Thursday, January 30, 2014

My Favorite Team Lost My Favorite Super Bowl

There's a Part 3 to the white jeans tale but I've been too busy to get to it.  And now, here comes the Super Duper Sunday Bowl or whatever we're allowed to call it without the NFL filing a suit. Since I have a story to tell about such a Sunday back in the late 70's, and since it involves (involves hell, "stars" is more like it) Kendra, I thought I'd slip it in right about here.
In the few months I'd been dating Kendra I'd been to her parent's house, where she still lived, once.  We'd gone out to dinner with her folks and had a good time.  I liked them both and, as I've reported elsewhere, neither one of them was old enough to be my parent.  They seemed to like me.  I think they saw me as an improvement over the last guy.  I have no doubt that they realized what a first rate bit of talent their daughter was and they didn't want her settling.  At least I had a career going and seemed to them to be relatively stable-- a step up from the local boys in their small town maybe.

I was making the hour long drive out to their house for a Super Bowl party.  I would have been happy to have Kendra come to my apartment and watch the game on my glorious 15" black and white Zenith portable but she made it clear that I should come to her parents' party.  It was a tradition for them to host friends and family each year.  Kendra figured there would be 20- 25 people eating, drinking, talking, laughing, shooting pool, and perhaps watching the game.

I had three issues with going along with this plan.  First, it was a Super Bowl I really was interested in unlike so many others.  My favorite team was playing in it!  Secondly, I wouldn't know anybody at the party and, well, I'm kind of shy.  Finally, if Kendra came to my place to see the game we could fuck pre-game and fuck some more at halftime.  Plus, if my team won we could celebrate by fucking after the game.  If my team lost I would need cheering up.  I probably would have recommended a blow job.

But, she made the drive to the city and back as many as five times a week while I had made the trip, well, just once before like I said.  So, I was party bound. It was the right thing to do.

There were a dozen or so cars in front of their split-level house out in the country.  As I got out of my van I saw Kendra come out the front door.  She was wearing a fuzzy tan sweater with a cowl neck and a tight black wool skirt that was about mid-thigh in length.  She had on black hose and black leather high-heeled boots that came up nearly to her knees.  I hadn't seen her for two days and in that time she had lightened her hair from blonde to platinum blonde.  It was still in a kind of Farrah cut and style.  Her makeup was perfect.  She never wore red lipstick and today was no exception.  Her lips were, I guess, what is called taupe.  Her fingernails matched her lipstick.  As she got up to me I picked up the scent of her perfume and noticed that she must have been wearing a push-up bra under that fuzzy sweater.  She was the perfect illustration of the term "sweater puppies."

We hugged.

"Thanks for comin', baby," she said.
"Wow," I said.
"Look at you! I'm definitely under-dressed."
"Stop it.  Come on in and meet everybody," Kendra said.

I met cousins, uncles, aunts, friends, neighbors, and couldn't remember a single name ten seconds after meeting any of them I'm sure.  Kendra's younger (by one year) brother was there with his girlfriend, a tiny-but-stacked dark-haired knockout.  The four of us landed in the den shooting pool, drinking Bloody Marys, and talking.

About five minutes before kickoff I was pretty certain that I wouldn't be able to watch my team play very well on the TV in the living room.  Well, I might have been able to see it, but it would have been a struggle to follow it because there was nobody else at the party interested in actually watching the game.  This was a full-on party and the drinking light was on.  The game would only be of interest to this crowd at the end when all of the bets could be settled up.

"You're worried that you won't be able to enjoy the game, aren't you?" Kendra said.
"Yeah. I guess. But it's cool," I said.
"Don't be silly. C'mon with me."
Kendra led me through the kitchen and into a part of the house I'd never been in.  We went up a half flight of stairs and through a door into the master suite.  All three of the bedrooms in the house I grew up in could fit in this bedroom and there would still be room left over. There was a huge four-poster King size bed, a couple of wing chairs, and a matching love seat.  The love seat was the perfect spot for watching the RCA console color TV.

Kendra turned the set on and tuned in UHF channel 36.
"Let me go get a couple of beers for you, Wil."
"Is this OK?  Me watching the game up here?"
"Sure, baby.  I knew you'd wanna watch the game so I asked mom and daddy last night if you could hide out up here to watch.  It's fine, they want you to enjoy yourself."
She came back a few minutes later with two bottles of Michelob, one opened and the other sitting in a plastic bowl of ice.
"Aren't you gonna stay?"
"Nah. I'll watch the kickoff with you.  I'll come back to check on you at halftime.  The bathroom is over there, by the way."
The game started and she was gone soon thereafter.

Curt Gowdy was calling the game.  It seemed like Gowdy did every big game-- World Series, NCAA basketball tournament, Super Bowl.  I was pretty sick of him.  The first half was pretty well-played.  During time outs I wandered around the room admiring the furniture, luxurious carpet, and view out back towards a pond and the pine woods beyond.  Kendra's parents weren't a whole lot older than me but they seemed to be doing pretty well. I liked them.  They had fun and lots of friends, their son was able to pull a very hot little girlfriend, and their daughter was a total fox.* 

I timed my two beers perfectly, finishing the second one as the first half ended with my team behind by a TD.  Kendra entered the room seconds after the game clock went to 0:00. She joined me sitting on the love seat.  I could tell pretty quickly that she was buzzed. 
"Baby, you're not gettin' drunk at this party are ya?" I teased her.
"No.  I've only had three Bloody Marys, but I think my cousin Tony makes them a little strong. How's the game?"
"Losin' by seven."
"Awww. Well, still a half to go."  Then for a few moments we just looked at each other.
The half-time show was beginning on the TV.  A tribute to Caribbean music or something. Neither of us seemed interested in it.

"Come here, lemme show you sumpthin', Wil."
I followed Kendra to the master bath.  She closed the door behind us and then hugged me. We pressed together. We kissed.  She'd had enough to drink to be totally uninhibited and very free with her tongue in my mouth.  As soon as that kiss was over she dropped to her knees on the bath mat in front of one of the two sinks. She grabbed me by the belt and pulled me in front of her. 
"Baby when I got here and saw you walk out of the house my dick got hard.  Didja know that?"
She made a little appreciative moan as she unzipped me and pulled my stiffening cock out of my pants.  She began to lick and suck on the head of my cock and it quickly got good and hard.  I looked straight ahead and saw that there was a full length mirror on the back of the door behind her.  I was looking straight at a life-sized image of Kendra's back-- tight black skirt over her hot round ass, black leather high-heeled boots that screamed fuck me, classy sweater, and on top that beautiful mass of platinum blonde hair moving back and forth as she started taking my stiff dick deep.

I leaned back, looked down, and her eyes met mine.  Her pretty lips were wrapped tightly around my cock.  As she looked at me she slowly stuffed that thick, hard dick right down her throat until my nuts were against her chin.
"Damn... now suck that cock, beautiful."
With that she started really going after it.  She cupped my balls in one hand and held my ass with the other as she went after that dick with a fury.  I looked to the left and saw that I could get a perfect side view of us in the mirror behind the sink.  It was like seeing a big screen movie of this sexy, gorgeous, big-titted babe going absolutely crazy on my dick.
"Fuckkkk," I moaned.  I was overcome by all the visuals.  I pumped cum down her throat. She swallowed it and then licked my cock and balls clean before standing up.

As I stood back, zipping up, I watched Kendra stand and face the mirror.  She cleaned her lipstick off with a Kleenex.  Then she opened the medicine chest and pulled out a tube of lipstick.  She put it on.
Perfectly.  It was an exact match with what she'd had on before blowing me.
"I better get back downstairs before people wonder what's going on up here."
"You're amazing, Kendra," I said.
We hugged.  As she turned to leave I patted her firm ass in that tight black wool skirt. I had to.  I wanted to bite into it like a ripe pear but that didn't seem appropriate so I settled for patting it.
"See ya after the game, Wil."  She smiled.
I noticed she was carrying the tube of lipstick with her as she left.
I watched the second half.  My team did better but still fell short by 4.
I wandered downstairs.  Things were quieting down.  About half the crowd had left.
I saw Kendra's dad in the kitchen.  "Sorry about the game, bud," he said.
"Dropped the winning pass in the endzone.  That was the game."
"Yeah.  I lost the bet with my brother-in-law because of that drop," he said.
He slurred a little.  Not really drunk, but he'd had a few.
"Well, there's still some food if y'all are hungry," he said as Kendra came into the kitchen.
"I think Wil and I will go out and get something to eat instead of more chips and that ol' tired dip," Kendra said.

As we walked outside I noticed that I could see her bare legs between the boots and skirt.  I was certain she had been wearing black hose earlier.  I helped her into the passenger side front seat of my van. We headed towards the nearest small town.
"Kendra," I said, "we've barely seen each other all day.  Is there some place we can go to just sit in the car and talk a while?"
"Take a right at the next road," she said.
After a few minutes of driving she showed me where to pull off the paved road and onto a one lane dirt road.  We went about a half mile and she said, "There's room to pull off by that woods."
I did just that and shut the lights off and then turned the engine off.  I left the radio on an album rock station.

"Get in the back," I said.
Kendra unbuckled her seat belt and made her way to the big back seat.   She didn't seem to be buzzed anymore-- she seemed agile moving back to the rear of the van.  I had taken the middle seat out to haul some stuff for my buddy Moe so there was nothing but an open floor covered by a black rubber mat from the back seat all the way to the front seats.

I followed her back and sat next to her.  We kissed.  I didn't waste time-- I quickly pulled her sweater off over her head.  When I had hugged her in the bathroom just before she gave me my halftime blow job I felt her bra under her sweater.  At some point since then she had shed it.  She was naked from the waist up and I started sucking and squeezing her incredible tits.  She had her hands in my hair as I tongued her right nipple and bounced her left boob in my hand.
"You took your pantyhose off didn't you?"
"Yeah. You noticed that?"
"Yeah," I said.
"You told me not to wear pantyhose. You said you'd rip them up to get at me. Remember?"
"So you took 'em off cause you thought you might get fucked..."
"I was sure of it, Wil. I'm not wearing panties either."
"Pull that cute skirt up over your ass and get down on the floor, Kendra."
"Yes sir, Mr. Wilson," she said.

I took my shoes and socks off.  Then I took my pants and underwear off.  The whole time I looked at Kendra on all fours.  Her big, full, firm tits hung down.  She reached back between her legs with her right hand and fingered her pussy.  I watched her as I stroked my cock.  When I was stiff I got on my knees behind her.  Van Halen's "Jamie's Cryin'" came on the radio.  I slid my dick into her from behind. She was good and wet.  I backed out and smacked her left ass cheek with my open hand.  Then I swatted her right cheek.  She gasped each time. By God her young body was spectacular.  I buried my entire cock into her and started to ride her good and hard.  She put her left arm out lowering her head to the floor.  She reached back with her right hand to finger herself while I banged her pussy like a screen door in summer.

That earlier blow job had taken the edge off and I knew I could stay hard and fuck her for a long, long time.  I kept pounding that fine snatch from behind.  I got my right hand in that wild blonde hair and jerked her head back, "Can you feel that hard dick in you, doll?"
"Gawd yes... yes... you fuck me so good... fuck me good."
Bob Seger's "Hollywood Nights" then "Shattered" by the Stones, followed by "Sultans of Swing".  Four tracks in, about twenty minutes or more and I was still working that sweet blonde teen from the rear. She was getting as limp as a ragdoll.  I pulled out.  "Get on your back," I said.

She rolled onto her back, undid her skirt and took it off.  Now she was naked except for her black knee high boots.  She was lying in the middle of the big open floor of the van.  I spread her legs and slid back into her driving my cock into her right to the root. "Gettin' fucked good tonight, blondie?"
"Yes," she said.  Barely a whisper.
"You love cock don't ya doll?"
"Your cock... your cock, Wil."
"Hotel California"and then "Deacon Blues" played and I just kept nailin' her.  I held her legs up and spread them wide.  She pointed the toes of her come-fuck-me-boots at the roof. I grabbed onto the heels and drove deep into her as Ram Jam's "Black Betty" played followed by "Go Your Own Way". It had been 45 minutes since I first slipped into her dirty blonde bush.  I was exhausted.  Kendra was spent.  I've never held off so long in my life.
I put her legs on my left shoulder and reached up and held her booted ankles together.  Her slit tightened.  She reached down and rubbed herself as I slowly drove it in and out.  As Skynyrd asked, "What's you name little girl, what's your name?" I came in Kendra.

"Tell me something," I said.
"What?" she said as she started putting her clothes back on.
"Why did you take the lipstick from your mom and dad's bathroom?"
"Because it's mine."
"Oh," I said.
After a few seconds I said, "Why was it in the medicine chest in there?"
"Because I put it there."
"This morning."
Kendra sighed.
"Never mind," I said, "I think I know."

"Can I tell you something?" she said after a few minutes of silence as we finished getting our clothes back on.
"Sure," I said.
"Well, this is kind of dangerous for me to say, but, um, well, I don't want anybody else in this world but you and I'm sure I never will."

I almost brushed off what she said with some smart remark.  But I didn't.  I looked at her.
And then I kissed her.

* Fox in the late 70's equates to smokin' hot today... or some other term I don't know because, frankly I'm old.