Friday, May 13, 2011

Back Home, But First

I started to get the distinct feeling that I was going to unload in Candy's hungry mouth. It seemed a bit, um, premature to me. So I pulled back and got her off my cock. Looking at her big tits I figured a serious titty-fucking would be a great idea. But then again I had spent so much energy getting her pussy worked into a lather earlier... yes, better to bury it balls deep into that sweet, young slit.

I stepped over to the dresser where I had put my Walgreen's purchase and rolled a condom onto my stiff dick. As I walked back over to the bed she got flat on her back. She was in the middle of the bed so I grabbed her ankles with both hands and jerked her across the bed. When her ass was at the edge I put her legs in the air. As I let go she dropped her feet down but kept her knees pointed towards the ceiling. I ran the tip of my sheathed cock along her opening. She was still slick and I slipped into her easily. My feet were both on the floor so I had plenty of purchase as I got a steady rhythm going, filling her with cock, backing out to the tip, and then back in.

Candy let out a high-pitched squeak with every thrust. Sometimes it was a "yeah"... sometimes "fuck"... other times "oh"... but she made a noise every time I rammed it back into her. And with every thrust her big tits would float towards her shoulders and then roll back down. Up and back, up and back, until she'd hold them in both hands and tug at her nipples and moan an "oh fucccckkkkk" in time with the steady motion of my cock driving in and out of her slippery cunt.

The condom lessened the sensitivity so my feeling of urgency waned a bit. Still, the visual of this big-titted young girl taking my cock in her mouth and now her pussy was eventually going to trip all the switches and connect the circuits. After a good steady fucking I felt that rumble deep in my balls and picked up the pace, got her behind the knees, and pushed them up towards her head. With that I got a bit more depth and her high-pitched vocalizations turned guttural.
"Oh gawd fuck my pussy baby...fuck me .... gawd fuck me..." she repeated over and over and over.

I got her ass right to the edge of the bed and positioned her so her bare feet were on my chest so I could lean over her as we fucked. In that position I was driving almost straight down into her cunt and I tripled the speed and jack-hammered away at her fresh snatch. The sounds she made now weren't recognizable as actual words. Finally, I unloaded. And held still-- buried as far into her as I could possibly go.

About fifteen minutes later Candy said, "Omigod... I'm so late."
She jumped off the bed and started to pull her panties and sundress back on. "Oh shit, where did I leave my flip flops?" She was saying as she went out towards the kitchen.

"Can you stay another day?" she said, coming back into the bedroom.
Before I answered she said, "I could come over tomorrow morning, ya know, after about eight. That would give us some time before I have to be at work."
By now she had gathered up the few things she had been wearing or carrying when she arrived.
"No. I'm heading down the mountain in a few minutes," I said.

She threw a hip to one side and cocked her head. "Do ya hafta?"
"Well... when will you be back?"
"I dunno," I said.
After a pause I added, "You have my number now. Call me."
"OK. I will. Sorry I gotta go," Candy said.
"Hey, it's no problem. You better hurry up, I don't want you to get into trouble."
She grimaced. I quickly added, "this was fun."
"God it was, wasn't it," Candy said. Then she ran over and kissed my cheek, spun around, and went out the door. I marveled at her bubble butt as she left.

An hour and a half later I was out of the mountains and called my buddy who had loaned me the use of the condo.
"Hey Wil, what's goin' on?" he said.
"I'm on my way back home, just wanted to thank you for lettin' me use the place," I said.
"Everything go OK?"
"Yeah it was great. I got a lot done. Change of scene helped," I said.
We talked a bit about the usual stuff-- work and sports mostly.
Then my friend said, "Hey, did you try out any of the restaurants I gave you?"
I told him I had tried a couple of places but mostly ended up going to the cafe on the main drag. When I said the name of the place he kind of chuckled.
"Yeah, that place is pretty good. Gwen kept telling me to make sure you went there."
Gwen's his young girlfriend. My friend was married, briefly, a long time ago, and Gwen's the first female I've seen him really serious about since then.
"She own a piece of that place or something?" I asked.
"I wish! Nah, I dunno why. Guess she thought you'd like it. She's like that, ya know. As far as I was concerned you could eat at Hardee's."

We talked a bit more, I thanked him again, and then we hung up.

By the time I was home, for the second time that day, I had a feeling I'd been set up.


Anonymous said...

I have only recently discovered your's really fascinating! However, as I'm reading in order, I'm still back in 2008...reading furiously in hopes of catching up.


Wil said...

First, thanks for reading. I'm glad you find it to be worth your time and effort. I jump back and forth in time writing it as you'll find out either to your bemusement or horror. At the rate I'm writing you'll catch up in no time anyway.
Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Please don't go away again, you scared me. Now what the hell happened to Sparkle??

Wil said...

Wow. I just saw this comment, Anon. I am the lamest blogger in history-- I don't even find old comments in a timely fashion.

I don't think I'll reveal any more about the real Sparkle in a public forum. Feel free to e-mail me about her though.