out front if you don’t mind.”
She made a mock pouty face. “You can’t stand in line with me?”
Meeting at this bookstore was a really bad idea. Too close to where I lived.
“OK. You talked me into it.”

As it turned out her car was parked pretty close to mine. I pointed to where my car was and told her to follow me to a little restaurant just past my townhouse as I opened her car door and she got in. She looked up before I shut the door and said, “Wil, do we have reservations-- or do we have time to stop by your place first?”
“We don’t have to be anywhere at any time tonight,” I said.
“Good,” she said, “So we can go to your place?”
“Follow me. Just park in the driveway when we get there.”

We entered the house from the garage. To the left down the hall was the living room, kitchen, and dining room. The master bath was straight across the hall and the bedroom was to the right. Nikki went through the door first, turned to the right, and headed straight to the bedroom. I followed her and we kissed while standing at the end of the bed. From the way she kissed I got the impression she had enjoyed the last time we had been in this room. I helped her take her suit jacket off and put it on the bed. With no hesitation I unbuttoned her skirt and slid the zipper down. I pushed the skirt over her hips and it fell to the floor. I put my hands on her waist and pushed her down onto the bed. I caught her black lace panties and pulled them off over her thigh highs and heels. I put the palm of my right hand on her smooth mound. I reminded her that the first time we were together I had missed out on eating her pussy. “I know,” she said softly.
I stood at the foot of the bed, reaching down and running a single finger lightly between her pussy lips while I looked at her face. She was looking right into my eyes. Her head, on the bed, was surrounded by lots of thick blonde hair. Her eyes were dark and dancing. She started to grab at her small breasts through her pale pink blouse and bra. The tip of her tongue ran, barely visible, along her lower lip and she was breathing slowly but heavily.

I got on the floor and completely covered her opening with my open mouth. I pushed my flattened tongue onto her sex and moved around her until everything was as juicy as a fresh-picked tree-ripened peach. Then I backed my face a few inches away and split her lips apart with the index and middle fingers of my right hand while pressing my thumb just between her ass cheeks. I started flicking her slit from bottom to top with my tongue. Back and forth. Up and down. I kept my fingers outside of her on her outer lips. I could feel her squirming under me. She was getting more vocal.
“Make all the noise you want, baby,” I told her. "Nobody will bother us."
She made sound deep in her throat. I pulled back to look at her and she was clutching at her tits with her head rolling from side to side. Her shirt was still buttoned. I slid my middle finger into her cunt, palm up, and worked it into her while I pressed the middle of my tongue against her clit and moved my head in a small circle. She gasped and I put a second finger into her, twisting my hand as I worked it in and then back out of her. I kept fingering and licking while getting directly in front of her.

Then Nikki put her legs around me, grabbed my head with both hands, and pulled me towards her as if she wanted my face to enter her. She let go with an “oooooofuckfuck gawdfuckfuckfuck oooooooo gawwwwwwwdddddddd”
I didn't let up on her. I moved my left hand near my mouth and began to rub across her clit with some pressure and pushed three fingers of my right hand into her wet little cunt. She let go with a shriek followed by another long moan. Her hips rolled several times. Then she held motionless for a moment before her gasping sounded almost like a puppy whimpering.

At this point I still hadn’t even gotten my shirt off. I left Nikki on the bed and stood back looking at her sprawled there. She was still breathing hard when she finally opened her eyes and looked at me. I wondered if she was now a spent little slut too worn out to fuck.
“Take the rest of your clothes off,” I said.
She didn't protest and I watched her quickly take her pumps, hose, blouse, and bra off. I was certain she wasn’t too tired. I got completely undressed and Nikki said, “Are you gonna fuck me, baby?”
“Yeah. I am.”
“Are you gonna put that hard cock in me?”
I chuckled and walked up to the night stand, opened the drawer, and pulled a condom packet off the end of a strip I had put there before leaving for work that morning.
I peeled it open and unrolled the slightly gold-colored, lubricated rubber onto my stiff dick. I looked over and saw that Nikki had been watching me. When she saw me looking she said, “Oh yeah...put it all in me. Does my pussy look good baby?”
“It’s the best, Nik”
“I took special care getting ready this morning ‘cause I knew you’d be all over it tonight, baby.”
“Good thinkin’, slut,” I said as I stepped back to the foot of the bed, got between her legs, and lifted them into the air by getting my hands behind her knees. With her calves against my chest I reached down and worked the tip of my cock between her pretty pussy lips. I pushed down and then forward and slid deep into her. She wasn’t a big girl, and I knew from our time before that she was a tight fit. But we could have both been made out of Teflon the way everything slipped together nearly friction free.

After a few strokes we caught a good rhythm. I always figure that if I play Marvin & Tammi’s “Your Precious Love” in my head—the opening bars before the vocals—that’s a good starting point. And it was, but soon Nikki wanted it faster so before long I had my hands pressed down into her ass with her legs pushed back over her shoulders and I was pounding it into her fast and deep.
Hell, the little married thing was screaming for it.
And when I finally shot my load she was soaked with sweat.