Friday, February 5, 2016

Nice Ride

At 3PM Saturday Marsha called me from a phone booth at a shopping center ten minutes from my apartment.  She said she was on her way over so I picked up the gym bag that I had packed, locked up the apartment, and went down to the parking lot where I had told her to meet me.

One of my neighbors, Peter, was goofing around with his black BMW 320, parked next to my van, when I got to the lot.  Peter was a good guy.  A couple years older than me he was on an executive track at a local bank.  He was married to a seemingly sweet girl.  They had a cute little terrier but no kids.  He and his wife would from time to time have me over for dinner and drinks.  His wife was kind of plain looking in the face but when she showed up at the complex swimming pool in a tiny bikini the first time jaws dropped. Peter always hinted that Patty was sexually adventurous.  I usually changed the subject.  For her part, Patty tried several times to set me up with one of her friends so we could double date.  I resisted.

Peter nodded at the gym bag. "Goin' somewhere radio boy?"
"Yep," I said.

"That's it?  Nothin' more to tell your pal?"
"Just helpin' a buddy out.  Gotta house sit overnight," I said.
"Sounds boring," Peter said.
"Anything wrong with the Bimmer?"
"Nah, just cleaning it,"
"The fuckin' thing's always spotless, Peter.  Clean my van if you have so much energy."
He eyeballed my vehicle.
"That's it? Just 'nope'?" I said.
"No fucking way.  Is that better?"
"Much," I said.

Just then a gigantic, blue Cadillac Eldorado convertible came rolling into the parking lot. The white top was down and the white leather interior was shining in the sunshine.  Behind the wheel was Marsha.
"Well, here's my buddy now. Later Peteski," I said.
Peter grabbed my arm as I picked up the gym bag.
"Whoa, whoa, whoa Willie boy!  You didn't say anything about a plush ride... or a big-ass Caddy either, for that matter."
Marsha stopped the car and twisted to the right to face the two of us.  She looked absolutely radiant in the sun. There she was, perched in an ocean of soft white leather, big sunglasses on, a tight pale yellow top that showed off her spectacular, curvy body. Lipstick, a little bit of make-up, earrings and that short, sexy hairdo. She was a stunning sight to see.

"Marsha, this is my neighbor, Peter.  Peter, this is my friend Marsha __________."
"Nice to meet you," Marsha said.
"The pleasure is all mine, I assure you.  Is this your car, Marsha?"
She laughed.
"No.  It's my mother's.  Daddy bought it for her for her birthday this year.  They made it up for her just the way she wanted it at _________ Cadillac."
I realized again what a great voice Marsha had.
"I'm just driving it while they're out of town," she said.
"Oh! They're out of town... I see---"

"Hey Peter, if you're having a problem with your car maybe we could put it in the trunk and drop it off at a repair place for you---" I said as I got in the Eldorado.
"Cute, Wil. Very cute. Well, you kids have fun.  I don't want to keep you from whatever it is you're up to."
I nodded, Marsha gave him a little wave and we roared off in the Caddy.

At the first stop sign Marsha said, "He seemed nice."
"Peter?  Yeah, he's a good guy."
"What? Oh, yeah, he's married. No kids. Just a little dog."
We were moving down the street-- it was like sitting in a comfy living room chair just floating along.

"Is she nice?" Marsha asked at the next stop sign.
"His wife? Yeah, Patty's nice.  They're a good match."
Marsha smiled.  She was looking straight ahead down the road.  I was about a quarter of a mile away from her on the passenger side looking at her. I couldn't look at anything else.

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