Wednesday, May 4, 2011

After Work Candy

I was contemplating attempting a first kiss when an odd sensation came over me. Not paranoia exactly, more like trepidation. This was going too easily. Maybe I'd watched too many noir films but it felt like a set-up. The buxom babe distracts me with her charms and her accomplices storm into the house while I have my hands full with, um, Candy.

I set my wine glass down, excused myself, and walked to the door. I set the deadbolt. If it was like those movies, when I turned around Candy would be pointing something deadly at me. You know, a gat, a roscoe, a heater, a convincer, AKA a pistol. I turned and she was still in the kitchen sipping wine. Hell, I don't know where she would have hidden a revolver anyway. The only thing she carried in with her was a small bag that I assumed held ID, car keys, cell phone, and not much else.

"Locking me in?" she said.
"Yeah I was afraid you'd run away."
"After I invited myself over... rrriiiight."
"You didn't really invite yourself, Candy. You demanded that I stay in town long enough for you to stop in."
She made a truly evil smirk.
"So, now that you're here, what is it you wanted?" I said.
"Oh, I don't know. Um, nice weather we're having... have you enjoyed your stay in the mountains? Guess there's lots of stuff we could talk about," she said.

I stepped over to her, put my arms around her, and leaned in for a gentle kiss. After the kiss she put her glass on the counter and we kissed more and with increasing passion. We moved a bit until her bottom was pushed up against the kitchen counter. Our bodies pressed against each other then, my left hand on the small of her back as my right found its way to her left breast. As I brushed across her sundress I could feel her erect nipple through the light cotton. And, as I did, her kisses became more demanding. She had her right hand on my shoulder and moved her left down to feel the bulge in my pants. I didn't let that go on for long-- I sure didn't want to get ahead of her. But I certainly did appreciate that she went for it. It was a pretty good sign she hadn't stopped in to discuss the weather.

She willingly accompanied me to the master bedroom. All but one of the blinds were tilted closed in the room and I went to adjust that remaining one to make sure the room was as dark as it was cool. As I turned back to her she had already kicked off her flip-flops and pulled her dress off. She stood facing me in nothing but her panties. I stopped myself from pointing out how eager she seemed to be. The last thing I wanted to do was make her self-conscious.

When I saw how large yet firm her breasts were I revised my estimate of her age downward. We kissed standing and facing each other. Then I sat her on the bed and helped her out of her panties. She started to rub my cock through my pants and I pushed her hands away. Sitting next to her on the bed and facing the same direction I leaned across in front of her. She, in turn, leaned back with her hands on the bed behind her as I slid the middle finger of my right hand into her closely trimmed but unshaven pussy. With my left hand I pressed down just above her opening. With light but insistent pressure I kept a circular motion going with that hand as I worked in and out of her with my finger. Her wetness looked almost like a slight, white foam clinging to her pussy lips when I pushed two fingers into her young slit while continuing to rub her with the other hand.

Candy moaned and let out a few gasping oh fucks. Then she brought her left leg up and propped her heel on the edge of the bed. She moved her left knee away from me thus spreading herself wide open. I responded by fitting three fingers into her and picked up the pace with both hands. Within a few moments she got extremely vocal before dropping onto her back. I took that as a sign that my hands had done all they could hope accomplish. I was used to it taking a bit longer, frankly, but who can argue with a satisfying result. I thought it was sweet that she had kept an older guy like me from having to work too long.

"Fuck, Mr. Wilson. That was incredible," Candy said finally.
"Was?" I said. "Why the past tense, young lady? You don't think we're done, do you?"

I began to get undressed.


Ms. Inconspicuous said...

Yes, I'm sure it was all consideration on her part.

Wil said...

I have no reason to think otherwise. Thanks, Ms. I.

southerngirl said...

So...curious what was behind the paranoia? Things obviously ended up ok, right?