Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Was There A Catch?

Marsha was standing near the door of the school when I pulled into the parking lot.  She walked across the lot to meet me as I headed towards the entrance.

"Meg told me you were going to be here this afternoon," she said.
"Are you just getting off? I thought you were done at noon."
"I was-- I went over to the drug store for lunch... shopped a bit... just been killin' time 'cause I needed to talk to you," Marsha said.
"Wow, must be important."
"Yeah, it kinda is, I need to ask a favor. Promise me you'll think about it before you say no!"

"OK. But you haven't been paying attention in your sales classes if you assume I'll say 'no' and go all wishy-washy before you even ask me for this big favor," I said.
"You're right.  OK, here's what I would like for you to do.  I dropped my parents off at the airport this morning.  They're going to Las Vegas for a trade show that daddy attends.  He goes to a few every year but when it's Vegas mom goes along. I can't tell if she likes going to Vegas or she just doesn't want him to like Vegas too much but, anyway, they both went.  So tonight and tomorrow night I'm staying here in the city with a girlfriend from college, which will be fun.  And Sunday night, late, I have to pick them up at the airport on the last flight in from Atlanta."
"So, OK, what's the favor you need, Marsh?"
"Well, I can't stay at my friend's on Saturday and--"
"Sure, you can stay at my apartment. No problem," I said.
"That's not the favor!"
I adopted a shocked and hurt look.
"But it's close!"
I adopted a hopeful look.

"I want you to stay out at our house with me."
"That's the big favor?"
"Yeah, that's it.  See we live way out in the country near ________, ___.  You literally can't see another house from our place.  And, well, I get scared staying there alone at night. It sounds silly, but it really is scary. I thought maybe you'd help me out by just, you know, being there," Marsha said.
"Hmmmm..." I acted as if it was a difficult request I was pondering.
"You have Saturday off, right? And you don't have to work Sunday, right?  I could pick you up at your place Saturday when I get off here at noon and drop you back off at your place Sunday night when I'm on my way to the airport. It'll work out perfectly!"
She was past the asking stage and into the pushing stage now.
"Well," I said, acting reluctant, "I could do that for you I guess.  But don't pick me up until 3 o'clock Saturday afternoon.  I won't get home from work until about 7AM and I need my beauty sleep."
She gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.
"We'll have so much fun, Wil! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!"
"OK, Marsha. I need to get inside and do some work. Glad to help. See you Saturday afternoon."

I went inside the school wondering what had just happened.  A very desirable young lady just thanked me for promising her the big favor of staying with her overnight-- alone together-- in her parent's isolated house in the country. 

What was the catch?  There had to be a catch.

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