Friday, September 9, 2016

In the mountains part 11-- Janelle's story

Janelle then told me what happened after the 9 amateurs had all danced their solo dances...

J: Rick, got all nine of us assembled backstage and told us how the next part of the contest would go.  I guess while that was going on the girls who danced for a living were out there working, I only remember that the music kept going. Finally, I guess it was about 10 PM or so when we all came back out on the stage.

Me: Just so I have it pictured right, you all are in your stage clothes...

J: Pictured right?  You really are visually oriented.

Me: Most guys are, I think.

J: Probably true.  But, yeah. we didn't go out topless or anything.  I mean, in my case, and Dixie too I think, we just put our little robes on to cover up. We got in a line across the stage at the widest part.  The DJ played some techno beat thing at a lower volume so Rick could be heard and so he could hear the crowd.  We're all just kinda moving to the beat while he's getting the crowd all revved up and telling them that they would vote and the top three would dance again.  This was the first time I felt kinda, well, not great, about the whole thing.

Me: Why? Because of the competition part of it?

J: No, not really.  The solo dance thing was a rush, you know, it was a performance and I got psyched up for it.  But now we're just up there and it's more like...

Me: A meat market? Slave auction?

J: Well, not as bad as that.  I mean, I didn't run off the stage in tears or anything.  I'm just saying it didn't feel as exciting.  But, it got better.

Me: Oh... good.  Don't let me interrupt.

J: OK, so, we're all just moving to the beat and Rick goes down the line and has each girl step forward one at a time, in the same order that we danced.  And, to me anyway, it sounds like everybody gets a big ovation, cheers, howling, you know, lots of noise. I couldn't really tell much difference up there.  We knew some girls did better than others but the crowd was just really good to everyone.  It was pretty cool, I thought, 'well at least they didn't boo me.'  

So, he gets to the last dancer, Dixie, and when the cheering has died down he steps up front and announces the three girls that will dance for the final prizes.

Me: And?

J: Ha! Don't interrupt.  And the three finalists were, drum roll please Wil : Vixen, Dixie, and... me, Belle.

Me:  Wow! Cool! So the bartender was right, numbers one, seven, and nine.

J: Yep. We all go backstage, everybody's hugging, excited, and even the girls who didn't win are cool.  Then those six girls cleared out.  Some went out to table dance, a couple of them just left I think.  And Rick told us that the order would be reversed so Dixie would go first, then me, then Vixen.  It hit me right then that I had no idea what I was going to do. I didn't have an encore because I really had just winged it the first time through based on the help from the DJ.  I got really worried, like, dry-mouth worried.

Me: Did the DJ come back with suggestions or anything?

J: No! Unfortunately.  Rick said he was going to play this really long techno thing with a big thump so we would all dance to the same basic thing.  He said it was so the votes weren't swayed by the music.  I don't know about that but I guess it made things fair.  He said we'd each be onstage for three and a half minutes and when we heard him start to talk we should pick up our tips and clothes and head off.

Dixie went first, so I got to hear the music we were all using-- it was some Deadmaus stuff I think-- no vocals just a constant beat.  I think that helped me...  having almost four minutes to move to it before I had to go out.  I decided to go out with the robe untied, like I said before, I hadn't put the bra back on, so I thought that by strutting out there the robe would move in the breeze and everything would show.

Me: Hell yeah. Good call.

J: Quiet, you!  When I got to the front I shrugged off the robe and then went to the pole.  I turned away from the front of the stage and grabbed the pole about waist high.  I figured the guys' imagination was my friend and the idea would be like I was grabbing the bed post.  

Me: Holy...

J: So I stood there, first with my feet together, then with my feet about a yard apart, and just kinda worked it.  I ended up at the pole for more than half of my time onstage 'cause it seemed to get a good reaction.

to be continued.


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