Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Weekend in the mountains part 7-- more of Janelle's daring story

Janelle continued her story as we sat in the mountains, near the waterfall, with not another soul nearby.

J: OK, I'll tell you the rest, Wil, just hang on.  So, the manager says, 'What do ya think?  I'd love to put  you both on the list.'  And Jill says to him, 'can we talk this over a sec?' He says, 'Sure, why not go over in that booth and talk it out.  Can I bring you a glass of wine, a beer, or Pepsi or anything? On the house, of course.'

So, we go sit in this booth where we can both see the stage and before we get into the discussion he brings us both a soda and says, 'I just want to say one more thing, 'cause I know this is a little scary for you two.  This is a fun club, we don't have a rough crowd-- that bunch goes across the road. If somebody in here is disrespectful of a dancer they get tossed.  People know that.  We only want guys in here who love women, love to see beautiful women, and are willing to show that appreciation with cheers, applause, and tips. I really think you'll have fun but I know for sure you'll be treated well. I will make sure of that.  Just let me know what you decide. Think it through.'

Me: Good salesman.  I should have had him working for me.

J: Yeah. Really. Now I'm scared to death, but not because it seems reckless or daring, which it obviously is, but because now I'm really gettin' into the idea of doing this.  But I don't tell Jill that and she starts talking and it's sounding to me like she's getting cold feet and I'm thinking, hey! what's up with that?, she was so crazed for doing it when we came out here. So I listen to her and when she stops I say real calm and slow, 'Gee, I don't know, Jill, I think I want to do it.'  She looks at me to see if I'm joking and then starts to smile, 'Well, alright  then! We're doing it, Babe!' 

We give a little fist bump and sit back to finish our drinks while watching a brunette dance.
After a couple of seconds Jill says, 'Babe, we're like ten times hotter than that chick.  We're  gonna win this thing!'

Not long after the manager comes back and looks at us both and says, 'I hope those big, beautiful smiles are because you've decided to do it.'  And we both say, 'We're in!'

Me: Cool. I'm loving this story Janelle.

J: I'm glad 'cause I was afraid you'd think I'm Slutty McSlutslut or something.  I've never told anybody before... but I trust you, for some crazy reason, I don't know why.

So the manager tells us to sit still for a second because he needs to get some paperwork.  He comes back and we have to show him IDs and he copies information off our licenses and some stuff onto forms that we sign and then he says, 'You should use stage names.  Do you have any in mind?'
Neither of us had even thought of that so he says to Jill, 'OK, How about if you're Dixie,' and to me he says, 'and you be Belle. Since you're both sweet Southern Belles.'

We agree to our new names and then he says, 'OK, here's a lot of stuff you need to know. The first girl of the ten will go on at 8 PM and we usually get through the list by 9:30. The final portion begins at 10 and can last until after 11.  If you want to try table dancing after the contest, win or lose, we're open until 2 AM. You should be here no later than 7 PM but you can come earlier if you want to get used to the room.  Check in with me, I'll be at the back door, I'll show you where in a minute.  That 8-11 PM period is prime time on a Friday night.  So being on time is really important.

You'll have a small cubby in the dressing room but the less stuff you carry in the better. Leave valuables at home, er, at your hotel, or locked up in the car.  You will park right at the back and nobody can get to your cars-- whenever you leave one of my guys will walk you to your car. OK?  

Very important! You have to supply your stage wear.  The only rule on that is you must wear high heels. No bare feet, no flat shoes.  Since both of you are wearing high-heeled boots right now I'm sure you know exactly why you must wear high heels.  Bikini, lingerie, whatever you want to be seen in... that's all up to you.  By the end of your solo dance you need to be topless.  Frankly, the longer your top is off during your solo the better chance you have of winning prize money. Our liquor license requires that you not be totally nude.  However, most of the regular dancers use a g-string that is little more than dental floss. That is completely up to you but, again, granny panties will keep you out of the money... probably.  Any questions?' 

We were both dumbstruck. This was really happening.  Wil, when he was going through all that information I was nervous, excited, crazed, scared, and, well, aroused.

Me: No kidding, hearing the story is getting to me!  How was Jill with all of it?

J: She told me later she got the same sort of thrill out of this part. I think it was because we were right there in the club with the music going and, by the way, the place was filling up for Happy Hour too so there were table dances going on as well as the main stage stuff.  There was action going on all around us now.  

So, Jill asks where we can get stuff to wear and he tells us where there's a lingerie shop and also where there's an adult store. He recommends the adult store for shoes unless we brought sexy heels on our ski trip. Then the last thing, before he shows us where we're supposed to show up, he takes Polaroid shots of us both.  One face shot and one full body, clothed of course, and we go with him up to the main entrance.  There's a wall display case where the guys stop to pay the cover charge and in there he has two pictures of each of the girls who has signed up so far.  So, like everybody coming in Thursday night and during the afternoon Friday can check out the amateur talent.  With a Sharpie he writes Dixie on the white part below the picture on Jill's photos and Belle on mine.  Then he puts them on display with the seven other girls' pictures that are already up.  He closes the case and locks it.  We're, of course, checking out all of the competition.  There are two guys in the entrance way waiting to go in and the manager looks at them and says, to us, 'I have to lock your pictures up or these guys will steal them!' 


The guys look at us and then at the pictures then at us and, I swear Wil, the one guy, Beavis-like says, 'Whoa! You two dolls are dancing here tomorrow night?'  Before we can do anything but laugh the manager says, 'Yes, they sure are.  Be here at 8 PM to see for yourself.' and the other guy, Butthead,  looks back as they're walking into the club and kinda whoops, 'Oh, Hell yeah!' 

Me: Crazy stuff. So, going in you're basically just humoring Jill.  You have no intention of actually doing it, right?  So, what changed your mind?

J: I'm not certain.  But I think it was a couple things... the club was really nice, not a dump at all.  I know it was a strip joint so this sounds stupid, but it was really classy.  And, the manager we talked to was nothing like I imagined.  I figured he'd be like a hood or something and we'd leave and laugh about how silly it all was.  But, he was really nice, very professional, and very, uh, reassuring, ya know? 

Me: Sure.  There might have been something more too.  The thought of being adored by a couple hundred guys who were willing to pay money to look at you... maybe that too?

J: Maybe.  Yeah, maybe.

to be continued...

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