Sunday, August 23, 2015

Proper Camera Use Pt. 2

Debbie knocked on the door of my one bedroom apartment at 6.
I opened the door and she said immediately, "Is my car safe out there?"
"I told you it wasn't the best neighborhood. Nobody's ever messed with my car but I'm gone a lot more than I'm here. Which one is yours?"
She pointed at a big blue 4 door Oldsmobile. "It's my daddy's car. It'll be OK, right?"
"Don't worry about it." I said, "C'mon in."

She was wearing a light pink, almost white, sleeveless cotton blouse, pale green culottes the length of a micro miniskirt, and white sandals that were kind of like flip-flops.  She smelled fresh and clean.  I had never noticed her wearing lipstick at the school but she was now.  It was a neutral shade and made her full lips look spectacular.  She had a small purse the color of her sandals and a black camera bag.

I offered her a drink. She opted for ice water.  The apartment tour took a couple seconds. We were in the little living room where the window air conditioner was running full blast.  Over there is the galley kitchen... behind is the bathroom which is nearly as big as the living room... and there's the bedroom which is the biggest room in the place.  I told her the crappy furniture came with the place and that my landlady, Cora, was getting me into a nice two bedroom owned by the same people as this place over in a very nice part of town. 

We sat next to each other on the black Naugahyde cushions of the couch and discussed the school, the people that we knew in common, a few other mundane topics and finally I said, "Well, let's see that new camera."

It was a newer, more expensive camera than mine.  I took some time familiarizing myself with it. The only auto function on it was the light meter so it would be easy to show her how to make pictures with it.

She really didn't know how to use it or, if she did, she faked it really well.  I took her through the basics of shutter speed, f stops, focusing, and proper exposure as she sat right against me to my left.
At some point I noticed that she wasn't wearing a bra with that sleeveless blouse-- that fact had become quite apparent.  I found it to be an interesting data point.  (At the time you said to yourself, Holy Shit!- ed.)

I was sitting on the edge of the couch holding her SLR in my right hand as I was telling her about depth of field when she stood up. She was on my left and leaning over so her head was near mine to look at the viewfinder. In some ways it was like she was climbing on top of me... but maybe she was just trying to see what I was showing her on her camera.  I couldn't be certain.  But...she had invited herself to my apartment, showed up smelling great, looking fantastic, not wearing a bra, in hot pants that barely covered her tight little ass.... it seemed pretty reasonable to slip my left shoulder back behind her right thigh, put my left hand on the back of her smooth, long right leg and slide that hand up until I was palming her right ass cheek. 

She wasn't wearing panties either and she never flinched.

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