Monday, March 28, 2016

Sunday goes on

Marsha moved around to where she was perpendicular to me on the big King-size mattress.  She had her legs underneath her so she was egg-shaped from my point of view.  She grasped my cock with her right hand and started to slowly stroke me.  I told her to switch to the left hand and put her right hand behind her back.  She asked why and I said, "because that's what I want you to do."
She did as she was told and soon she figured out that I now had a clear view of her big, full, tits swaying as she stroked me.  That soft, amber light was perfect for this scene.  I felt ready to pop so I had to work at not being aroused.

"You know I don't know how to do this, right?" Marsha said.
"You're doing great," I said.
She stopped on an upstroke with her hand around my dick just below the head.  She rubbed back and forth across my knob with her index finger.
"That part is so soft and warm while the rest of it is so rigid," Marsha said, "it's so... odd."
"Wouldn't be much fun if the tip was hard and the shaft was soft, Marsh."
She giggled.
"Can I kiss it?"
Marsha kissed the head and then up and down the length of my shaft. Dozens of kisses.  Then she pulled away slightly.
"Wil, there's a shiny little bit of something right at the, um, opening thingy..."
"That's pre-cum, Marsha. Taste it."
"Yeah, doll. Lick it up."
She put the tip of her tongue on it.
"Hmm, but what is it?"
"It's a natural lube so it's easier to slide that dick into your pussy, Marsh"
"Is it really?"  She was incredulous.
"Yeah.  But we fooled it, we're not putting it into your pussy... tonight anyway."
"Not very nice to fool him.  He seems like a really nice guy," Marsha said.
"Suck my cock now."

Marsha did her best.  She really was a novice but, of course, it was still great.  When I gushed into her mouth she was taken by surprise and most of it ended up all over my cock.  We both laid back and were quiet for a while.

Eventually I went into the bathroom and ran hot water onto a washcloth.  I had just finished cleaning my cock and balls when Marsha came into the bathroom. She had put her little disco/ warm-up jacket and panties back on.  She stood next to me and we both looked at the image of us standing next to each other illuminated by nothing but a nightlight.

"I look better with clothes on and you look better with your clothes off," she said.
"Is that your way of criticizing my wardrobe?"
She laughed.  "Well, now that you mention it."
I laughed at that.
"Marsha, you know that with me and my crazy work schedule it's like 2 in the afternoon right now."
"Yeah, I guess that's true."
"And, since you had a nice long nap after dinner, you're wide awake too, right?"
"Maybe not exactly wide awake, but I'm still awake, yes," Marsha said.
"So, it won't bother you to find out that we're not anywhere near done yet?"
"We aren't?"
"No.  Get back in bed.  I'll be right there.  And take off that jacket, we don't want it to get messed up."
Marsha looked back over her shoulder on her way back to bed, "What about my cute little panties?"
She wiggled her nice round butt at me.

"Leave 'em on.  They won't get in the way... this time"


Friday, March 25, 2016

Saturday Turns Into Sunday

Marsha pulled the covers back on the bed as I got undressed.  Soon we were entwined in the middle of the giant mattress.  The only light was coming from a couple of nightlights in the bedroom and another in the bathroom.  They gave off a deep amber light so that the room seemed to be bathed in candlelight. The mood was romantic, far more romantic than I was.  I was completely lust-filled and wanted to bang that big-titty beauty with the pixie haircut so much I thought I just might explode. 

"Promise me you won't do the one thing that could make us pregnant," Marsha said.
It was such an odd way to say, "Hey, this is fun but we can't, you know, actually fuck."
"What?" I said the word as if she had just spoken to me in Mandarin.
"We can do anything, Wil.  Anything you want... we want... just not that."
"Marsha, you went to the University of _____  ______ for four years, right?" I said.
"Yes, well three and a half, I graduated early," Marsha said.
"Of course you did. What I mean is, did you spend all that time in a party town like _____ _____ and never have sex?"
I felt good about not saying "get fucked" or "get screwed" since she had clearly shied away from such rude language.

"That's mean," she said.
"I didn't mean it to be mean, Marsha.  It's just that... you had me really excited and then you threw me a curve." 
My cock was already falling to half mast.
She didn't say anything.
Finally I spoke again.  "You know what, Marsh, it's not a problem.  You said we could do anything except that one thing, right?"
"Yes."  She signaled some trepidation with her voice.
"That sounds great to me," I said, "anything's so much better than nothing!"
She smiled.  We kissed.  And after a few seconds of awkwardness things began to heat up again.

Eventually we got situated on the bed so that I had my back against the headboard and she was leaning back into my chest, her right shoulder under my chin.  She seemed to enjoy me playing with her tits.  Bouncing them, squeezing them, tugging at the nipples.  Things were going very well again.  I slid my right hand down across her tummy until I could push my fingers through the coarse hair guarding her pussy. I traced lightly around her opening with my middle finger. I brought the finger up to her mouth and she sucked on it without me telling her.  I put the now-damp finger back between her pussy lips and this time pressed into her.  I shifted around a bit so I could get my hand farther down.  My thumb rubbed lightly across her clit as I pushed two fingers into her.  She felt wet now and after a few thrusts I could hear how wet she was.  That sloppy gooshing sound as I worked my fingers in and out of her tight snatch made my dick rock hard.  Luckily, she was so overheated she came, loudly, in a sudden rush.  I kept my hand between her legs while I turned and kissed her face.  Her smooth soft skin was now warm and moist.

Marsha reclined back on me again and said, so softly I could barely hear her, "That was so nice, Wil."
"Don't get too comfortable, doll.  It's time for you to get busy with some of that 'anything' stuff."

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Part 3 of a certain Saturday night

Marsha's skin was smooth and soft.  Comparing her skin to velvet or satin or silk doesn't seem right. 

A barrel of rainwater. 
Fresh from the sky rainwater. 
Now move your hand through the water slowly. 
Yeah, soft and smooth like that.

She got up and started towards the stairs.
"The doors are all locked, right?"
I nodded and followed her up.

At the top of the staircase she turned left.  I was certain that her bedroom was to the right.  I followed her to the double doors at the end of the hall.  She opened them and we walked into the master suite.  The bedroom, sitting room, and bathroom of her parents took up more square footage than the house where I was raised.

She turned to me and we kissed again. 
"Why here?"
"Lots of room," she said.
"But they'll know we were in here... I mean...they don't even know I'm staying here, right?"
Marsha shrugged.
If she didn't care, I didn't care. 
Except, I did care.  I didn't want to get off on the wrong foot with her parents.  I'd never even met them.  I wondered why that didn't bother her.

Marsha took off the little jacket and shorts she had changed into to do her exercises.  Then she slipped off her panties.  She stepped up to me and we kissed.  Her right hand found its way to the front of my jeans.  She rubbed my stiff cock through the denim.
"Mmm, nice," she said.
I shook my head. 
"What the hell, Marsh?"
"Where's all this coming from?  I mean, it's great, don't get me wrong, but I didn't see this coming..."
"Well," she said, suddenly sounding like a much younger girl, "I guess we don't have to sleep in the same bed if you don't want..."
She stopped talking as I kissed her again. 

My hands were all over her bare body.
I couldn't get enough of her smooth, soft skin.