Saturday, October 17, 2015


I believed Debbie when she told me that she was a virgin.  In fact, by the time I sent her back home to her mom and daddy, freshly fucked, I was certain of it.  I also was beginning to think that she had, in a way, used me.

She was the new swan that not long before had been an ugly duckling, to hear her tell it.  But what I was picking up on was that she wanted some sexual experience because she had her eye on a guy-- some guy who hadn't noticed her in high school and now was bird-dogging her for a date. She had babbled about all sorts of stuff after she got laid for the first time that night. I was piecing some things together.  After about an hour and a half  of her talking I told her to stroke my dick.  She did. The chatter died down immediately as well.

Once I was stiff I put on a fresh rubber and told her to get in position for a doggy-style fuck.  She figured out how to do that and I got behind her.  I gave her snow white ass cheeks each a good bare-hand smack and, as I slid back into that pussy I jerked her head back by her thick, red hair and smacked her ass again with my free hand.  She yelped, I let go of her hair, grabbed her waist with both hands and then I banged the hell out of her from behind as she gasped, moaned, and panted.

A little after 10PM I walked Debbie down to the family Oldsmobile. 
"Thanks for the lesson," she said, sounding all flirty.
"Gonna tell your girlfriends what you learned tonight?"
"No!  They'd want their own lessons... they would be jealous of me though..."
I shrugged.
"Is it possible to come back again?" she said.
"Call me. I'd call you but you've never given me your phone number."

I walked over to my van, got in as she drove down the street and then I drove to work in the other direction.

Well, I had done my part if my role was to be her teacher.  I wasn't going to complain if all I got out of it was an amateur blowjob and a couple of good tight-pussy fucks.  

Besides, a couple of new classes would be starting up in a week and there would be a lot of new recruits... I hoped.

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