Friday, August 26, 2016

Weekend in the mountains part 5

I woke up at 5:30 AM Saturday after a good night's sleep.  I seldom sleep past 6 AM so it wasn't unusual to be showered, shaved and ready for breakfast by 6:30.  I'd already had two cups of K-cup coffee in the room before I sat down in the restaurant and started in on cup number three for the young day.

I had no idea what Janelle had in mind for us but, seeing that the weather was supposed to be warm and clear all day, I was planning on driving the parkway through the mountains with a few stops for hikes.

After bacon, eggs, grits with cheddar, and still more black coffee I was back in the suite.  I checked my phone and saw that someone had called a little after 7AM.  The message was short and the voice was one I'd heard quite a bit of last night.
"Wake up!" was Janelle's entire message.
I put her number in my phone and then hit the button.
She answered, "About time you woke up."
Her warm Southern-girl voice sounded husky and, frankly, sexy as hell.  My cock twitched just hearing her talk.

"Woke up?  I'm showered shaved, fed and on my second pot of coffee just waiting for you, dear."
"Riiiiiggggght," she laughed.
"We're burnin' daylight, girl. Get your... self over here," I said.
"Hey, you're not kidding.  Um, give me thirty minutes.  What's the room number?" she said.
"You can't get on this floor without a key so call me when you get near.  Park that beast of yours in the garage behind the hotel.  You're dressing for riding in a convertible on the parkway, and hiking some, right?"
"I am now.  See you in thirty or so," Janelle said.

Janelle was wearing dark green walking shorts, low cut leather boots with ankle socks. Above the waist she had on a white sleeveless t-shirt with a Georgia Bulldogs logo.  She was carrying a red and green plaid cotton shirt, and a small canvas bag instead of a purse.  She had pulled her hair back and caught it up with a big clip high on the back of her head.  She had two silver earrings in both ears-- a small hoop in the lobe and a silver stud above it.  As we pulled out of the garage in my Mercedes two-seater she put on the sunglasses I saw her wear Friday.

"West or east?" I said as we neared the entrance to the Blue Ridge Parkway.
"Either is great but it's more rugged to the west," she said.
I looked over at her.  She was wearing very little make-up but did have on some dark lipstick that looked fantastic.  I couldn't believe she was 40.  Her skin was flawless.
"West it is," I said.

At the first pullout I set the parking break and pulled back on the button that lowered the top in about 12 seconds.  For the next 45 minutes or so we roared west on the parkway stopping at overlooks to shoot photographs or just talk a bit.  The twists and turns, ascents and descents, were handled well by the car.  It was every bit as fun to drive on this road as I expected.

About a mile from another pullout Janelle said, "I think there's one up here on the right that has a trailhead.  There's a loop trail that goes down by a really nice, high waterfall.  This time of year with the run-off it should be spectacular."
"Let's do it," I said.

At the pullout we found the trail.  We stowed our stuff in the trunk, Janelle took nothing but her phone and tied the plaid shirt around her waist.  I took nothing but a camera, put the top back up on the car, and locked up.  It was a trail of moderate difficulty.  Down sloping to the north heading out and a fair climb back to the car.  It was supposed to take an hour roundtrip, but longer if you spent time at the waterfall of course.

A lot of the trail didn't have tree cover and the sun was up in the sky now so it was pretty hot hiking.
We had seen very few cars on the parkway and nobody was parked at the trailhead when we left.  So far we had seen nobody else on the trail.  You could hear no man-made sounds.  It was exactly what I needed.  Twenty-four hours into my trip it seemed like I had made a great decision coming here instead of the beach.

As we came around a bend you could hear the sound of moving water.  Abut five minutes later we came to a fork.  It was a spur trail that took you to the left down to the pool below the falls.  We headed that way.  Not ten minutes later we were sitting next to each other on a fallen log looking at a beautiful waterfall.  The sound was loud enough we had to huddle close to talk.

After a few minutes Janelle said, "I am so warm from that hike I'm dying to take my clothes off and stand under the falls."
"Go ahead," I said.
"I should," she said.
After a few seconds I held out my camera.  "Video or stills?"
"That's just what I need... you'd put me naked on the Internet."
"The hell I would," I said, "private use only."
She smirked at me.
"Will you get in the water with me?"
"The last thing I want is for you to see me naked in broad daylight, Janelle.  We have a nice relationship starting here and that would kill it," I said.
She leaned over and kissed me on the neck. Then she got right up to my left ear and said softly, "I like the sound of that word."
"Naked?" I said.
She smiled.

Janelle finally decided it was too risky to strip down and stand under the falls.  I didn't press the issue.  I was pretty sure I was going to be seeing her naked body later anyway.  But before we started our hike back up the trail we had a discussion about doing crazy or daring things.  She challenged me to tell her something crazy I'd done.  I thought hard and every crazy thing I could come up with involved sex.  Lots and lots of sex.  I didn't want to spring any of that on her.

I did finally come up with a time in the summer after my senior year in high school when my girlfriend and I were on a day long trip with my best friend and his girlfriend.  We ended up at this limestone quarry where kids swam illegally.  We found a secluded area and all four of us got naked. We were seventeen at the time and probably inspired by watching the Woodstock movie.  My friend's girlfriend was a ballet dancer and had an exquisite, lithe body with pert teacup breasts.  That part I remember vividly. (I saw her at our 20th reunion and she brought that trip up to me-- which shocked me-- but she didn't offer another look at her breasts. My old girlfriend, Denise, also came to that reunion. I banged her like a screendoor twice before the weekend was through.)

Having told Janelle my skinny-dipping story-- leaving out the part about the reunion-- I challenged Janelle to come up with one.  What she told me surprised me a lot. 

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