Friday, August 5, 2016

One Weekend-- 2016

Many years ago I had a period where I believed I was coming off the rails.  It was when I was still up to my neck in a demanding career, had a young family, and enjoyed a vigorous extracurricular life outside of both of those areas.  I knew I was close to a crack up and pulled back just in time. 

This past winter and early spring I began to get the first sense of things rattling apart again. Hadn't felt that way in twenty years but the sensation came rushing back to me.  This time the pressures were all from multi-generational family responsibilities.  I won't go into detail but will say that I had become the go-to person to help in four very stress-filled areas simultaneously.  After a few months it was clear to me that I needed a break-- even just a three-day weekend break-- to get back the energy needed to cope with these unceasing issues. 

Those three days ended up being nothing like what I had planned.


It was a last minute thing, this idea of taking off for a quick getaway.  A friend made his beach condo available to me and I decided to take him up on it.  I'd been there before and enjoyed it.  The beach there is spectacular and the restaurants pretty good.  His condo is about a four hour drive from here on the top floor of a solid building with a view that extends many miles out to sea.  The other time I had been there with a wild young lady and we had enjoyed it immensely.  The building is well soundproofed and we tested that out several times that weekend with prolonged, loud, ass-smacking, titty-slapping fuck and suck sessions.  I remembered that uninhibited weekend fondly. 

But this time I'd be traveling alone. I thought that the cure to my tension would be long hours of reading, napping, beach walking, drinking, and more napping over a Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  I looked forward to it.  Several days before I was to leave I got an email offer from a hotel chain I try to always use when traveling.  The offer was for a great rate at a new property of theirs about a two hour drive northwest from here up in the mountains. My first thought was, "too bad that's when I'm going to the ocean," followed quickly by the realization that it would be cooler and less crowded in the mountains. The town is known for craft breweries, beautiful scenery, and peace and quiet out in the woods.  The beach idea drifted away.  I switched plans and booked a room with a mountain view.

I made arrangements for my responsibilities to be covered and drove off Friday morning.  I decided to drive the 2-seat drop-top roadster instead of the big sedan.  It's not the most comfortable ride on the Interstate in that little car but I figured it would be a blast driving the winding mountain roads on Saturday and Sunday. The weather was clear and hot when I left at 10AM.  When I pulled into a garage behind the hotel at 12:15 PM it was clear and about fifteen degrees cooler than the afternoon forecast at the beach.  I was thinking I'd made a good call.

It was too early to check into the hotel so I walked around the little shopping / residential/ office village. The entire area had been built out of the forest in the past ten years not far from the Interstate and about a ten minute drive from the funky mountain city.  It was a lovely little village -- clean and without any distinctive character other than newness.  A lot of nice stores and restaurants though and the whole craft brewery thing had, thankfully, made its way from the nearby city to this village.

At 1PM I strolled back to the hotel.  Check out wasn't until 2PM but I thought they might be able to check me in earlier.  The woman at the desk was very charming but unable to get me a room yet.  She suggested I have lunch in their lobby restaurant and she'd come tell me when my room was ready.  Sounded like a plan. A nice walk around the village followed by a leisurely lunch-- I was relaxing already.

With it being after 1PM there were very few people in the restaurant.  As I followed the hostess we passed  near a table where six women were seated talking over the remnants of their meal.  I glanced at them and noticed they were all dressed and groomed nicely.  I was glad I wasn't unshaven and wearing shorts and a dirty t-shirt. I assumed these ladies were from some nearby business and taking a long Friday lunch, dawdling before going back to the grind.  No retail store or small office could allow six employees off for lunch at one time though.  I was mildly curious. The three facing me as I passed their table returned my look.  Smiles were exchanged.  I sat down, thanked the hostess, and looked at the menu.  After a minute or so I sensed that one of the women had gotten up from the table and was walking towards me.

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