Saturday, February 27, 2016

Saturday Night part 2

It was almost 10PM.  I had been sitting in the family room watching TV, reading magazines, and wondering if Marsha was ever coming back downstairs from her nap for what seemed like four hours.

I heard her open her bedroom door and a few moments later she appeared in the room.  She had changed clothes and was now wearing light blue satin gym shorts and a matching zip-up top.  It was the latest in work-out wear for women in the disco era.  The shorts just about covered her ass and looked as tight as spandex. The top was snug too.

"I'm sorry I left you alone for so long, Wil.  That red wine just knocked me out," Marsha said.
I shrugged.
"Are we going to the gym now?" I said.
Marsha laughed.
"I need to do my exercises. I ate and drank too much.  What's on TV?"
"Kojak... in a minute," I said.
"That's usually pretty good.  Do you like it?"
"It's alright I guess.  I've seen it a few times," I said.

"Here's what I'll do.  Every time the commercials come on I'll do my exercises, OK?  That way we can watch Kojak and I'll get my workout in," Marsha said, "can I get you anything to drink?"
I told her I didn't need anything and she sat on the couch with me as the show came on.  The picture was fuzzy.  She went over to the TV and turned a dial on a box on top of the console.
"This channel comes in better if you turn the antenna a little this way."
"I didn't want to mess with it," I said.
When she came back to the couch she sat right next to me rather on the other end of the couch where she had been.
"That's better isn't it?"
"Yeah," I said.
At the first commercial break Marsha got on the floor and did some push-ups--  the type they had the girls do in gym class when I was in high school where the torso stays on the floor and you just push up from there without lifting the whole body off the floor.  I sat on the couch and watched.  Her ass looked nice in those tight, tiny shorts. Her legs looked good too-- she wasn't wearing shoes and socks.  I noticed her toenails were painted to match her fingernails. I realized that every time I had been around Marsha she was either wearing pants or a knee length skirt. Yeah, she had nice legs. She should show them off more, I thought.
Around 10:30 there was another ad break.
"Help me do sit-ups, OK?"
I got down on the family room floor with her and she got on her back but instead of putting her legs straight out she had her knees bent and her feet on the floor.
"Oh, girly sit-ups," I said.
"Well, I'm a girl, Wil, in case you didn't notice," Marsha said.
"Now hold my ankles, please, and no more smart remarks."
Marsha did about 20 sit-ups as I pinned her ankles to the floor.  She stopped as the commercials kept playing and rested.
"Twenty more, Marsha," I said.
She grimaced a little and did about a dozen more but when Telly Savalas came back on she stopped and we got back on the couch.
This time she put her head on my shoulder and I put my right hand on her bare left thigh as Kojak moved into the third act.
"OK, this time I'll do 15 boy sit-ups, just to make you happy," Marsha said as we got back on the floor in front of the couch.  She put her legs straight out.  I took hold of her ankles and looked at her as she sat up and said, "One."
Marsha had unzipped her work-out top more than half way down.  She wasn't wearing a t-shirt, bra or anything at all under that little satin top.  She was a girl who benefited a good bit from modern bra technology.  She had large, full breasts-- but they weren't firm. So, as she lunged forward on each sit-up her breasts surged towards me and pushed together.  My guess was that she had tried this move out in front of a mirror to determine the exact point where the zipper should be to achieve the maximum effect.  Or, maybe, she just got lucky the first time.  Either way, it was spectacular. 

I watched closely as she counted all the way to 15 sit-ups.  I helped her up and we went back to the couch.  This time we faced each other as we sat down and immediately began to kiss.  I put my right arm behind her shoulders as the passion rose and the kissing got more intense.  With my left hand I unzipped her top the rest of the way and took her right breast in my hand.  It was soft and heavy and my fingers quickly found the erect nipple.  I bounced her tit in my hand a few times and then tugged on that nipple and pinched it firmly.  As I did Marsha's tongue darted deep into my mouth.  I got my right hand into her hair at the back of her neck and pushed my tongue into her mouth in response.

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