Sunday, April 10, 2011

Oh Well, What's Another Day

On the way back to the condo I made a couple of stops. First at a shop I'd seen in my travels, The Wine Guy, where I picked up a couple of bottles. Then on to Walgreens. I had come up to the mountains unprepared for sexual misadventures so I thought a drug store visit was in order. Imagine how sad I'd be if curvy Candy had been willing... but not without a condom! I straightened things up a little around the condo and wondered when she'd arrive. White wine was in the refrigerator, red was on the counter... I made sure the bathroom was fresh and clean. Suddenly I started to feel like Felix Unger so I stopped and just relaxed. An hour passed with no knock on the condo door. Then two hours went by. I decided to get back to the work I'd brought with me. The afternoon dragged along. Finally it was 5 PM and Candy had not stopped in for a visit. I didn't have her phone number and hadn't given her mine either. Big mistake. I should have put it on the napkin. I think I didn't because the condo address was temporary but my cell number wasn't. Maybe I held back because of that. Stupid. Oh well. I guess I got stood up. I felt pretty dumb getting excited about the whole thing. Kinda felt old, frankly. Hell, I was sure she was at least twenty-five years younger than me. She probably had second thoughts. Couldn't blame her for that. ------------ The next day I skipped lunch and plowed through work. At 7 I went out and got a meal at a different place-- not the one where Candy worked. I watched TV when I got back to the condo that evening. I'm not much for most TV programs but old movies on TCM almost always entertain. I'd rather watch stuff from the 30's and 40's than most of the current stuff in the theaters anyway. I went to bed figuring I'd be done with the work I'd brought along after just a couple of hours in the morning. I went to sleep without jerking off to thoughts of Candy. Which isn't to say that I didn't jerk off, just that I thought of someone else. That should show her for standing me up! ----------- I was ready to blow town by eleven the next morning. It had been a productive few days, despite the no-show from my new young friend. For the hell of it I decided to stop at her cafe for lunch. It was late in the week and the town was starting to fill up with flatlanders for the weekend, plus it was earlier in the day than the other times I'd eaten lunch there, so there was a wait for a table. I opted to sit at the counter instead of sitting alone at a two-top that could be used for a couple. I looked around and didn't see Candy. Guessed she had the day off. I ordered and was drinking a cup of coffee when I sensed someone at my right. I turned and it was Candy. She put her hand on my arm and leaned closer. "Don't leave without talking to me, OK?" she said. I nodded. I dawdled a bit with my meal but there's only so long you can spend eating a club sandwich and chips, even if they refill your coffee eighteen times. Eventually I paid up and gave up my perch at the counter. I waited until I saw that she was up near the door and headed in that direction. She turned as I was a couple yards away. It was still noisy in the restaurant but she got close and whispered, "I'll be over in two hours, OK?" "I'm heading down the mountain." I said. "Don't! Really, I mean it, don't," Candy said in a low, husky whisper. I looked at her. "Two hours," I said. She beamed at me. And in her normal voice said, "That's great, Mr. Wilson!" ------------ An hour and fifty-five minutes later there was a knock at the condo door. I opened it and welcomed Candy into the living room. She had clearly not come straight from work. She was wearing a sundress and flip-flops, not the black pants, white oxford-cloth shirt and black shoes that were the uniform at the cafe. She also didn't smell like the restaurant. The sundress showed off her best assets in spectacular fashion. "Wine?" "Yum." "White or red?" "Is the white cold?" "It's been in the refrigerator for two days," I said. "Hmmm. Yeahhhhh, sorry about that..." "It's not a problem, Candy," I said as I opened the Chardonnay and poured her a glass. "I didn't have your number... sorry... I thought you had left town and hated me. I was so happy to see you at lunch... thanks for letting me come by..." "Candy, it's alright-- don't worry about it." I handed her a glass of wine. We clinked glasses and drank facing each other in the kitchen. As she drank I noticed her nipples were erect, very large, and trying to push right through her cotton sundress. Benjamin Franklin once said that "beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." Given what I've studied about ol' Ben I'm sure he would agree with me that big, firm racks and sweet, round asses are evidence that God thinks we can be even happier than beer (or wine) can make us.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Back Up A Second

Dinner with Candy went well enough. I tried not to be impatient. It seemed important to her that we spend some time having a meal, talking, getting to know each other some more. I wasn't against that. But, truthfully, I hadn't made the drive to eat dinner and chat. I made the drive and paid for a good hotel suite for another shot at Candy. Well, that sounds crass, and, actually I liked talking to her and eating and drinking together in a nice restaurant-- but still, there was a great hotel suite waiting for us. The first time we got together had gone well despite her initial nervousness and I was certain this time would be even better. Maybe I should explain how we met. I was working on a project for my business and had gotten to a frustrating point. A change of scene away from my home office was needed for me to see everything with fresh eyes. It happened that a friend of mine had a condo in the mountains about three hours from my home. He offered it to me for a week and I took him up on the offer. I figured that four or five days alone in the mountains would be all I'd need to get off the dime and complete my project. The second day I was in the quaint mountain resort town I went to a little cafe on the main drag for lunch. It was after 1 PM and the rush was over so my waitress, a curvy young thing with lots of personality, gave me plenty of attention. Her name was Candy and she only worked there during the lunch rush-- 3 to 4 hours a day depending on traffic. I figured she was at least 25 years younger than me plus she was wearing a wedding band so I didn't think much about her sexually. I mean, I found her attractive enough, but I wasn't thinking, “man I've gotta nail that.” But... she was very flirty. Enough so that I found myself thinking about her that night when I went to bed. It wasn't that she was a knockout or anything. By modern standards she would be considered a little overweight. Her face was cute with a bit of “baby fat”, nice features, and shoulder length dark brown hair. As I was trying to get to sleep I kept thinking about the way she talked and the simple fact that “overweight” to some guys equals lots of round, soft, fun stuff to play with to me. Frankly, lying there in the dark thinking about Candy made my cock hard. I got to lunch the same time the next day. The place was empty as she refilled my glass of sweet tea. “So, what brings you to town? You didn't say,” Candy said. “I needed a change of scene and a buddy of mine let me use his condo for the week,” I said. “Cool. Just hangin' out then.” “Well, I'm doing some work stuff too, so it's not all fun and games.” A sad look flickered briefly across her face. “So, you're busy all day I guess,” Candy said. I kind of shrugged. “I'm not busy tonight,” I said, taking a chance that she might tell me that I'd misunderstood her friendly nature for something else. She looked at me for a second before she said, “I can't get away at night.” I looked her straight in the eye. After a couple of seconds she glanced away. “But I'll be done here in fifteen minutes and don't have anything planned for this afternoon.” I nodded slightly. “I'll go get your check,” Candy said. She came back and left with my credit card. When she came back with the receipt and pen I told her to wait while I signed it. Before I gave the pen back to her I wrote the address of my friend's condo on the napkin. “I'll be there all afternoon, Candy,” I said. “I'll keep that in mind, Mr. Wilson,” Candy said.