Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Dawn Sets The Scene

“Sorry, I'm running late,” Dawn said.
She was wearing a short, white, cotton robe and drying her hair with a matching thick bath towel.
“C'mon in!”

I stepped in from her front porch and watched her walk away from me. The robe almost covered her ass but not quite. I felt my cock twitch. She talked to me over her shoulder as she went down the hall towards the bathroom.

“I'll be back out in a sec. There's stuff to eat and drink in the kitchen. Help yourself”

I made a ham and Swiss cheese sandwich, opened a beer, and sat down at the kitchen table. Halfway through my sandwich Dawn came in, dropped herself across my lap, and hugged my neck. Her amazing cleavage was about a half a foot from my nose and I had the urge to put her down on the kitchen floor and fuck her. But I played it cool and continued to drink my beer, holding it in my left hand while holding her waist with my right. She kissed my cheek and then hugged me tightly, burying my face between her tits.

“I missed you, Billy. Gawd we're gonna have so much fun!”
“I can't breath in here.”
She laughed and let me out of that canyon.
I made a big deal out of catching my breath, drank some more Olympia, and finished my sandwich. She repositioned herself on my lap. I was surprised how light she felt considering the size of her tits and ass.

“So, Dawn, I thought we were playin' dress-up tonight... sumpthin' about a desert island or...”
“Oh, we are! It's gonna be a blast, Billy.”
“I'm almost afraid to ask, but, do I have to wear a costume?”
“Well, I thought about that,” Dawn said, “but then I figured that you probably didn't need anything.”
“But you have something special to wear, right?”
“Yes! You'll love it!” she said.
I was a bit confused but not terribly worried. After all, the whole thing was about fucking for the next twenty-four hours. Why get hung up on the details.

“Let me tell you the scene before I finish getting ready, OK?”
I shrugged my assent. She got off my lap and stood facing me.

“OK, here's the deal. It's like around 1800 or so... the time of sailing ships anyway... before motors and stuff... and you've been on this Pacific Island for about a year. You were shipwrecked and the only survivor and you're on this uninhabited island.”
“Uninhabited except for me,” I said.
“Right, smart ass. So I show up on the beach, all dressed up, sitting on my luggage, well a steamer trunk...”
“Hold it,” I said, “ if it was before engines then there weren't steam ships and if there weren't steam ships there couldn't be steamer trunks.”
“Shut up. It's a trunk for my clothes and stuff, OK?”
I nodded.
“So, I'm all dolled up, a fine La-Dee-Dah Lady from New York.  And that's where you find me. On the beach”
“Um, Dawn,” I said, “how did you get there?”
“Well... I dunno, William. Sounds like the first question you'll ask me, doesn't it.  We just play our parts in the scene and try to stay in character.  So there's stuff we don't know yet.  See?”
She had an ear to ear grin.

“OK, I have to admit, this sounds like fun. Crazy, yeah, but fun,” I said.
“Just wait 'til you see my outfit!” Dawn said.
“I can't wait. Seriously, I don't think I can wait. But, I still don't quite get one thing about all of this,” 
“What don't you understand?”

“I don't have any 1800's clothes to wear... you have some fancy costume... I supposed to be a time traveler from the 1970's or what?”
“No. See, you were shipwrecked and you only have the clothes you were wearing at the time and, since it's a tropical island and there are no people around, you put those clothes away so you'll have something to wear if anybody ever comes to rescue you. But, normally, you don't wear anything.  There's nobody around so why wear clothes, see?”

I stared at her. She smiled that big, happy, self-satisfied grin again.

“Except the towel I was hanging onto when my ship went down, right, Dawn? A big bath towel.”
“Hmm, I don't think they had big fluffy towels back then,” she said.
“A washcloth?”
She took a step towards me and leaned over to hug me as I sat on her kitchen chair. Her robe was open enough that I could see her big, gorgeous breasts as she bent over. I was ready and undoubtedly able.

Dawn spoke softly right next to my ear, “Won't it be fun to have me all dressed up and you completely naked? See, it's been a year that you've been alone on this island and you've kinda reverted back to an animal state... and I'm this big city girl all alone...  made up like I'm on a date with a Prince, in a corset, a big fancy dress, a stylish hat, perfume, jewelry... and at some point maybe I figure out that without you, well, who knows what might happen to me in this scary place.”

She stood up and looked down at me.

"How long will it take for you to get ready, Dawn, 'cause I can be out of these clothes in about five seconds."

She laughed and headed back to the bathroom.  "Give me about 45 minutes.  I'll tell you when you can come onto your Pacific island, baby." 

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45 minutes? Some women can be so high maintenance :)