Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Suite Time

We talked for a while as she had white wine and I, having finished my bourbon, moved on to ice water.  I had no intention of getting even slightly drunk.  The double of Maker's Mark had calmed me.  As we talked I felt an edge building.  An urge for Janelle.  The desire for sex.  More drink might push me over that edge and I didn't want that.

"There isn't any music. I can't believe you don't have music in this suite, Wil.  You of all people," she said.
"Just a radio that sounds crappy and some music channels on the TV," I said.
"You are so lucky I stopped by!"
She pulled her phone out of the carry-all sitting on the floor next to her, got up, walked over and put it on the desk.
"Hang on a second.  I'll be right back," she said.

Janelle walked into the bedroom and I heard her unzipping one of the bags of hers I'd hauled up.  Soon she came back with a small Bose speaker system.  As I watched her, studying the amazing curve of her ass in those jeans, she got her phone linked to the Bose and a surprisingly big, rich sound came out.

"What do you want to hear?"
"Whatever you want is fine," I said.
"Seriously?  You don't care?"
I shrugged.
"Whatever makes you happy," I said.
Janelle laughed
"Happy.  You're funny.  You mean, whatever makes me ready to..." she said.
It was my turn to laugh.
"I was hoping you wouldn't need music to be ready for that."
"Good point, Wil.  But music helps with the mood, ya know."

She started up a Deep House track.
"Too loud?"
"It's fine," I said.
She stood back, decided it was just right, and then poured herself more wine. She was about two thirds of the way through the bottle already. We sat next to each other on the couch in the suite.  I got up and closed the sliding door as the evening air was now too cool coming off the dark blue-green mountains.

I'm more interested in organic music than computerized electronica but as the tune played I thought her idea was inspired.  There was nothing about it that would draw my attention away from what I was interested in-- getting my cock into her-- and the beat of it was insistent and had a sexual pulse to it.

We continued to talk as her music spooled out into the room.  I was enjoying being with Janelle.  She was smart, positive, and alluring.  Time went by but I had no care how much had passed.  Everything was in the moment and nothing else mattered.  It was the point I was hoping to reach when I left for the mountains on Friday.  How I would have gotten there alone I don't know.  But Janelle got me to a great state of mind.

"Here's something you won't believe about me," Janelle said, "I'm not really a drinker."
"Why wouldn't I believe that?"
"Because, last night we went out and I drank beer, and in the story I told you when we were hiking today I drank wine at that dance club, and tonight we're here in your suite and, look at me, I'm drinking.  But I don't drink very often, really."
"Janelle, all I'm worrying about is that the wine will put you to sleep."

She put her plastic wine glass on the side table.
"I'll have you know that I am wide awake, my dear."
She studied my face for a few moments.  I could almost hear her thinking.
"You know why I brought along so much stuff?"
She didn't wait for my response.
"Because I spent an entire hour trying to figure out what you'd want me to wear to bed.  Plus I have no idea how many times... so I finally just thought, 'aw fuck it,' and threw everything in the suitcase, plus stuff to wear if we ever actually leave this room, oh and about 8 pairs of shoes, and jewelry, and... well. damn near everything."

I smiled.

"Did you bring that subject up because you want to go to bed now, Janelle?"
Her eyes darted around the room.
"Well... not necessarily to bed... but...."
"And you want to know what to wear?"
She nodded.

I moved next to her on the couch.  We kissed.  I felt that nice wave I was riding on get stronger.
"Since I don't know any of these outfits you packed, we'll keep it simple this first time. And, it's just the first time-- not the only time.  Wear this: perfume, lipstick, as much jewelry as you want, and the sexiest heels you packed."
"OK, so like just a nice bra and panties set..."
I interrupted.
"No.  Only the stuff I told you to wear, Janelle."
"Oooohhh.  Um, OK. Really?  And then just come back out here?"

After a few moments of pondering Janelle got up and headed towards the bedroom.  "Give me a few minutes, OK?"
"I'm not going anywhere," I said.

After she closed the bedroom door I closed the blackout drapes and turned out every light except one in the foyer that cast a dim, golden glow into the living room.  I poured another double shot of bourbon on a single ice cube in my cup.  I sat down in the chair in the corner and put my feet up on the ottoman.  The chair faced the bedroom door.  I waited for Janelle to reappear as her beat-heavy trance music played on.

After just a couple minutes the door cracked open.  "Babe, would you bring me some wine?"
I got a fresh plastic wine glass and poured some more of the chilled white into it.  She slipped her hand out to take it. "Here," I said, placing the glass in her hand.  I smelled her perfume and my heart rate increased.
"Are you sure I shouldn't wear the sheer little black teddy I brought?" Janelle asked.
"Wear exactly what I told you to wear."
The door closed.

It was another fifteen minutes or so before the door opened slightly.
"Wil?  Are you still out there?   Awake?"
"Come on out, Janelle," I said as I stood up, walked around the ottoman and moved towards where she would appear.
She opened the door, took one hesitant step into the room, and into the glow of the light from the foyer.  She had a white bathrobe pulled tightly around her.  When I got to her she loosened her grip on the robe and I slipped it off her shoulders and let it fall to the carpet.  I stood back from her to take in the view.

She was a perfect five and a half foot nude hourglass perched on a pair of black wedges.  Her olive skin looked darker in the low light. She was wearing dark lipstick-- it was impossible to tell the real color but it was dark.  Her dark brown hair was down but you could see the silver, dangling earrings she wore.  She had a massive silver necklace on that looked vintage.  It fit close to her neck, almost like a choker but fell along the top of her beautiful, full breasts. 

I moved to where I could view her best without blocking the light falling on her.  Without me telling her to do so she turned slowly so I could take in every angle.  When her back was to me she raised her arms up over her head.  She moved slowly, snakelike, a wave of movement rolling through her from her head to her toes.  It was mesmerizing. 

Janelle walked past me to change the music and I stood still following her with my eyes-- never taking them off her body.  She put on another mix.  One with a slower beat.  She found just the right one.  Turned it up a little bit louder.  Then she walked back over to me.

"Is this how you wanted me?" she said, her voice little more than a whisper.
"Exactly. Even better than I imagined, actually."
"Oh, did you do a lot of  'imagining' while you were waiting?"
"I did."

I took her by the hand and led her over to the ottoman.  I pointed to it and said, "On all fours, right there."
Janelle situated herself on the ottoman without a word.  I walked around her.  She held her head back so she was looking straight ahead.  The sight of her fine round ass and her large breasts hanging down had me hard.  On my second trip around her I ran my hands across the taut flesh of her backside and gave each cheek a quick, firm smack.

Then I stood in front of her as she stayed put atop the ottoman.  I unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out.  Neither of us said anything.  Janelle lifted her right hand and grasped my dick at the base.  I moved closer.  And then she slowly slid me through her dark lips and took that cock into her mouth until my balls were against her lower lip.


Sunday, October 30, 2016

To The Suite

We drove back to the parking garage behind the hotel.  Janelle got out of my car, got behind the wheel of her Jeep, and I walked over as she rolled the window down.

"I'll be back in about two hours or so. Don't worry if it's a little bit longer... I have to get cleaned up, pack a bag or two, you know..."

"No problem. I need to run a few errands, get some supplies, take a shower..." I said.
"Supplies, hmmm?  I wonder what that means."
I laughed and shrugged. She grinned, backed her Jeep out of its slot, and scooted out of the garage and out of sight.

I stood in the garage watching her drive off and wondered just what the hell we were doing. It was all pretty crazy. But, best not to overthink it. You run into an interesting, attractive woman like her who wants to spend the weekend shacked up with you in a hotel room and, what the hell, just go with it.

I went up to the room, shaved for the second time that day, showered, and then went out on my shopping mission.  A stop at the grocery store first for some food and beverages.  The suite had a microwave and refrigerator, of course, so I got beer and a few bottles of wine as well as some edibles. Then it was off to the drugstore.  Since I came to the mountains solo I hadn't brought along any lube or condoms. I found a warming lube I'd never used and figured it was worth a try. Got condoms but, frankly, I hoped that Janelle wouldn't want me to use them.  I stood in the store thinking about sliding my cock deep into that girl with nothing but slippery slickness between her skin and mine.
Hey!  Snap out of it, bub.

Within an hour of leaving I was right back in the suite. Janelle had been gone just an hour and a half. Nothing to do but wait.  I put away everything I had bought. I straightened up the bathroom. I turned on the TV. Straightened up the living room.  Walked out on the balcony. Checked the bathroom again.

At the two hour mark I still hadn't heard from her.
Two and a half hours went by and no word.
At the three hour mark I was officially concerned.  Did she stand me up?
It had been three hours and fifteen minutes from the time she drove out of the parking garage when I figured I'd call her and see where she was.  Then I decided to wait.  Didn't want to seem too anxious.

About ten minutes later my phone rang.

"I'm just leaving the house, babe. Sorry! It took longer than I thought. Were you worried?"
"Nah.  Just sitting here watching a ballgame," I said.
"OK. I'll be there in ten."
"I'll be down there."
"Cool. See ya."

I was waiting at the same slot she'd pulled out of earlier when she rolled up, parked, shut off the engine, and opened the door.
"Hey," she said.
"Hey," I said as she got down out of her big toy truck.
We hugged.  She smelled great.  She looked even better.  Jeans, boots, and a cotton sweater.
Silver bracelets.  Too many to count.  Silver earrings.  Hair and makeup-- spectacular.

"You sure you weren't a little bit worried?" she said.
"Of course I was worried.  I was beside myself," I deadpanned.
She made a harumph sound.
"Janelle, truthfully, I couldn't wait for you to get here. But, looking at you, it was worth the wait."
"That's more like it, mister," she said.

She opened the back of the Jeep and there was more baggage back there than I would take on a two week trip. "All this goes up?" I said.
"Just the two suitcases," she said.
Which was pretty much all of it.  I mean, I didn't think that the tool kit and orange and red roadside warning triangles were going to the suite.  Before I opened my yap with a smart remark I decided that I wouldn't say anything about over-packing.  It dawned on me that everything in there might be something I would enjoy.  So, why complain? The hotel had an elevator, the bags had wheels.  It wasn't like I'd be carrying them up the mountain on my back.

We got up to the suite and I put her bags in the bedroom.  She kept a carryall with her. When I came back into the living room she was sitting on the chair near the balcony.  I opened the curtains and rolled the sliding door back.  The cool mountain air rolled into the room.  I sat down on the couch and, suddenly, everything felt awkward.

It wasn't anything she did and it wasn't anything I did.  It was just that the situation was awkward.  We barely knew each other and, abruptly, the only thing we had in front of us was the fact that we were going to have sex.  We weren't going out to a movie, a club or dinner first.  Neither of us was hungry as we had eaten a late lunch.  Sure, there was a movie theater within walking distance of the hotel but we weren't going there. The TV was off.  It was quiet. We were just two people sitting in a hotel suite with nothing else to think about but having sex.  Unless I had a heart attack first-- my heart was beating so hard it was like I was at an 8th grade dance and the coolest girl from home room had just winked at me.  I wouldn't have been surprised if Janelle could hear the pounding. If she had said so I couldn't have heard it over the rushing sound in my ears anyway.

When the pressure is on people made of stern stuff come to the fore. Whether it's workplace pressure, domestic struggles, your favorite team stinking up the joint, or an impending election where all the candidates make you want to puke, sometimes you just have to get through it.  For most people it comes down to prayer or drink.  In my case I was praying I had bought the right drinks.

"May I get you something to drink?" I said.
"A white wine would be nice... if you have some," Janelle said.
"How about a crisp, cool, California Chardonnay?"
"That sounds dee-vine, dahling," she said, like an elegant dame from a '30s movie.

I pulled the cork and poured her wine into a plastic wine glass from Walgreen's. (At the corner of healthy and happy, indeed.)

I threw two ice cubes-- from the bucket I had filled while waiting for her call-- into a blue solo cup.  Two shots of Maker's Mark 46 (don't leave home without it) followed the ice.

"To a most interesting weekend," I said as we tapped our plastic beverage containers together.  Janelle smiled, sipped her wine, smiled again. "Mmmm, very nice!" she said.

Awkwardness officially over.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Mountain Weekend part 13 -- Janelle takes off

Me: I can see where that would make you nervous.

J: It really did.  I felt kinda vulnerable suddenly.  Anyway, the guy gives me his business card and writes his cell number on the back.  This was after I told him I'd have to think about it and that I would have to talk to Jill.  See, in my head I'm thinking 'no freakin' way' but I figured it would be better to act like I was considering it... so he wouldn't push the issue any harder.

So, Jill and I both say bye, thanks, later... whatever and walk together across the club. She leaned my way and said, 'He offer you a full-time gig?'  And I said, 'Yeah,' and I just kinda escorted her to the wing behind the DJ booth.  Once we were in a place where we couldn't be seen, sort of the passageway to the locker room, I stopped and Jill said, 'Hey, I guess we were a little too good at this, huh?'

I just said to her, 'I wanna get outta here. But if we just blow out right after talking to those two it will look bad so I'm thinking... we just keep dancing 'til 1:30 or so, maybe earlier if the crowd starts to thin out, and then we change clothes and bolt for the hotel.  We definitely don't want to be here at closing time.'  

Jill agreed but she didn't seem as skeezed out by the sit-down with the boss guys.  We went back out into the club.  I table danced at about six or seven stops, maybe more, and Jill went off doing her wild thing. At some point I noticed there were finally some empty seats, the energy in the place was subsiding, so I found Jill, caught her eye, and signaled that I was going to the locker room.  I was nearly dressed when Jill got back. Ten minutes later we were in the car heading to the hotel.

Me: Did you ever hear from those two?

J: Oh yeah.  The next afternoon. When we got back to the hotel that night, well Saturday morning really, we counted out all the cash.  We had about twelve hundred dollars between us and that was after we had left almost a hundred in tips for the DJ and waitresses.  We both showered and fell asleep.   Got up about noon.  It was Saturday and we weren't flying until Monday morning. We decided we'd ski on Sunday one last time but just hang out Saturday.

At this point Janelle and I were already back on the trail heading up to where we had left the car. It was warm in the sun and the climb was a bit strenuous. Except when we met other people coming down the trail Janelle continued with the story.

J: The first call I got, actually, was from the club manager, Rick.  They had both of our cell numbers from the forms we filled in-- home addresses too for that matter.  Jill and I had just finished getting lunch and were walking out of the restaurant with a plan to walk around town, shopping and stuff, when my phone rang.  It was Rick thanking us for participating and congratulating us on winning prizes.  It was all a nice, friendly conversation.  Then it seemed like there was something he wanted to talk about but wasn't getting to.  I thought for a brief moment he was going to ask me out or some crazy thing but then he says, 'I understand you two talked to my boss and his friend last night.'

I told him we had and he goes on to say that they told him that Jill had seemed excited about working for them but that I seemed reluctant so he wondered if there was anything he could do or say to help.  I was really worried about blurting out, 'No! I'm not doing that'... at least while I was still in town and they knew our hotel and had our cell numbers. I didn't feel like we were in danger or anything, I just didn't want a confrontation.  Better to just get out of town without committing to anything. 

So I just talked about how I had a really good job back home, how I had only danced for the adventure of it, it wasn't a career choice, but it had been more fun than I expected, and I was flattered they all thought I could do well at it... blah, blah, blah.  Everything was amiable.  He said, 'Well, I'm sure you'll hear from them again this weekend.  I hope you'll tell them that I tried to sell you on it.'  I laughed and said, 'I'll let them know, Rick. You and your people were really great. Y'all made it really fun.'

Then he said, before hanging up, 'You know, Janelle, if you two want to take vacation together out West this Spring let me know. I can put you in the best club in Denver.  You'd work, say, four nights, from 8PM to closing and make enough for your airfare and a nice suite at the Brown Palace for a week. Probably shopping money on top of that.'

I laughed and said I'd keep that in mind.  When I told Jill she said, 'Yeah, the guy I talked to last night, when I told him I didn't know if I'd like dancing every night as a job, suggested that we do something like that.  I think he said Phoenix, not Denver, though.'

Me:  But the club owner called too, right?

J: Yeah.  That evening.  I kept putting him off without saying the word 'No.'  He invited us out to a club for drinks and I told him we were skiing early the next morning and begged off.

We skied Sunday and flew out Monday morning.  Everywhere we went I thought I saw guys looking at us differently but nobody approached me about having seen us at the club. Back home I got a couple phone calls from the club owner and Rick but never succumbed to the pressure to strip again.

Me: Amazing story, Janelle.  Do you know if Jill ever tried it again?

J: Well, she never told me if she did.  I suspected though that she went down to Atlanta and did an amateur night gig.  But that was just a suspicion based on some evidence.  Anyway, she's married and moved back to Georgia and we've fallen out of touch the past few years.

When we got back to the car Janelle wanted me to drive with the top up until the A/C cooled her off from the hike.  We decided on where to have lunch and I got us there in about 45 minutes.  We talked about a lot of stuff other than her story. We got to the restaurant and were seated outdoors.  The lunch rush was over and nobody was seated near us.  While we waited for our orders to come out Janelle went to the restroom.  When I saw her walking back to the table, still in her hiking clothes but freshened up, I was struck again by how attractive she looked to me.

As we ate Janelle said, "How much of what I told at the waterfall do you think is true, Wil?"

I sat back, thought for a moment and said, "I think that the basic story is true.  I think that anything that happened over ten years ago can get a little warped in the telling, some details can be off, but  basically, you and your friend did all that. So, yeah, I don't think you just made it up out of thin air. Not at all.

She smiled. 

"One part bothers me though. It isn't crucial to the story but it doesn't fit neatly for me."

"So you think I made part of it up?  Or, embellished it?" 

"Put it this way, back when I was a kid, back when news reporters used to care about getting the facts of a story correct they would concentrate on the Five Ws: Who, What, Where, When, and Why.  I think in your story the 'Who' was correct-- you and Jill.  The 'What' was accurate-- amateur night at an out-of-town strip club.  And, the 'When' I think was within a few years of the date.  Maybe you were 24 not 27... no big deal. But what I think you changed, and I don't know why you did, was the 'Where'.

Janelle grinned. I took that smile as a tell that I was on to something.
She said, "Why do you think it didn't happen where I told you it did?"

"Because, those ski resort areas can't handle really big clubs like what you described. They're too remote.  You can only find 'Gentlemen's Clubs' like that in the bigger metro areas. So, I'm thinking you were in Denver or maybe not in the Rockies at all, maybe Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, or even Orlando."

"Damn, Mr. Wilson."

Janelle just sat back grinning and shaking her head slowly.

I continued, "Anyway, it doesn't really matter where it happened. What I want you to tell me is why you wanted to tell me about it.  You said you've never told anyone before. So, why me? I really want you to explain that."

After she looked around for a few moments she looked me in the eye and said, "I don't know, I guess I really don't want you to think I'm just a bore. You were around all of those people last night who see me as a boss, an old authority figure. And, you don't even remember me from twenty years ago, I was like wallpaper, but I remember meeting you very well.  You know, I had this crazy crush on you.  You were this big executive from headquarters and I was the new hire...  anyway, I just need you to know there's another side of me. That, yeah, sure, I'm basically a 'good girl', but not always.  I'm not just one thing...

...  see, I'm not totally sure why I need you to know that about me... but it seemed really important to me after we had dinner last night and I didn't come up to your room after.  I was awake for hours second guessing myself."

I smiled at her and said, "You could have just come up last night to show me how bad you are."

She laughed. "I didn't want to look easy. After all, it was just our first date."

"No, when you came over to my table at lunch yesterday, that was our first date.  Then happy hour with your friends was our second date.  So, dinner last night was already our third date. I think we're on our fifth date already.  Anyway, we're both adults. One of us has been an adult as long as the other has been alive. There's nothing wrong, at this point, with 'easy'.  But look at me telling this to an award-winning stripper."

She just smiled and shook her head slowly.

Whatever tension she had seemed to disappear.  It felt to me like we were together.

On our way to the parking lot after lunch I said, "I think you should go to your place, pack a bag, and then move into my suite until Monday morning."

After a few moments she said, "I think I should do that too, but I think you should stay until Tuesday morning and I'll skip work Monday."

"Wow, three nights!  You are a naughty girl."


Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Weekend in the mountains part 12-- The prize

Note: The first part of Janelle's story about the amateur strip contest was published back on August 28th.  If you're starting here you might want to go back to the beginning and get the full flavor of the piece.  Just an idea, your mileage may vary.  No matter what, I hope you have fun with this tale.

J: When I heard Rick start to talk I gathered up my tips, my little black robe, and scurried backstage.  Dixie and I went through our money from two dances while Vixen did her thing out on the stage.  We both had about $100.  Wil, we were so pumped up by the rush of performing to such an enthusiastic...

Me: Horny.

J: Sssshussshhhh... an enthusiastic crowd. And, no lie, the money was exciting too. Plus we knew we were both getting prizes too.  After Vixen came off there was a five minute or so break before we went back onstage for the awards.  Rick did the whole voting routine again and, like before, it just sounded like a three-way tie to me but he awarded Dixie $500, Vixen $250, and I got the $100 prize. Cash, on the spot Baybee!  No funky checks.

Me: For what it's worth, I voted for you.

J: Thanks, silly.  So, we're backstage, cooling off and Rick comes back and tells us how great we were, blah, blah, blah it was their biggest amateur night all ski season and so on.  Then he reminds us that the club is still open for two and a half hours and if we want to table dance it's $10 for two songs and we don't have to split with the house, just tip the waitresses and DJ before we leave.  He also throws in a new wrinkle, that lap dances are $20 for two songs. The last thing he told us was that the VIP Room was off limits to us.  We figured out later that was how he kept his regular dancers happy on amateur night.  The crowd would be huge but only those girls could work the private room.
Anyway, he leaves and Vixen says to us, 'I don't know about you two, but those wild boys are fired up out there and I want some of that easy money!"  And she almost sprints out there.

I told Dixie I was thinking about going back to the hotel.  I was coming down off the adrenaline rush.  Between the two of us we had around $800 already in contest prize money and tips, mostly hers, of course,but together we'd done pretty good. 

Then Jill says, 'Hold on a second, 'Nelle. Let's think this through. We're never going to do this again, probably.  Everybody out there's already seen everything anyway.  Ten dollars to just stand next to a table and dance a couple of dances? I mean, it's not like they can grab you... they're just getting a closer look.  Now. that lap dance thing, I wouldn't even know what to do, but just dancing next to a table? We should at least check it out, right?'

Me: Janelle, we're sitting all alone by a waterfall out here in glorious nature and, well, your story is making me hard.  If you tell me you stayed to table dance, well I...

J: Just settle down, buddy. I told Jill that we should sit backstage for fifteen minutes and if we both wanted to try it after that we would fix our make-up, put on our stuff, and do it.  Frankly, since it was after 11PM, I thought we'd both agree to just head back to the hotel.  But after only ten minutes or so I agreed with her that it was worth a try.  

So, we got freshened up, all dolled up again, and went out past the DJ into the club.  He gave us the double thumbs up and big grin.  That helped because I was almost as scared as before the first time I went on stage.  The first booth we passed that didn't already have a dancer waved us over.  Dixie told them we were going to get a drink but would come right back. He told her that he'd order her any drink she wanted, she turned back to me, told me what he said and I told her, 'Go for it, Hun,' and I went across to the other side of the club while she did her first ever table dance. 

I didn't know what the heck I was doing. I walked walked right by guys who wanted me to dance because I was looking for the cute guys-- like it was a regular club!  Such a dope.  Anyway this table with four guys got my attention, I talked to them and agreed to dance.  The club rule was that during the first song you'd get topless and then during the second song you'd stay topless.  Ten bucks. I ended up staying there for six songs about 20 minutes. Got $30 plus an extra $5 tip and a 7Up. I saw no reason to put my top back on just to take it off again so I went backstage and put the bra in the duffle. I kept the robe on but untied.  Hard yet, Wil?

ME: Um, yeah.  We probably should get back to the hotel.

J:  Shut up, you.  I've never told anybody any of this and I'm going to finish my story.  So sit still, there's lots of weekend left. Anyway, I checked the mirror and then went back out. By the end of the first hour I had over $80 more money. The DJ didn't let any song run much over three minutes so the girls could max out.  I was figuring out the basics of this thing-- basically you danced for about 5 minutes and got ten bucks.  

I ran into Jill around Midnight and she said she was going to try lap dancing. I asked her what you had to do for it to be called a lap dance and she said she thought it just meant that it was OK for the dancer to initiate contact with the guy but it was still not allowed for the guy to initiate.  She said that everybody was asking for lap dances and she was telling them, 'Not 'til after midnight.'  I laughed and said, 'Whatever, Babe. Stay safe.'

I found a security guy and asked him and, basically, Jill had it about right.  It still worried me.  But every table that called me over wanted lap dances!  Just so you know, Wil... I held the line and only did table dances.  Even so, I was in demand, buddy.

Me: No shit, tease.

J: So anyway I got near this one booth-- they were shaped like a "U" and the table for drinks was tiny and moveable-- and there are just two older guys, like late 40s or 50s, not old just older than the average age in the place, well they're at this booth near the back and they're dressed well.  When I got close one of them waved me over.  He asked me to sit for a second and so I sat down at the end of the seat, cross my legs, and try to act normal instead of like an amateur stripper.  He said, 'Hello,' and I told him that they were lucky to have a whole booth to themselves since the club was so packed and he laughed and said they weren't lucky at all, that his buddy there-- he pointed at the other guy-- owned this club and some others.  Then he told me that he also owned several strip clubs too but elsewhere.  Now I was getting a little nervous wondering if these guys were actually Rick's boss.  I mean, I was only comfortable doing this whole crazy thing because I saw Rick and his guys as a protector of sorts.  But he couldn't protect me from his boss and his boss's friend.  That make sense?

Me: Sure.

J: Anyway, eventually he pulls out a hundred and puts it on the table and says, 'Why not get your little blonde friend and come over here and you two can dance together for us.'  I told him I didn't even know where she was and he immediately pointed across the room and said, 'She's right there giving some college boy a lap dance.'  So, I told him we'd be back.  I got to Jill as the song was ending and she was collecting another twenty and told her that a couple of guys want us to dance together for them.  She grins, 'Cool, Belle.'  We start walking across the room and she says, 'Babe, I'm having so much fun!  Do these dudes of yours want lap dances?'  Damn, Wil.  She'd gone native.  It was like she was suddenly a veteran stripper.  I just laughed and shook my head.

When we get to the booth with the two strip club moguls they have us step to the back of the booth and they put the table out in the walkway a bit so it's kind of like we'll have our own little private dancing area in this space.  The guy I talked to introduces us to the guy who, he says, owns the club.  We all chat a bit but the music is too loud to really have a conversation.  Then the club owner leans towards us and says, loud enough for us to hear 'You two were both great out there tonight. Hard to believe you're true amateurs, but my boy Rick swears you are.'  We both nod. 'We don't want to keep you girls away from dancing for the patrons but we'd like the two of you to dance two songs together.  Fifty dollars each.  Just table dances, nothing more.' He held his hands up, palms facing us as if to say, 'No funny stuff.' After the first song we were to switch places so we would each dance one dance close to each guy.

So, of course we dance and I pick up the hundred when we're done with the second song.  We both put our robes on and  Jill sits down next to the club owner and I sit down next to the guy who first called me over.  That guy tells me, 'My friend will be telling her the same thing I'm telling you, Janelle.' Yeah, he knew my real name. Alarm bell goes off in my head.  'We want to offer both of you two work  in our clubs.  We know you're from down south but if you move out here we're sure you'd both clear six figures a year in our clubs. That's a hundred grand, clear, give or take. Got it?' I nodded that I understood what he was saying. I didn't say, 'Hey, I have an accounting degree I think I know what clearing a hundred grand means.' I also didn't tell him he was effing crazy even though I thought he was.  'See, we move the top dancers through six different clubs, the best venues west of the Mississippi, only the best talent, so you'd be guaranteed five days a week and every three to four weeks you'd move to a different club. So you're always a fresh face, ya know.  I'm telling you, you're both big earners, for sure. We'd get you trained up a little bit, of course, but you're both super talented amateurs. Of course, you'd work the VIP rooms where the big money is. Whaddaya say, Janelle?'

Me: Are you kidding me?

J: Scout's honor, Wil.  These guys were pitching us on being full-time strippers.  My heart was beating so hard I thought it would explode.  Plus, I'm totally freaking out because now I just want to get out of there.

to be continued

Friday, September 9, 2016

In the mountains part 11-- Janelle's story

Janelle then told me what happened after the 9 amateurs had all danced their solo dances...

J: Rick, got all nine of us assembled backstage and told us how the next part of the contest would go.  I guess while that was going on the girls who danced for a living were out there working, I only remember that the music kept going. Finally, I guess it was about 10 PM or so when we all came back out on the stage.

Me: Just so I have it pictured right, you all are in your stage clothes...

J: Pictured right?  You really are visually oriented.

Me: Most guys are, I think.

J: Probably true.  But, yeah. we didn't go out topless or anything.  I mean, in my case, and Dixie too I think, we just put our little robes on to cover up. We got in a line across the stage at the widest part.  The DJ played some techno beat thing at a lower volume so Rick could be heard and so he could hear the crowd.  We're all just kinda moving to the beat while he's getting the crowd all revved up and telling them that they would vote and the top three would dance again.  This was the first time I felt kinda, well, not great, about the whole thing.

Me: Why? Because of the competition part of it?

J: No, not really.  The solo dance thing was a rush, you know, it was a performance and I got psyched up for it.  But now we're just up there and it's more like...

Me: A meat market? Slave auction?

J: Well, not as bad as that.  I mean, I didn't run off the stage in tears or anything.  I'm just saying it didn't feel as exciting.  But, it got better.

Me: Oh... good.  Don't let me interrupt.

J: OK, so, we're all just moving to the beat and Rick goes down the line and has each girl step forward one at a time, in the same order that we danced.  And, to me anyway, it sounds like everybody gets a big ovation, cheers, howling, you know, lots of noise. I couldn't really tell much difference up there.  We knew some girls did better than others but the crowd was just really good to everyone.  It was pretty cool, I thought, 'well at least they didn't boo me.'  

So, he gets to the last dancer, Dixie, and when the cheering has died down he steps up front and announces the three girls that will dance for the final prizes.

Me: And?

J: Ha! Don't interrupt.  And the three finalists were, drum roll please Wil : Vixen, Dixie, and... me, Belle.

Me:  Wow! Cool! So the bartender was right, numbers one, seven, and nine.

J: Yep. We all go backstage, everybody's hugging, excited, and even the girls who didn't win are cool.  Then those six girls cleared out.  Some went out to table dance, a couple of them just left I think.  And Rick told us that the order would be reversed so Dixie would go first, then me, then Vixen.  It hit me right then that I had no idea what I was going to do. I didn't have an encore because I really had just winged it the first time through based on the help from the DJ.  I got really worried, like, dry-mouth worried.

Me: Did the DJ come back with suggestions or anything?

J: No! Unfortunately.  Rick said he was going to play this really long techno thing with a big thump so we would all dance to the same basic thing.  He said it was so the votes weren't swayed by the music.  I don't know about that but I guess it made things fair.  He said we'd each be onstage for three and a half minutes and when we heard him start to talk we should pick up our tips and clothes and head off.

Dixie went first, so I got to hear the music we were all using-- it was some Deadmaus stuff I think-- no vocals just a constant beat.  I think that helped me...  having almost four minutes to move to it before I had to go out.  I decided to go out with the robe untied, like I said before, I hadn't put the bra back on, so I thought that by strutting out there the robe would move in the breeze and everything would show.

Me: Hell yeah. Good call.

J: Quiet, you!  When I got to the front I shrugged off the robe and then went to the pole.  I turned away from the front of the stage and grabbed the pole about waist high.  I figured the guys' imagination was my friend and the idea would be like I was grabbing the bed post.  

Me: Holy...

J: So I stood there, first with my feet together, then with my feet about a yard apart, and just kinda worked it.  I ended up at the pole for more than half of my time onstage 'cause it seemed to get a good reaction.

to be continued.


Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Weekend in the mountains part 10-- Janelle's strip

J:  After 7:30 the DJ came back and asked each dancer about music.  Some girls had  songs in mind, I didn't.  When he got to me I said, 'not too fast, other than that, I don't know.'  He looked at me and asked me to turn around once.  Then he said, 'I know what's right for you.  Stay in the wing through about 15 seconds of a rumbling intro, I'll be introducing you over that, then when you hear the first big beat... come out really struttin' it.  Strut, don't walk, right to the front of the stage boom-boom-boom, step with the beat. Don't fight the music, go with it.  Then turn and pause, show that backside Belle, then strut away, boom-boom-boom half way to the back.  Let 'em see it in motion.  Then turn and face to the front,  don't go too fast, take your time... and release the top.  The roof will come off when you do.  Don't be shy, don't be timid, you've got the whole damn package, Belle, but you've got to sell it. Pick guys out and look 'em right in the eye.  Don't look over the crowd. Got it?'

Me: Crash course in being a stripper. Do you remember the song?

J: Yeah. Days Gone By by Dirty Vegas.  I'll never forget.

Anyway, by 7:45, whenever the music is low, you can hear lots of crowd noise, there's an energy in the building that you can feel.  Then, just before showtime, Rick comes back where we all are and makes sure everybody knows the lineup and tries to calm everybody down a bit. Then he says, 'I just want all nine of you ladies to know that the club is standing room only tonight... we have guys outside in the freezing cold waiting to get in. If somebody leaves they can pay their money and get in but the fire marshal won't let another man in the place right now.  That's all because of you!  Those guys know that we only showcase the most beautiful amateur talent. There aren't ten dancers tonight because, out of the twenty-five who applied only nine made the grade!'  I'm thinking, 'total BS' but, it was a great pep talk. Really, it helped. 

The first girl went on at 8... from backstage you could hear and feel the music, the DJ and the crowd.  All we could see was a stationery video shot of the stage from a security cam at the rear of the club on this little black and white monitor.  All of us amateurs were studying that little screen.  And when the lead-off dancer, Vixen, appeared the roar from the crowd seemed to shake the building.  Dixie looked at me and said, 'Belle, this just got real!'

We hugged and then just sat down and waited.  As each girl came off the stage we'd talk to them.  Vixen was glowing when she came back. She was really pretty, nice body, and from what we could see on the little screen she knew how to move.

One by one they went out and came back.  Most had an adrenaline rush from it but a couple were so nervous they almost got ill. Finally, when dancer number six went out I did one last mirror check, freshened the lipstick, straightened everything.  Dixie came over and said, 'what did the DJ tell you, Babe?'  
'He said I should strut to the beat, show my ass, and drop my top.'
'Cool baby, you'll rock the house! You won't need it, but good luck!'  

Number six came off stage happy and I moved to the wing, one step away from where the crowd could see me... I heard the rumbling music the DJ told me about and realized he was talking over it, 'Gentlemen, it's time to welcome a very special snow-bunny ski-babe, all the way from way down south, give it up for Belle!!!'  The beat hit and I strutted out.  I got goose bumps from the roar-- it was like a wild, feral scream.  For me!  

Me: Yeah I can imagine how great you looked, Janelle.

J: Bang-bang-bang I strutted the best I could in those big platforms...one foot in front of the other... exaggerated, ya know, so the caboose really swung.  When I made it to the front of the stage I untied the shorty robe, shrugged it off and just let it fall to the floor.  They went nuts.  I turned and when they saw my ass, Wil, they went wild.  Bang-bang-bang. Back to mid-stage. Turned back around, rocking to the beat. Looked right and held my gaze on one guy.  Then left, looking at a wild man who was howling as I rocked my hips to the beat.  I was trying to remember not to race through it.

Then I looked straight ahead and I put my arms up, twined my wrists around and held my hands together palm to palm.  Then I just kinda wiggled and writhed.  Feet together, knees together and flexed... I moved to that thumping beat. Now the music was louder than the crowd. I understood what the DJ was telling me, promoting anticipation is part of the art.  There's an element of tease to it but you have to know just when the tease gets tedious.  You sense when the room is, uh, eager. So, I brought my hands back down, reached behind my back, unhooked the bra and then, like the robe, just shrugged it off like I didn't give a damn. And I remembered to smile-- that was the toughest part actually. 

 I don't want all of this to sound braggy, Wil, I just want to tell you what really happened, OK?  

Me: You're doing great. It's like I'm there. Drooling.

J: Ha! The DJ was right, there was a big roar as my top fell. 

Me: No kidding. What a shock.

J: I strutted back up to the front of the stage-- boobs bouncing with every step.  I had no idea what to do next but the music was still going so I turned, pulled the panties up over my ass cheeks, then stood in place, flexed my knees like I was going down, all the time rocking to the beat.  Then I covered my ass with the panties again and strutted along the stage to the right and then back across to the left.  It wasn't until then that I realized there was cash all over the edge of the stage.  Ones, Fives even a Twenty.  The DJ started talking, the  signal that my time was almost up so I went along picking up money, my robe, and my bra.

They were cheering like crazy as I motored towards the wing.  Then I stopped and just flat wiggled my ass.  I turned, face front one last time, and bounced on the balls of my feet in those platforms so they knew these titties are all natural, baby, and very, very bouncy. Then I blew a kiss to the room.  As I passed the DJ booth I leaned in and kissed him on the cheek.  He mouthed, 'Told ya!' and gave me a thumbs up.

I went off as May went on.  May was a very petite Asian girl, very pretty, and exquisitely groomed.  Plus she had a store-bought rack that was enormous. They roared when they got a look at her. Imagine a 95 lb Asian doll with double D boobs, Wil.

Me: Nope.  I'm just picturing you, "Belle".

J:  Well, Dixie gave me a big hug as I came off.   I told her that it was a lot of fun.  After May came off  Dixie went on and was fantastic.  She had added this long string of fake pearls that a regular dancer had loaned her and she worked the hell out of it. Her body was so gorgeous and fit. The dark green on her white skin, the pearls... really amazing... AC/DC's Highway To Hell.  Yeah, Dixie Jill was killer.

Me:  That is just incredible, Janelle.  What a story.  So, how did the cash prizes go?

to be continued...

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Weekend in the Mountains Part 9-- Janelle's Tale

J: Aw, you don't have to take a cold shower, Hun.  I won't leave you hangin'.

Me: That better mean what I hope it means.

J: Oh, you'll see.  Once we get off this mountain and back into town.  

Let's see, where was I, OK, on the way back to the ski lodge I saw a PetSmart so I zip in, buy a round, black, dog tag and personalize it BELLE in white.  When we get back to the room I fix it all up on the collar. We get some snacks and drinks from the machine and start getting ready for our big debut.  I almost dump the whole dog collar thing as too trashy but Jill, AKA Dixie, talks me into keeping it.  Her argument is that what I'm wearing looks elegant and classy and then the collar puts a little kink in the look and it will pay off in the contest.  I'm not sure because the platforms are already kinky enough but I trust her judgement.

We got our stage clothes on and checked each other out to see if there were any problems.  Everything looked great so we took everything off.  Then we set the alarm for 4 PM and tried to nap.  The idea was that we wouldn't look all tired and worn out at midnight.  About 4 we shower and do our hair and makeup, touch up fingernails and toenails and some other stuff. We figured that under the stage lights we might wash out so we go a little heavier than usual on the makeup, lipstick, all that.  We decide to pack one duffle bag for the two of us with makeup, hairspray, brushes, most of the stage clothes including the big shoes.  Since we want to be out in the club for a while before the contest we wear our little black dresses and non-stripper heels. We'll change into the stage clothes in the club. 

Me: Nervous at this point?

J: Butterflies the size of geese.  Plus I was really hungry-- we decided we should eat almost nothing all day, for some good reason I don't remember.  We get to the club and park where we're supposed to. It's about 6 PM and the parking lot is more than half full already.  I guess guys came straight from work.  Anyway, the security guy is cool and lets us in out of the cold.  He radios the manager and in a minute Rick- I just remembered his name-- is back to greet us.  Everything is just so cool and all the guys working there treat us, and all the other girls, like stars. We leave our stuff in the dressing room, check the mirror, check each other, and then go out into the club.  Rick told us that since we had checked in we didn't have to come backstage until 7:30.  He gave us each a token for a free drink but said, 'don't get drunk... guys will be buying you drinks out there... one or two are OK but more than that is sloppy so be cool, OK?'  He also showed us the lineup of dancers.  There were nine total and Belle was up 7th and Dixie was 9th.  So, we had a long wait ahead of us before hitting the stage.

We went out and I felt like every eyeball in the place was on us.  We worked our way to the back bar and there were a couple of stools together so we sat, perched on these barstools in our short little dresses, legs crossed, high heels dangling all sexy like. Ha!  Dixie told me that we probably looked like hookers.  We each got a white wine-- the bartender was very sweet and poured it in plastic champagne glasses for us.  Real classy.  When we gave him the tokens he said, 'ah, so you two are dancing tonight, cool.'  

Dixie started talking to him about us being complete amateurs and he was very encouraging.  I had remembered to bring a little purse with me so I tipped him a couple ones. He thanked us and then guys started coming up to talk to us.  One after another.  There were dancers working, of course, this whole time.  Stage dancers, table dancers, I was trying to watch this one beautiful girl give a lap dance to a guy in a side booth-- I found out later that's what it was called.  Pretty amazing actually. But this steady stream of guys kept getting in the way of my research..  They all said some version of the same thing and I was too nervous to care plus all I really wanted to do was watch some pros out there so I knew what to do later on.  After refusing about a dozen drinks we finally relented and each of us had a second white wine. It dawned on me that these were the guys who would be voting so I should have been more attentive.  Oh well.

Once, when it got a little quiet between songs, our friendly bartender said, 'When do you two go on?'  I told him that I was 7th and Dixie was 9th and last.  He smiled, 'Rick thinks you two are going to win prizes then,' he said.

I asked what he meant and he said, 'He makes out the lineup.  He always puts someone good first to grab the room's attention.  Then he builds it up from number two to the finish.  So, he figures you are both in the money.  Your main competition will go 1st and 8th probably.'
I acted like I was mad, 'So, Rick thinks Dixie's better than me?'
He laughed, 'Nope. Contrast. You're a dark-haired Wow! and Dixie's a slim, cool blonde.  Watch, I'll bet the 8th dancer is either a redhead or an exotic.'

I asked him what an exotic was and he said, 'Asian, Latina, Black, Indian... you know, not White.'

It was about 7 PM when I grabbed Dixie and told her I needed to go backstage.  I really couldn't take any more of the endless stream of interruption.  After we danced, maybe, but not before.  But, honestly Wil, almost all of the guys seemed really nice.  I was surprised. Nobody grabbed at us.  Nobody said anything really rude.  Well, unless you think that being categorized by hair color, body type, or ethnicity is rude. It didn't bother me because, after all, I was a 'WOW!'

Me: And how.

J:  Backstage we could hear the music really well and also the DJ's patter between songs.  In addition to promoting the dancers that were working their butts off he also kept promoting the amateur strip contest at 8 PM.  He had the list of dancers and probably wouldn't know one of us from the other but he would say, like, 'gentlemen, you'll want to be here tonight when the exciting Dallas hits the stage' or Tiffany or Mercedes or Swan.  When he mentioned Belle and Dixie it was pretty cool.  We knew there were at least thirty guys out there that knew our names from our time at the back bar.  So hearing lots of cheering when our names were mentioned was a little rush.

Anyway, at 7:30 we got into our stage clothes. For me it was...

Me: From the ground up, black platform heels, black lace-top thigh-high stockings, black panties cut high on the hips but covering more than a g-string front and back, a lacy black push-up bra, a black leather-like dog collar with name tag, perfect hair, nails and makeup, and a black satin shorty robe cover-up.

J: Well, you are paying attention!

Me: Damn right.  What about earrings and perfume?

J: Ooooo.  Good catch.  Huge silver hoops on the lobe, silver studs above, and probably Tabu.

to be continued...

Friday, September 2, 2016

Weekend in the mountains-- part 8, Janelle goes on

J: The manager showed us where we needed to park and where the back entrance to the club was and then he walked us to our rental car, and we drove back into town.  I got us about three blocks away and pulled over and stopped the car and we looked at each other and just screamed in unison. 

After we got back on the road Jill pointed out that we needed to figure out what to wear.  Both of us had brought little black dresses and black heels just in case we had a reason to dress up.  The heels could work in a pinch but fumbling with the zipper on a dress didn't seem like a winning stripper strategy.  And, really, we had gotten super competitive about it.  We wanted to win!

Me: You may not believe this, but hearing about the two of you planning your outfits is very interesting.

J: OK. I get it. Cut to the chase.

Me: No! I was serious.

J: Oh. Really?  OK, cool, so Jill remembered the directions to the adult store and we figured we'd go there first and then the mall lingerie store and then, heck, Wal-Mart or wherever and, after dinner, we'd decide what to do.  Then on Friday we'd go out early, buy everything, and have the afternoon to try stuff on and, well, frankly practice some dance moves. I pointed out that I wanted to go to the club early to watch some more girls who stripped for a living-- maybe to find out what works best.

Me: Smart.  Gather information and plan a strategy.

J: Right! So, we get to the adult store and it's pretty sketchy.  There was lots of cheap lingerie and looking through what they had made me start to think we were making a huge mistake.  I would look at some of the stuff, picture me in it, and just feel like crying. But, Jill bucked me up and we went ahead and looked at the shoes they had. Not a huge selection-- bedroom mules with poofy feathery crap and stripper platform heels were about it.  We found platforms that would work but we didn't know yet if we needed black, white, red... so, we headed off for the mall.

At the lingerie store we saw stuff that could work and that we wouldn't mind owning but it was more expensive, by far.  Now we were confronted with the idea of spending $100 or more to, maybe, not win any money.

We were getting tired and frustrated so we decided to get dinner and discuss it.  Jill thought I should wear white as a contrast to my skin and hair color while she leaned towards dark green or black for herself.  My problem with white was that I'd be more likely to wear black if this was stuff good enough to keep and use beyond the contest. I was trying to be practical...

Me: Maybe I didn't want to know that much about the process.  What did you wear?  I'm very visually oriented, you know.  I want to picture you.

J: Ah, so you do have a dirty mind.  I wondered about that.  I like it, perv!  So, after all of the discussion and cold feet and back and forth we sleep on it and Friday morning we're at the mall when they open and Jill gets an adorable dark green, see-through, babydoll and g-string set with a matching shorty robe that just covers her cute little butt.  

Me: And you...?

J: My, you are eager aren't you, Sweetie?  Well, I bought a classy black lace underwire push-up bra, lace top thigh high stockings, in black of course, and not a g-string.  I got black panties cut high on the side instead.  You may not have noticed, but my rear is big and round and a g-string would look silly.  But high cut panties with a little bit more material work better.  Oh, I also got a satiny shorty robe in black.

Me: Sounds really hot, Janelle. And, for the record, your bottom isn't 'big and round' it's 'perfectly round.'

J: Awww... you flatterer.  But, we're not done yet, Mr. Wilson.  We shot over to the adult store.  Jill got a pair of crazy clear Lucite platforms with a clear plastic strap over the instep so she didn't have to color match.  I was going to go with the black high heels I brought but Jill talked me into black platforms.

Me: Nice!

J: Still not done, Babe.  They had this section in the store with accessories... cheap junk mostly... but I found a black collar made to look like a wide leather dog collar with a silver D-ring.  Jill freaked when I found it and said, 'OK, you just won $500, 'Nelle.'  She almost bought a rhinestone collar but didn't. She said that I found the collars so I should be the one to wear one. For all we knew all the other bitches would be wearing one though.

Me: If you want me I'll be over there standing under the cold waterfall.

to be continued...

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Weekend in the mountains part 7-- more of Janelle's daring story

Janelle continued her story as we sat in the mountains, near the waterfall, with not another soul nearby.

J: OK, I'll tell you the rest, Wil, just hang on.  So, the manager says, 'What do ya think?  I'd love to put  you both on the list.'  And Jill says to him, 'can we talk this over a sec?' He says, 'Sure, why not go over in that booth and talk it out.  Can I bring you a glass of wine, a beer, or Pepsi or anything? On the house, of course.'

So, we go sit in this booth where we can both see the stage and before we get into the discussion he brings us both a soda and says, 'I just want to say one more thing, 'cause I know this is a little scary for you two.  This is a fun club, we don't have a rough crowd-- that bunch goes across the road. If somebody in here is disrespectful of a dancer they get tossed.  People know that.  We only want guys in here who love women, love to see beautiful women, and are willing to show that appreciation with cheers, applause, and tips. I really think you'll have fun but I know for sure you'll be treated well. I will make sure of that.  Just let me know what you decide. Think it through.'

Me: Good salesman.  I should have had him working for me.

J: Yeah. Really. Now I'm scared to death, but not because it seems reckless or daring, which it obviously is, but because now I'm really gettin' into the idea of doing this.  But I don't tell Jill that and she starts talking and it's sounding to me like she's getting cold feet and I'm thinking, hey! what's up with that?, she was so crazed for doing it when we came out here. So I listen to her and when she stops I say real calm and slow, 'Gee, I don't know, Jill, I think I want to do it.'  She looks at me to see if I'm joking and then starts to smile, 'Well, alright  then! We're doing it, Babe!' 

We give a little fist bump and sit back to finish our drinks while watching a brunette dance.
After a couple of seconds Jill says, 'Babe, we're like ten times hotter than that chick.  We're  gonna win this thing!'

Not long after the manager comes back and looks at us both and says, 'I hope those big, beautiful smiles are because you've decided to do it.'  And we both say, 'We're in!'

Me: Cool. I'm loving this story Janelle.

J: I'm glad 'cause I was afraid you'd think I'm Slutty McSlutslut or something.  I've never told anybody before... but I trust you, for some crazy reason, I don't know why.

So the manager tells us to sit still for a second because he needs to get some paperwork.  He comes back and we have to show him IDs and he copies information off our licenses and some stuff onto forms that we sign and then he says, 'You should use stage names.  Do you have any in mind?'
Neither of us had even thought of that so he says to Jill, 'OK, How about if you're Dixie,' and to me he says, 'and you be Belle. Since you're both sweet Southern Belles.'

We agree to our new names and then he says, 'OK, here's a lot of stuff you need to know. The first girl of the ten will go on at 8 PM and we usually get through the list by 9:30. The final portion begins at 10 and can last until after 11.  If you want to try table dancing after the contest, win or lose, we're open until 2 AM. You should be here no later than 7 PM but you can come earlier if you want to get used to the room.  Check in with me, I'll be at the back door, I'll show you where in a minute.  That 8-11 PM period is prime time on a Friday night.  So being on time is really important.

You'll have a small cubby in the dressing room but the less stuff you carry in the better. Leave valuables at home, er, at your hotel, or locked up in the car.  You will park right at the back and nobody can get to your cars-- whenever you leave one of my guys will walk you to your car. OK?  

Very important! You have to supply your stage wear.  The only rule on that is you must wear high heels. No bare feet, no flat shoes.  Since both of you are wearing high-heeled boots right now I'm sure you know exactly why you must wear high heels.  Bikini, lingerie, whatever you want to be seen in... that's all up to you.  By the end of your solo dance you need to be topless.  Frankly, the longer your top is off during your solo the better chance you have of winning prize money. Our liquor license requires that you not be totally nude.  However, most of the regular dancers use a g-string that is little more than dental floss. That is completely up to you but, again, granny panties will keep you out of the money... probably.  Any questions?' 

We were both dumbstruck. This was really happening.  Wil, when he was going through all that information I was nervous, excited, crazed, scared, and, well, aroused.

Me: No kidding, hearing the story is getting to me!  How was Jill with all of it?

J: She told me later she got the same sort of thrill out of this part. I think it was because we were right there in the club with the music going and, by the way, the place was filling up for Happy Hour too so there were table dances going on as well as the main stage stuff.  There was action going on all around us now.  

So, Jill asks where we can get stuff to wear and he tells us where there's a lingerie shop and also where there's an adult store. He recommends the adult store for shoes unless we brought sexy heels on our ski trip. Then the last thing, before he shows us where we're supposed to show up, he takes Polaroid shots of us both.  One face shot and one full body, clothed of course, and we go with him up to the main entrance.  There's a wall display case where the guys stop to pay the cover charge and in there he has two pictures of each of the girls who has signed up so far.  So, like everybody coming in Thursday night and during the afternoon Friday can check out the amateur talent.  With a Sharpie he writes Dixie on the white part below the picture on Jill's photos and Belle on mine.  Then he puts them on display with the seven other girls' pictures that are already up.  He closes the case and locks it.  We're, of course, checking out all of the competition.  There are two guys in the entrance way waiting to go in and the manager looks at them and says, to us, 'I have to lock your pictures up or these guys will steal them!' 


The guys look at us and then at the pictures then at us and, I swear Wil, the one guy, Beavis-like says, 'Whoa! You two dolls are dancing here tomorrow night?'  Before we can do anything but laugh the manager says, 'Yes, they sure are.  Be here at 8 PM to see for yourself.' and the other guy, Butthead,  looks back as they're walking into the club and kinda whoops, 'Oh, Hell yeah!' 

Me: Crazy stuff. So, going in you're basically just humoring Jill.  You have no intention of actually doing it, right?  So, what changed your mind?

J: I'm not certain.  But I think it was a couple things... the club was really nice, not a dump at all.  I know it was a strip joint so this sounds stupid, but it was really classy.  And, the manager we talked to was nothing like I imagined.  I figured he'd be like a hood or something and we'd leave and laugh about how silly it all was.  But, he was really nice, very professional, and very, uh, reassuring, ya know? 

Me: Sure.  There might have been something more too.  The thought of being adored by a couple hundred guys who were willing to pay money to look at you... maybe that too?

J: Maybe.  Yeah, maybe.

to be continued...

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Weekend in the Mountains part 6-- Daring Janelle

Janelle's "crazy daring" story really did surprise me.  Here it is to best of my recollection as she told it to me.

J: OK, so I was about 27 or 28 and my best friend at the time, she was my age too, we were both single and not even seriously dating anybody, decided to go on a ski vacation in January.  We both lived here, she's since moved away, and we would go skiing at the slopes near here but we really wanted to try skiing out west where the snow is so much better.  Plus, we were single and, well... You know?

Me: Sure. So this was like 2003 or so? 

J: That would be about right. So, anyway, we went to Colorado, flew out on a Monday night, flying back the next Monday morning.  We were going for too long a time as it turned out but, what did we know, we'd never skied out west before.

Anyhow so we ski on Tuesday, and Wednesday and by Thursday we're already tired and looking for a break.  Now, you'd have to know my girlfriend, Jill, but she's really gorgeous, white skin like porcelain and reddish blonde hair.  Very fit, great body.  And, I'm pretty much like I am today except everything's a little firmer and maybe I weighed a couple pounds less.

Me: So, in a word, stunning. And Jill sounds nice too.

J: Thanks, silly.  I'm not totally sure I should tell you this.   

(PAUSE to re-consider.)

OK, what the heck, so we spend Thursday avoiding the ski runs--hanging around town, shopping, drinking, eating, doing a buncha touristy stuff.  It's a fun day.  In the afternoon we're driving around town-- I'm driving our rental car-- and Jill looks down this street that heads out of town-- we're out past the cool part of town at this point.  She sees two strip clubs down this road that's got small warehouses and stuff.  She makes me turn and go down that way. These two clubs are across the road from each other and on one there's a sign that says like, "Home of 19 beautiful girls... and 1 ugly one" or something dumb like that.  The other one has a sign out by the road that says, "Friday night amateur night $$$ cash prizes."

Me: Oh-oh.

J: Yeah, no kidding.  So Jill starts in on me. 'We gotta do this 'Nelle.  C'mon! Nobody knows us out here.  It won't matter who sees us... we live like thousands of miles from here.  C'mon, 'Nelle!"  And I'm not into it at all but she just keeps working on me.  I drive back into the nice part of the town and she won't stop trying to convince me. We go get coffee at this place and still she won't quit.  Finally she says, 'OK, Babe, let's just go out there now, in broad daylight, and go in... we'll see if the manager or somebody is there so we can ask about the whole amateur thing... if it skeezes us out we'll bounce, I swear.'  

Me: Jill wore you down, didn't she?

J: Yeah. Well, at least enough to go back out there.  I drive us back out there and, I have to admit the place looks a lot nicer than the dump across the street... from the outside anyway. But, I'm thinking there's no way we're doing this. Still just asking about it will be kind of an adventure.  I mean I'd never even been inside one of those places before.  Oh, by the way, we're in our best snow bunny gear too since we were going to stay off the slopes. All the super cool clothes we bought for the trip-- cute parkas, great jeans, knee-high fashion boots... so, I admit, we're both thinking we look pretty hot.  

There are like maybe a dozen cars in the lot, not crowded, when we go in.  It's so dark in there  we stop just inside to let our eyes adjust and while we're standing there these two guys, dressed really nice like, ya know doctors or lawyers or something, are leaving and the one just stops dead and looks at us and says, 'If you two are here to dance next shift we're not going back to the office today.'  Inside I freak but Jill acts all cool-like and says, 'No, we're signing up for amateur night tomorrow.'  So the guy is like, 'we'll be back for that, for sure!'

Me: Wow, was that pretty exciting? Or kinda creepy?

J: Yeah. Hmmm. I mean it's weird. If the same guy had walked up to us in the coffee shop and said something cheezy, I dunno, but because we're inside a strip club, it's different somehow.  Honestly, it gave me a jolt.  And Jill was just so cool about it too-- she just flashes her big smile when he says the thing about coming back to see us. 

(Shakes her head and Pauses again.)

Anyway, the sound system is just killer in this place.  I've never been in, you know, a regular dance club that sounded like this, so freakin' hot, big bass pounding but not distorted, right? Killer! And we watch this blonde on stage and there are like ten guys sitting at the edge of the stage stuffing money in her g-string or putting bills on the stage for her to pick up.  And, she's alright but nothing that would stop traffic. Still these guys are nearly throwing money at her, ya know? And I realize that both of us, Jill and me, are moving to the beat... the thump is soooo strong in there and you just move, ya can't help it.  So, by now the manager has seen us standing there and comes up and says something very nice to us about how we look-- not sleazy like a creep hittin' on us-- just real cool. Then he asks if we would like a table or booth and Jill says, 'No, my friend and I wanted to find out more about amateur night.' Well, his eyes just light up.  

He tells us that they limit it to ten girls, all ten dance one song solo, then they bring all ten out together after the tenth solo and you just move to the music while the crowd votes for the top three.  This guy, the manager, decides by how loud they clap, yell, and scream who the top three are.  Then those three dance another solo dance and there's another vote.  First place $500, 2nd $250, and 3rd $100.  Plus you can keep all tips from your solo-- don't have to split with the house-- and, after the contest you can stay and table dance for tips-- no split with the house although you're supposed to tip out the DJ and waitresses if you stay. At that point I didn't even know what a "table dance" was-- I thought he meant getting up on a table or something!

Me: Just a babe in the woods.

J: Ha! Jill says, 'Well, that sounds pretty good.  But we're true amateurs, not strippers.  Would we have a chance?'  He laughs and says, 'I can't guarantee anything but I've already signed up seven girls and you two, if you can dance at all, are running 1 & 2 right now.'  I get another electric jolt out of that Wil, I have to say.  An hour later back in town I'm thinking he's bullshittin' us but at the time he said it, well...

'I've had girls in here that stay to table dance after they win and walk out with a grand for four or five hours in the club,' he told us.  Jill says, 'There's nothing expected on the side, right?  I mean we just want to do it as an experience, we're not skanks.'  And he says, 'Well, I don't want to know what exactly you mean by that, but we have security for all our dancers, including the girls on amateur night.  If anybody makes you feel uncomfortable you tell me and I'll take care of it.  Let me just say this, ladies, this place will be packed tomorrow night. The reason I don't take any of your tip money is that amateur night fills this place to the rafters during ski season.  I make mine on the $20 cover and beer sales. And, we get a reputation for showcasing the most beautiful women in the state.'

Me: So, Did you dance?  Did you win?  This is way better than my teenage skinny dippin' story, Janelle. 

...to be continued

Friday, August 26, 2016

Weekend in the mountains part 5

I woke up at 5:30 AM Saturday after a good night's sleep.  I seldom sleep past 6 AM so it wasn't unusual to be showered, shaved and ready for breakfast by 6:30.  I'd already had two cups of K-cup coffee in the room before I sat down in the restaurant and started in on cup number three for the young day.

I had no idea what Janelle had in mind for us but, seeing that the weather was supposed to be warm and clear all day, I was planning on driving the parkway through the mountains with a few stops for hikes.

After bacon, eggs, grits with cheddar, and still more black coffee I was back in the suite.  I checked my phone and saw that someone had called a little after 7AM.  The message was short and the voice was one I'd heard quite a bit of last night.
"Wake up!" was Janelle's entire message.
I put her number in my phone and then hit the button.
She answered, "About time you woke up."
Her warm Southern-girl voice sounded husky and, frankly, sexy as hell.  My cock twitched just hearing her talk.

"Woke up?  I'm showered shaved, fed and on my second pot of coffee just waiting for you, dear."
"Riiiiiggggght," she laughed.
"We're burnin' daylight, girl. Get your... self over here," I said.
"Hey, you're not kidding.  Um, give me thirty minutes.  What's the room number?" she said.
"You can't get on this floor without a key so call me when you get near.  Park that beast of yours in the garage behind the hotel.  You're dressing for riding in a convertible on the parkway, and hiking some, right?"
"I am now.  See you in thirty or so," Janelle said.

Janelle was wearing dark green walking shorts, low cut leather boots with ankle socks. Above the waist she had on a white sleeveless t-shirt with a Georgia Bulldogs logo.  She was carrying a red and green plaid cotton shirt, and a small canvas bag instead of a purse.  She had pulled her hair back and caught it up with a big clip high on the back of her head.  She had two silver earrings in both ears-- a small hoop in the lobe and a silver stud above it.  As we pulled out of the garage in my Mercedes two-seater she put on the sunglasses I saw her wear Friday.

"West or east?" I said as we neared the entrance to the Blue Ridge Parkway.
"Either is great but it's more rugged to the west," she said.
I looked over at her.  She was wearing very little make-up but did have on some dark lipstick that looked fantastic.  I couldn't believe she was 40.  Her skin was flawless.
"West it is," I said.

At the first pullout I set the parking break and pulled back on the button that lowered the top in about 12 seconds.  For the next 45 minutes or so we roared west on the parkway stopping at overlooks to shoot photographs or just talk a bit.  The twists and turns, ascents and descents, were handled well by the car.  It was every bit as fun to drive on this road as I expected.

About a mile from another pullout Janelle said, "I think there's one up here on the right that has a trailhead.  There's a loop trail that goes down by a really nice, high waterfall.  This time of year with the run-off it should be spectacular."
"Let's do it," I said.

At the pullout we found the trail.  We stowed our stuff in the trunk, Janelle took nothing but her phone and tied the plaid shirt around her waist.  I took nothing but a camera, put the top back up on the car, and locked up.  It was a trail of moderate difficulty.  Down sloping to the north heading out and a fair climb back to the car.  It was supposed to take an hour roundtrip, but longer if you spent time at the waterfall of course.

A lot of the trail didn't have tree cover and the sun was up in the sky now so it was pretty hot hiking.
We had seen very few cars on the parkway and nobody was parked at the trailhead when we left.  So far we had seen nobody else on the trail.  You could hear no man-made sounds.  It was exactly what I needed.  Twenty-four hours into my trip it seemed like I had made a great decision coming here instead of the beach.

As we came around a bend you could hear the sound of moving water.  Abut five minutes later we came to a fork.  It was a spur trail that took you to the left down to the pool below the falls.  We headed that way.  Not ten minutes later we were sitting next to each other on a fallen log looking at a beautiful waterfall.  The sound was loud enough we had to huddle close to talk.

After a few minutes Janelle said, "I am so warm from that hike I'm dying to take my clothes off and stand under the falls."
"Go ahead," I said.
"I should," she said.
After a few seconds I held out my camera.  "Video or stills?"
"That's just what I need... you'd put me naked on the Internet."
"The hell I would," I said, "private use only."
She smirked at me.
"Will you get in the water with me?"
"The last thing I want is for you to see me naked in broad daylight, Janelle.  We have a nice relationship starting here and that would kill it," I said.
She leaned over and kissed me on the neck. Then she got right up to my left ear and said softly, "I like the sound of that word."
"Naked?" I said.
She smiled.

Janelle finally decided it was too risky to strip down and stand under the falls.  I didn't press the issue.  I was pretty sure I was going to be seeing her naked body later anyway.  But before we started our hike back up the trail we had a discussion about doing crazy or daring things.  She challenged me to tell her something crazy I'd done.  I thought hard and every crazy thing I could come up with involved sex.  Lots and lots of sex.  I didn't want to spring any of that on her.

I did finally come up with a time in the summer after my senior year in high school when my girlfriend and I were on a day long trip with my best friend and his girlfriend.  We ended up at this limestone quarry where kids swam illegally.  We found a secluded area and all four of us got naked. We were seventeen at the time and probably inspired by watching the Woodstock movie.  My friend's girlfriend was a ballet dancer and had an exquisite, lithe body with pert teacup breasts.  That part I remember vividly. (I saw her at our 20th reunion and she brought that trip up to me-- which shocked me-- but she didn't offer another look at her breasts. My old girlfriend, Denise, also came to that reunion. I banged her like a screendoor twice before the weekend was through.)

Having told Janelle my skinny-dipping story-- leaving out the part about the reunion-- I challenged Janelle to come up with one.  What she told me surprised me a lot. 

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Weekend in the mountains part 4

It was cool, not cold, when we stepped out of the restaurant at a few minutes before 10 PM.
"Do you have a long drive home from here?"
"No, less than ten minutes.  I'm parked a few blocks over that way," she said.
She made a wave with her left hand in the direction away from my hotel.
The light breeze coming down off the mountains and through the forest smelled fresh and clean. I breathed it in deeply before saying, "Would you like to come up for a drink or some coffee before you head home?"

She wavered for a moment.

"I should get home. I'm pretty tired from a long day," Janelle said.
She looked disappointed.
"Yeah, I took a nap this afternoon, as you know,  so I'm not that tired... but I can see where you would be.  Let me walk you to your car though, OK?"
She brightened.
"Sure. I'd like that."

We strolled along looking at storefronts and continuing our conversation about a million things.  We were rapidly getting to know one another and, for my part, I was enjoying her company more all the time.

When we got to her black on black Jeep Wrangler she dug her phone out of her purse.
"Give me your number so I don't have to ring that annoying hotel phone again," she said.
I had told her at dinner how jarring that sound was.
She punched in the numbers as I said them.
"I'm going to call you in the morning, sleepy head.  I don't want you wandering around on your own this weekend.  You're my responsibility from now until you leave town Monday morning."
I laughed.
"Sounds perfect to me," I said.
We hugged like old friends.
She got up behind the wheel of her overgrown toy truck.
"I can drop you off at the hotel," she said.
"No, thanks, but I need the walk," I said.

She rolled away after a wave.

I walked to the hotel at a brisk pace. The doorman was no longer on duty.  The man at the front desk greeted me and bid me a good evening.

Back in my room I watched a bad movie for about 15 minutes. 

Then I read a book, briefly. 

Finally I got out my tablet and went to a porn site.  I sorted through looking for olive-skinned women with dark hair, big racks and round butts.  

None of what I found looked as good as the memory of Janelle.


Friday, August 19, 2016

Weekend in the mountains 3

I moved the few things I was traveling with-- a small suitcase, tablet/ e-reader, and camera bag-- into my suite and found the layout was comfortable. There was a large bathroom near the front door and a living room with couch, armchair with ottoman, a desk and chair, and a big TV sitting on the cabinet that housed drawers as well as a mini-fridge and a microwave.

Most of the far wall was floor to ceiling glass.  A wide sliding door exited onto a balcony.  The balcony was big enough to walk out onto and enjoy the view of the boulevard below and the mountains beyond.  It was not, however, big enough to hold any furniture. The bedroom with king bed was separate from the sitting area but there wasn't a second bathroom.  I guess that's why it was a mini-suite and not a suite.  Although the hotel had been open for a few years the room looked unused. 

I unpacked, opened the sliding door wide and dropped myself onto the big, comfy armchair.  Not long after I put my feet up on the ottoman I fell asleep.  When I woke to the sound of birds chirping on the balcony I got up, closed the slider, and did a quick look around the room to make sure I didn't have any birds in the room.  Luckily, none were there.  I turned up the fan on the A/C, stretched out on the couch, and started to read.  Sometime before 4 o'clock I dozed off again.

The phone ringing awakened me.  It was startling really as it had been a long time since I'd heard a desk phone ring. I fumbled around, half awake, before finding the receiver on the end table.
" 'lo," I mumbled.
"Oh my God, I'm so sorry, I woke you, didn't I..." she said.
" 'sokay," I said.
"This is Janelle..."
"Hey, Janelle."
I was waking up, slowly.
"... I just thought I'd invite you to meet a bunch of us for after-work drinks," she said.
"Oh, uh, I don't know anybody, I mean, I..."
"That's no problem. It's just a few of us... we try to go out after work on Friday's...  just a drink or two not a long night... and you'd get along with everybody... besides the place we're going is only a couple blocks from the hotel..."
"I guarantee you'll enjoy yourself," Janelle said.
"Um, OK, what time is it, I mean what time should I be there..."
She gave me the time and the name of the brewpub.  I knew where it was.  About a four block walk if I remembered correctly from when I drove into the village earlier.

It was just after 6 PM when I arrived.  I saw Janelle and her group just as she saw me and waved.
I got introduced to everyone.  They were, for the most part, younger than Janelle and therefore a hell of a lot younger than me. There were eight people including me at a big table with bench seating.  The waitress came over soon after I met everyone.  I ordered an amber ale and told her to put the first two rounds for everyone at the table on my tab.  That instantly made me the most popular guy at the table.  Well, there was only one other guy at the table-- the rest were young women.

I recognized two from Janelle's group at lunch.  While some of the people worked with her, others worked at various places in this self-contained shopping and retail village. They told me how everybody met one another and how they came to have this group of friends. It interested me in terms of group dynamics but, of course, beyond that I didn't much care.  It was just conversation. But it was clear they all enjoyed being with one another and that they saw Janelle as sort of a leader. I got an answer for why all the women were dressed up at lunch too.  Seems that Janelle and her friends do it as a reverse on the old casual Friday thing that was in vogue back when I used to work in a corporate office.  Since every day now is casual dress day they decided to have dress up Fridays and go out to a better restaurant for lunch once a month.  It's an excuse to buy nice clothes too, one of the group confided.

Everybody was nice, bright, clever and being around them made me feel good about the future of the world. Eventually the group dwindled down to Janelle, me, and a cute twenty-something blonde named Suze. Rather than order more to drink I suggested we find a place to eat more substantial fare than pretzels and peanuts. As I was settling up the bill Suze begged off on the dinner invitation.  Janelle and I were on our own.

She knew a place a couple blocks walk back towards my hotel.  The food was good and the conversation was great.  I let her do most of the talking but I listened closely.  I had decided back at the brewpub that I really should make every effort to fuck this curvy girl this weekend.

And, after all, listening attentively to a woman is the most seductive thing a man can do.