Sunday, December 22, 2013

White Jeans 2

“What are you doing?” Kendra said as I started driving back towards the restaurant we'd just left.
“I'm gonna go see what that asshole's problem is.”
“No! Please, don't do that!”
I kept driving.
“Really... Wil... don't go back there. Let's just go to your place.”
“No! It pisses me off that he treated you like that.”
“I know, but... please, don't.”

We were back at the restaurant parking lot and I started to open the car door when Kendra grabbed my arm. “I'm serious. Don't get into a fight over it. He didn't touch me... he just creeped me out... I'm fine.  Please don't.”
I sat there squeezing the steering wheel and tried to calm down but my blood was up. I mean, it's one thing to hit on a good looking girl, I thought, but that was way out of line. Kendra's such a sweetheart... how can some jerk talk to her like that.

Finally I turned and looked at her.
“Really? Are you sure?”
“Yes! Really. If you want to do something for me please take me back to your place. Don't get in some stupid fight that won't solve anything anyway.”

After a couple minutes I pulled out of the lot and back on the street towards my place.
“Thanks baby,” Kendra said, “you'll be happy you decided to go home.”
“Yeah?” I said.
“I'm pretty sure, yeah,” she said.
We smiled at each other.


I opened her car door and we walked to the front door of the apartment building. There was that click of her high heels on the sidewalk again. I felt my dick stiffen. I followed her up the stairs staying far enough behind her that I was looking straight at her gorgeous ass right in front of me-- watching it move perfectly as she went up the stairs in her heels. I was dead certain she wasn't wearing any panties under those skin tight pants.

As we entered the apartment it was all I could do to keep from tossing her on the floor.
“Do you mind if I go...ah?” she waved in the direction of the bedroom and bathroom.
“Go right ahead,” I said, “you want a beer or a glass of wine?”
“White wine if you have some.”
“OK, not sure how good it is, but a glass will be waiting for you.”
She picked up the shopping bags she'd left in the living room, went in the bedroom, and closed the door behind her.

She was gone almost twenty minutes. The anticipation was killing me. I played almost an entire album while I waited. I drank a beer. I got a boner lost it and got it back again and lost it once more and she still hadn't come back into the living room.

When Kendra finally came back she was still wearing the white jeans and the open-back slides with the 4 inch heels. But now, instead of the top she'd had on before, she was wearing her new red halter top. Sure, Kendra had the greatest ass and legs I'd ever seen but she was also stacked. I found out later in our relationship that she wore a 36D bra-- but all I knew at this point in time was that my 19 year old girlfriend had an absolutely killer rack. The halter top showed lots of cleavage and plenty of side boob. My hard-on was back with one purpose in mind.

She had gotten her hair back to the way it looked, no doubt, when she left her parents' house hours ago. She had redone her makeup, her lipstick was fresh, and her perfume was pleasantly filling the room.
“Here's your wine,” I said, “if it's too warm I can pour you another glass.”
“I'm sorry, I know I took too long.”
“Yes, Kendra, you did take too long. But what I'm looking at was well worth the wait.”
She took a sip of her wine as we stood facing each other. As she put the wine glass down on an end table I saw the lipstick smudge from her full lower lip on the rim of the glass. I wanted some of that lipstick on my cock right now.

She turned to me. We hugged. Then we kissed and I could taste the wine on her tongue. We kissed some more. Then I took her to the couch. We kissed more. I told her we had four hours before I needed to go to work.
She said, “Four hours with no place we need to be?”
I nodded.
Her eyes twinkled.  The Kendra from before the incident was all the way back.
We talked a bit.


“Take off that top,” I said.
She stuck out her beautiful lower lip in a pout.
“Don't you like it? I thought you'd like it or I wouldn't have bought it.”
“I like it fine,” I said, “and when we go out somewhere you should wear it. It looks great on you.
Now, take it off.”

She reached behind her neck and untied the string. Then, she pulled the band below her breasts away from her and lifted the halter over her tits and then up over her head,
“I probably messed up my hair now, thanks to you,” she said, still acting faux pouty.
"Don't worry, doll.  Your hair is gonna get plenty messed up."
She was wearing a small silver pendant on a long silver chain necklace. She had put it on so that the chain made a loop around her neck, snug as a choker, and then the second loop allowed the pendant to rest just between her full, firm, natural tits.

With the index finger of my right hand I touched the pendant. I told her I liked how it looked with a tight loop around her neck and then the pendant drawing the eyes to her breasts. She smiled and said, very softly, “Good. I really hope you like.... um... everything tonight.”
I kissed her as I held her left breast in my right hand. Then I left her mouth and tongued and sucked her tits. First one then the other. Then I pushed them together and ran my tongue back and forth across her erect nipples.
“Beautiful baby, beautiful,” I said.
I rolled the nipple of her left tit between my thumb and index finger. I tugged it and squeezed it. She whimpered softly and drew in breath abruptly when I pinched it hard.
“If I fuck you right now I'll cum too fast and leave you high and dry... you're just so fucking hot... we have time to go three or four times tonight... so unzip me and get on it, babydoll... you suck cock so good baby... get on that dick...”

Kendra slid off the couch to the floor and crawled in between my legs. She reached up, unzipped my blue jeans, and then undid my belt buckle and opened up my pants. I had gone without underwear knowing she'd be blowing me right after dinner so my stiff cock was right in front of her face. She grasped it with her right hand and stroked it. She was wearing silver rings on her middle finger and pinkie. Her fingernails matched her toenails and lipstick. Her lips parted as she positioned herself to suck me off. She gripped my dick down at the root and took three or four moves halfway down the shaft and back with her mouth to warm up.  Then she slipped her right hand down to my balls, grasped my right leg with her left hand and slid my whole cock through her pretty lips turning her head to the right as she went. As she pulled back off of it she turned her head to the left. She set a nice, slow, pace as she effortlessly took more than seven inches of hard dick time after time-- each time with the same mesmerizing head turn.

I was in a trance watching this beauty-queen-teen, parade-float-princess blow me like a seasoned pro. She went after it for at least ten minutes and I still hadn't blown my load. She picked up her pace.  She was slobbering, drool escaping her mouth as she blew me.  Now she was moaning.   From time to time she'd pull off, strands of spit keeping her connected to my hard cock.  She'd take a few panting breaths and then, staring right at me, she'd plunge that thick dick back between her pretty lips.  Kendra was going after that hard cock so fast, taking it so deep, that I was shocked I hadn't shot down her throat already when I felt that rumble that signaled that this big-titted blonde was gonna get a mouthful of cum real soon.

I put my hands in that wild, thick hair and pulled her on my cock until her chin pushed into my balls. I looked down and saw her bare back widening into her perfectly proportioned hips. I saw her ass in those tight, white pants, and beyond that, toes down in the carpet, I saw her sexy heels. I leaned back, looked at all that beauty and released.  I came down her throat time after time after time. When I finally let go of her head she pulled off, coughing and gasping and gobs of thick white cum rolled like lava over her lower lip and onto her bare tits.

We were both breathing heavily.
“Kendra,” I said.
She looked at me but didn't speak.
“You're gonna get fucked tonight, babydoll.”
She smiled slightly as she used her fingers to get the jizz off her chin and both titties.

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