Thursday, September 20, 2012

On A Desert Island

Dawn ran her hand from my chest down to my jeans as we kissed.  She rubbed my stiff cock through the denim.  I was starting to worry that I'd pop my load before we even got started when Dawn backed off and said, "Let's get you back to my bedroom, OK?"
She stood up, not bothering to close her robe.  Before she turned I got a good look at her gorgeous, huge tits and her thick, wild, dark bush.  I followed her down the short hall to her room.
"You haven't even seen my room yet, have you?"
 "No," I said.

I couldn't believe what I saw when she opened the bedroom door.  She flipped the light switch, but rather than a harsh overhead light there was just a soft, warm glow from dim lights pointing up in the four corners of the room.  The room itself was dominated by the biggest bed I'd ever seen.  From the ceiling was some sort of netting suspended from a ring and extending to the corners of the bed.  It was like a scene in a movie with potentates and their harems. The bedroom walls were painted in a continuous mural that made it look like we were on a desert island-- sand, palm trees, ocean.  The bed spread looked like a polar bear skin-- it wasn't of course-- and there were about ten pillows in the room.  Other than a small dresser and a chair in the corner the only furniture in the room was that bed. It seemed more like a stage to perform upon than a bed.

"Man," I said, "this is amazing."
"I change it every few years.  Pretty crazy, I guess."
Dawn tossed the robe onto the chair and shook her hair before she messed with it with both hands.  She looked like a wild animal as she turned to me.
"Let's get you out of those clothes, baby."
I didn't argue the point and she helped me until we faced each other naked.  She reached out and took my hard cock in her right hand like she was greeting it.
"Uh, look," I said, "it's been a couple of months for me and, uh, I'm gonna cum so quick... I don't want to disappoint..."
"Ssshhhhh," Dawn interrupted me.  "Don't worry..."
She took me over to face the chair where she had thrown her robe.  She got just behind me on my right side.  She reached around and put her left hand on my left hip and with her right she began to stroke my cock.  She pressed her left breast against my back as she stroked.
"Mmmmm I love your beautiful, big cock, baby...mmmmm it's gonna feel sooooo good in my mouth...."
She didn't need to say any more.  I shot my load onto her robe on the chair.

"That was so damn hot," Dawn said as she used the robe to clean me up. "It felt so powerful holding your cock like that, Wil.  I'm so fucking wet!"

Then she parted the netting and jumped onto the bed.  "C'mon in, Wil. We don't have to be anywhere for the next twenty-four hours."

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