Monday, October 31, 2011

Get Off My Lawn, You Damn Kids!

When I was considerably younger nobody over the age of twelve dressed up in costumes for Halloween.  In fact, you didn't want to be the dope who dressed up one year longer than all the cool kids.  Showing up for school in your homemade hobo outfit when everybody else was in their normal peg-leg pants, white socks, loafers, and paisley shirts meant you weren't in the clique.  Even if you had the latest Jan & Dean single before everybody else you were still a big dork.

Of course now fifty-two year olds dress up as harlots and nobody blinks an eye.  And their wives wear even more outrageous costumes!  I'm not against it, I'm just making a hackneyed observation.  I hear there's an opening for the final five minutes on 60 Minutes. 

Back in my day we bobbed for apples.  Motherfuckers.


Riff Dog said...

Dare I admit it was the same when I was a kid? Costumes were okay in 5th grade, but in the 6th grade, nobody but nobody would be caught wearing one.

I must admit, though, I like it better the way it is nowadays. Especially since it seems mandatory that every woman's costume be a variation of "Slutty Fill-in-the-Blank."

The Unfaithful Soccer Mom said...

You must never stop blogging. See, it's these kinds of posts that made me a fan in the first place...well, other than the obvious. I've been out of the loop for a bit, glad to see you are back.


Wil said...

Unfortunately, Riff, I missed all of the slutty costumes last night. I was so hoping for some "dirty librarian" action. Oh well, maybe in a few weeks it will be time for "Naughty Pilgrim" costumes.

Soccer Mom, wise people were unaware that I ever blogged-- let alone that I had gone on a bit of hiatus. That means that you are distinctly unwise.
We like that about you.