Saturday, January 19, 2013

Yes Sir

I followed Dawn through the netting and onto her bed.  Having just received a handjob from her my inclination was to stretch out and take a nap but that might have been frowned upon.  I tried to uphold my end of the bargain and got my mouth on one of her tits as my right hand found her bush.  I had barely touched her when she gushed all over my hand and cried out.  Within seconds she jumped out of bed and went out the door naked leaving me flopped on my back on her huge bed looking around at the craziest bedroom I've ever seen.

I could tell from the sound of a closing a door that she had gone into the bathroom across the hall.  A few minutes later Dawn asked from the hallway if I wanted anything to drink.  I asked for a glass of water and she told me it would be waiting for me in the living room.  So much for a cat nap.

I pulled on my jeans and nothing else and stopped to use the bathroom before making it to the living room.  Dawn was sitting on the couch drinking a glass of wine and I dropped down at the other end from her.
"Water, huh?  Don't get too wild on me now Wil," Dawn said with a smile.
"Just thirsty."

Dawn was wearing her Denver Broncos jersey again.  I calculated that it must have been hanging in the bathroom.  She got up and walked to a bookcase.  I noticed the jersey barely covered half her panty-less ass as she bent over to move a few books out.  She pulled a silver box out from behind the books and brought it back to the couch.  She put it on the cocktail table and opened it.  It didn't have a hinged lid-- the top slid over the bottom like a shoebox. Inside were a few tightly rolled joints.  She fired one with a Bic lighter on the table, took a drag, and held it out to me.  I waved her off and as I did her eyebrows went up silently asking, "Really? You don't want to get high?"

I shrugged back at her.  She tilted her head and smirked.  I read that to mean, "Suit yourself."
She smoked a bit more than half of the joint before holding it out to me and saying, "This shit is killer.  You should try it."
"Nah.  I'm good," I said.
She stubbed it out in the big glass ashtray on the table.
She slid over next to me on the couch and turned to her right to face me. 
"I think I figured something out about you, Wil."
She grinned at me.
"Yeah.  You like to be in control."
"I do?" I said.
"Yeah.  You do.  You want to run things... and if you drink too much or smoke something you might not be able to be in control.  So you stay pretty sober and make me party alone."
"Maybe," I said, "except you're not alone.  I'm right here."
"But you're not having as much fun as me," Dawn said.
"I think I was having a lot of fun a few minutes ago back on that desert island or whatever the hell your bedroom is masquerading as..."
She laughed out loud.
"You like sex a lot more than getting loaded, don't you Mr. Wilson?"
"Guilty as charged.  It's not even a close call."

She smiled as she ran her left hand all over my bare chest and stomach.
"I'm responsible for a bunch of people at work... I never asked to be, it just happened that way.  It exhausts me to have to worry about people at work... so.... when I'm safe in my house... with a guy like you let's say.... I like it better when that guy, um, tells me what to do... ya know?"
"So you're saying it's a good thing I'm fairly sober so I can make all the decisions, Dawn?" I said.
She smiled.
"Yes, Mr. Wilson.  It's better for all concerned if I get stoned and drink red wine while you stick to water. You make all the decisions.  Just tell me what I should do, Mr. Wilson."
She kept running her hand on my chest.
"OK," I said, "I think I'm up for the challenge."
She slid her hand down to my jeans.
"It appears you are," she said.
I shook my head at how corny that was.

"Did I ever tell you about my, uh, problem?" Dawn said.
Christ... don't tell me you have the clap, I thought-- but didn't say out loud.
"I don't think so, Dawn.  What problem do you have?"
She got her mouth right next to my ear and said softly, "I'm obsessed with cock.  I can't ever get enough hard dick, Wil.  It's a big problem.  I'm a cock fiend. I can't live without it."
Then she sat back and looked at me with her left hand still on my lap.
"So, it's up to you to make all the decisions about, ya know, what we're going to do all night, but I wanted to make sure you had all the information to work with..."
She trailed off.

I leaned towards her and with both my hands I got her mass of black curly hair pulled up into a pile on the top of her head like a topknot.  I gathered it into my left hand and stood up.  She, of course,  stood too.  I pushed her out in front of us without letting go of the topknot.
"I think it's time we got back to that desert island, cockslut."
"Yes sir, Mr. Wilson!" Dawn said.