Tuesday, April 29, 2014

But I Digressed

Maybe you've read a few of these postings and you're confused.  Well, I thought it would be boring if I did it all in chronological order so, yeah, it jumps around a bit.  It doesn't help that I write far less frequently than I used to also.

It's true that I was out west in a town just east of the front range of the Rockies.  I was working in radio, living in a rickety old trailer, and getting a weekly bj from the trophy wife of the richest guy in town.  When I wasn't at work I was going to the nearest big city to fuck the trophy wife's best friend from college. Said friend was a freak but lots of fun.  Then suddenly I'm writing about living in the South.

Allow me to fill in a blank or two.  My boss at the radio station out west was working me to death.  I loved every minute of it and had tons of respect for him.  I learned far more from him in a few months than I learned in four years at good old alma mater U.  I was doing morning drive at one of his stations and doing afternoon drive at another one under a different name.  Those were the days before the massive consolidation that took place in radio.  Now everything is owned by a handful of companies but back then there were lots of independent little guys.  Some of those little guys, like my boss, knew each other from annual conventions and other gatherings.  Through that network he found a good next step for me.  I never knew exactly what he got out of it.  Maybe a finder's fee, maybe a hooker at the next convention.  It could be that he got wind of my fiddling about with the rich guy's wife.  The rich guy happened to be the biggest advertiser on his stations.  Anyway, he did me a good turn.  Despite the fact that I was now doing overnights instead of morning or afternoon drive, I was in a good-sized market and that's important in radio. 

Also, I was in pussy heaven.  My first couple years in that town made my college experiences look mild by comparison.  This guy, born and raised in the Midwest, took to Southern women in a big way.  A few of them treated me kindly in return.  I intend to write about it.

Oh... on the move from the West to the Southeast I stopped in to see my old friend Sparkle.  I wrote about that a long time ago right here.. & here & here.


Ryan Beaumont said...

Nothing like Southern women!

Wil said...

Thanks for reading and commenting, Ryan.