Sunday, August 23, 2015

Proper Camera Use Pt. 3

Debbie swung her left leg around so she was sitting on my thighs facing me.  She put her arms on my shoulders, leaned in and we kissed. After the first kiss I put her camera on the floor.  I couldn't slide back on the couch without pushing her off me and onto the floor.  We kissed some more.  Her nipples pressed against the cotton shirt she had on. 

"I don't want to sound too forward," I said, "but we would be a lot more comfortable in the bedroom," I said.
"OK, but, um, I have to tell you... I've never done... anything."
"This is so embarrassing... but, really, I've never done anything... I never really kissed a boy until just now. On the playground in sixth grade I chased a boy and kissed him but, I kinda don't think that counts."
"Uh, wow, that's hard to believe.  I, uh, seriously?"
"Yeah. I was a bookworm in school.  Bad haircut, glasses, boys didn't look at me. I'm an only child so I didn't have a sister or brother to tell me I needed to be... anyway, I went to college for a year and hated it because everybody else seemed so cool..."

"So, what happened, I mean, you're not like that now..." I said.
"I just decided to change.  I became friends with this girl I barely knew in high school.  She was always overweight, still is but she's working on it, but she's really pretty and, anyway, we just decided to help each other be... you know, to fit in better."
"It's working, Debbie."
I put both hands on her waist and lifted her off my lap and stood up.  I led her to the bedroom.
"Debbie, we're not going to do anything you don't want to do."

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