Sunday, August 21, 2016

Weekend in the mountains part 4

It was cool, not cold, when we stepped out of the restaurant at a few minutes before 10 PM.
"Do you have a long drive home from here?"
"No, less than ten minutes.  I'm parked a few blocks over that way," she said.
She made a wave with her left hand in the direction away from my hotel.
The light breeze coming down off the mountains and through the forest smelled fresh and clean. I breathed it in deeply before saying, "Would you like to come up for a drink or some coffee before you head home?"

She wavered for a moment.

"I should get home. I'm pretty tired from a long day," Janelle said.
She looked disappointed.
"Yeah, I took a nap this afternoon, as you know,  so I'm not that tired... but I can see where you would be.  Let me walk you to your car though, OK?"
She brightened.
"Sure. I'd like that."

We strolled along looking at storefronts and continuing our conversation about a million things.  We were rapidly getting to know one another and, for my part, I was enjoying her company more all the time.

When we got to her black on black Jeep Wrangler she dug her phone out of her purse.
"Give me your number so I don't have to ring that annoying hotel phone again," she said.
I had told her at dinner how jarring that sound was.
She punched in the numbers as I said them.
"I'm going to call you in the morning, sleepy head.  I don't want you wandering around on your own this weekend.  You're my responsibility from now until you leave town Monday morning."
I laughed.
"Sounds perfect to me," I said.
We hugged like old friends.
She got up behind the wheel of her overgrown toy truck.
"I can drop you off at the hotel," she said.
"No, thanks, but I need the walk," I said.

She rolled away after a wave.

I walked to the hotel at a brisk pace. The doorman was no longer on duty.  The man at the front desk greeted me and bid me a good evening.

Back in my room I watched a bad movie for about 15 minutes. 

Then I read a book, briefly. 

Finally I got out my tablet and went to a porn site.  I sorted through looking for olive-skinned women with dark hair, big racks and round butts.  

None of what I found looked as good as the memory of Janelle.


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