Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Lesson Two

A couple of days after her first photography lesson Debbie called me asking for another session.
We arranged to have her come visit me at 5PM the following evening.

She was prompt and dressed well for her lesson although she had left her camera in the car.

She was wearing a dark brown miniskirt, a cream colored sleeveless blouse, and sandals.  She wore little makeup other than a neutral lipstick.  She smelled shower fresh as I pressed her back against the closed front door.
"Do you remember where the bedroom is?"
"Yes," she said.
"On your way there take off an article of clothing every few steps.  Make sure you have nothing on when you get to the bedroom."

I stepped back and watched her move towards the bedroom.  First she slipped off her sandals.  Next she slid off her little bit of a skirt.  A few steps later the blouse was tossed onto a chair and she looked back over her shoulder at me.
I nodded.  She unhooked her ivory colored bra, flipped it onto the couch and finally, at the door to the bedroom, she dropped her matching panties and left them on the floor as she stepped into the bedroom.

She was standing next to the bed when I entered the room.  I pushed the pillows together, got on the bed, and stretched out in jeans and a t-shirt-- no boots or socks.  I had her lie on top of me with back up against me.  We maneuvered around until I could get my right hand on her pussy.  I fingered her as her ass pushed against the hard cock in my pants.  My left hand reached around and found her left breast.  She was wet in moments.  She came, loudly, not long after.

I rolled her off of me and got out of the bed.  She watched as I pulled off my t-shirt and took off my jeans and underwear.  I rolled a rubber on to my hard dick, got between her spread legs, and pushed into her.  She was so tight I had to talk her into relaxing.  I was afraid I would get soft trying to get her to loosen up.  But, very soon I was able to get all the way in and Debbie got fucked for the first time in her life.

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