Friday, December 20, 2013

Kendra's White Jeans

It was a warm late Spring evening in the South.  Not hot and humid like July and August, but warm, and I had the windows open to let a cross breeze into my second floor apartment.  I was reading a trade magazine and waiting for Kendra.  I knew I'd recognize the sound of her two-seater sports car as she pulled into a spot below my open window. 

We'd been going out for about five months.  She lived with her parents in the country about an hour east of the city and never complained that she was the one that drove back and forth all the time.  She liked coming to the city.  She knew that if I came out to see her there was nothing to do in the small town near her home.  And, frankly, Kendra liked that we spent hours in my apartment fucking whenever she came to town.  I liked that part too.

Kendra was nineteen.  She was nearly eight years younger than me.  In fact, her parents were only eleven or twelve years older than me.  She was the hottest thing I'd ever nailed and she had a submissive streak a mile wide.  I wasn't in love, at least not yet, but if I went a couple of days without bangin' her I was in a bad mood.

I heard the distinctive sound of her little roadster. As I got up to look out the window I heard her grind a gear putting the stick shift into reverse.  She backed into a spot right in front.  The driver's side door popped open and Kendra swung her long legs out together like a trained fashion model.  She was wearing skin tight white jeans and slides with a four inch heel.  She stood up and didn't look towards the window.  I stood back to take it all in.  Her blonde hair was in a style not unlike Farrah's-- it was, after all, the late 70's-- lots of hair was the fashion.  And on her it was incredible.  She had on big aviator sunglasses and a print top that was a bit too large, gauzy and loose to suit me.  She stepped to the back of the car and then over to the passenger side. She opened the door and leaned over to get some shopping bags off the front seat.  As she bent at the waist her ass was a thing of exquisite beauty in those new, tight white jeans.  She closed up the car and started towards the door of my apartment building.  I turned from the window but could hear the sound of her high heels on the sidewalk.  A guy can get a hard on just hearing that sound.

I was waiting for her as she got to the last steps.
"Hey babe."
"Hey Wil." Kendra said.
She had a soft drawl and a smooth, warm, low voice.
"What's in the bags?"
"Oh, I just picked up a couple things this afternoon."
We kissed and I followed her into my apartment.
My cock twitched just from seeing and smelling her.

"I like the new outfit," I said.
"What about this top?"
"Not my favorite part, but everything else is perfect," I said.
"I can change," she said.
She dug through the new stuff in one of the shopping bags and pulled out a red halter top that didn't look much bigger than a bikini top.
"This better?"
"Yeah, it's better... but not for tonight.  Let's go get something to eat."
She laughed.
"You're not in a hurry to have dinner, you're in a hurry to get back here.  I know you Mr. Wilson."
She was so adorable I considered doing her on the floor right then.  But that had happened a few times already and I didn't want to get too predictable.


We took her car to the restaurant.  It was place that had a younger clientele.  Decent food and a bar scene that got crowded as the night went on.  But it was early and the place was only half full.  We talked and ate and talked some more.  She knew that I had to leave the apartment at about midnight to go to work as the overnight guy at the highest rated station in the market.  If we got back to my place by 7:30 it gave us plenty of time to play.  Kendra was just as eager as I was to get back to the apartment.

As we were leaving I decided I should use the restroom.  I knew she'd want to use the only bathroom in my one-bedroom place to freshen up when we got home and everything would work better if I just relaxed in the living room and waited for her entrance.  Always planning ahead, I was.

Kendra waited just inside the entrance of the restaurant while I went to the men's room. 
"Don't go away, I'll be right back," I said.  She grinned.  Her blue eyes were dancing.
When I came back less than five minutes later Kendra was standing where I had left her but facing her was a guy I'd never seen.  The guy was standing very close to her.  She was holding her purse in front of her and didn't look particularly happy as she spoke to him. 
"OK, I'm ready," I said as I took her left arm at the elbow.
The guy looked at me.  I didn't know him but I knew I didn't like him.  He had me by about two inches and twenty pounds.  There was a second or two where I don't think he knew what to say or do.  Then he stepped back and we left.  I noticed that neither he nor Kendra said anything as we went out the door.

As I opened her door for her I said, "Did you know that guy?"
She sat down and swung her legs into the car.
"I've never seen him before in my life," she said.
The happy mood she'd been in at dinner was gone.
I got in and started the engine.  I put the car in first and pulled out of the lot onto the street.  The apartment was just five minutes away.
"You okay, babe?
After a minute Kendra said, "There are a lot of creeps out there."
"What the hell did he say to you?"
She waved off the question.
"Look Kendra, you were in a great mood tonight.  I don't want some asshole screwing up our night.  What did that jerk say?"

She sighed.

"He walked in just as you were going into the bathroom.  At first I figured he thought I was the hostess.  But then he looked at me a little too long, you know, and then sort of looked me over real slow... it was so creepy... like a big drooling animal... so I looked away from him and started to walk to the lady's room but  he stepped in front of me and said, 'I don't need a menu, girl. I know what I'm eatin' tonight.'"

I pulled the car over and, when traffic cleared, I made a U-turn.

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