Sunday, October 25, 2015


Marsha had a Dorothy Hamill haircut. At the time Miss Hamill was the reigning Olympic Champion figure skater so many women had adopted her short hairstyle.  Most of them probably shouldn't have, of course.  But that's always true.  There are plenty of examples today of people dressing or otherwise trying to mimic the look of a celebrity.  It's seldom a wise idea.

Now Dorothy was very cute but I thought Marsha was her equal in that department.  Marsha also had a voluptuousness that I found more attractive than the athletic build of a figure skater.  (Your mileage may vary.)  To me, Marsha was a smart babe who also had a great speaking voice-- a big plus at a broadcasting school.

We became friends pretty quickly.  She had already graduated from college and was attending the broadcasting school to try to get into TV.    I thought that was a good idea and encouraged her to go for it. She was only a year or so younger than me and we had similar tastes in TV shows, music (to some extent) and movies.  Well, at least similar enough that we didn't argue about it.  I enjoyed having someone to actually date, which mainly meant going out to eat and seeing movies a couple times a week.  She seemed pretty shy about sex and I didn't press her at all on that front.

She liked the fact that I was already working at the biggest radio station in the city.  A station that, by the way, also had a TV side that operated out of the same complex.  But if she was getting close to me just to further her career she was very skilled at doing it without making it obvious.  Then again, I can be pretty oblivious about stuff like that. 

We had been going out for a while when Marsha asked me if I could help her get a job at the school.  She wanted something during the day. She lived with her parents about a half hour south of town so her thinking was that she could come up in the morning to work and stay for school in the evening on the two nights she had class.  I had an excellent relationship with the woman who was the office manager at the school.  I put in a good word for Marsha, she interviewed, and within a few days of her asking me for help she was working 30 hours a week at the school.

A couple of weeks after she started working we met for an early dinner at a little place a couple blocks from the school.  She had gotten off at  4:30 and I was supposed to be at the school at 6.  We talked and ate and then she went down the road to home.

During the first break that evening during class I sat in an office with one of the full-time employees of the school.  Ernie had worked at one of the TV stations in town on the tech side and his gig at the school was signing up students and teaching some of the TV and radio production classes.  Ernie was married but lecherous.  As far as I know he had never scored with a student but he sure always talked about it.  When he motioned me into his office and closed the door I was sure he wanted to discuss young pussy.

He got right to it.
"Do you know this chick who just started working here... she's in the Monday- Wednesday class... Marsha?"
"Yeah, I know who you mean," I said.
"Wow! That little chippy is fuckin' hot!  I've never had her in a class but I'd like to do her in the ass, ya know!"

Ernie really had a way with words.

"She's cute, that's for sure," I said.
"Cute! The fuckin' tits on that girl!  Jesus! You should have seen the sweater she had on today!"
Of course, I had, but I didn't tell him that.
"I was talkin' to her and I couldn't take my eyes off those knockers.  And, no fuckin' bra on so when her high beams went on... I thought my pants would rip, ya know what I mean?"
"Sounds great, Ern!  So, her nipples stood up while she was talking to you, huh.  She must be interested. You gonna take a run at her?"
"I'm thinking on it.  That's why I wanted to talk to you... see if you knew anything about her.  Honest to God Wil, the ass on that girl.  What I would do to her! You could suffocate between those big titties too!"

"I know her a bit.  I mean, we've talked some.  She's pretty reserved.  Real close family from what I can tell... lives at home.  I don't know if she's exactly 'up for the party', Ernie."
"Reserved... hmmm. That could be fun. I like 'hard to get.'"

The students were going back into the classroom so we broke off our high level discussion.

I didn't know Marsha nearly well enough to tell her the details of Ernie's obsession with her but I did tell her on the phone the next day to look out for him.  She laughed, "Oh, he's so creepy.  I had to go in the office and ask him a question for Bill and he kept stroking his necktie the whole time I was in there.  Ewwww!  He's really gross.  Hold it, did he say something about me?!"
"No, Marsha, I just know he's... well, he's what you already figured out he is."

"Hey, Wil... thanks for lookin' out for me."
"No problem, Marsha.  See you tomorrow?"
"Yes!  I'm looking forward to it, I love the Carly Simon song from that movie." she said.

So, in addition to brains and beauty Marsha also seemed to have a good sleazeball detector. 

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