Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Weekend in the mountains part 10-- Janelle's strip

J:  After 7:30 the DJ came back and asked each dancer about music.  Some girls had  songs in mind, I didn't.  When he got to me I said, 'not too fast, other than that, I don't know.'  He looked at me and asked me to turn around once.  Then he said, 'I know what's right for you.  Stay in the wing through about 15 seconds of a rumbling intro, I'll be introducing you over that, then when you hear the first big beat... come out really struttin' it.  Strut, don't walk, right to the front of the stage boom-boom-boom, step with the beat. Don't fight the music, go with it.  Then turn and pause, show that backside Belle, then strut away, boom-boom-boom half way to the back.  Let 'em see it in motion.  Then turn and face to the front,  don't go too fast, take your time... and release the top.  The roof will come off when you do.  Don't be shy, don't be timid, you've got the whole damn package, Belle, but you've got to sell it. Pick guys out and look 'em right in the eye.  Don't look over the crowd. Got it?'

Me: Crash course in being a stripper. Do you remember the song?

J: Yeah. Days Gone By by Dirty Vegas.  I'll never forget.

Anyway, by 7:45, whenever the music is low, you can hear lots of crowd noise, there's an energy in the building that you can feel.  Then, just before showtime, Rick comes back where we all are and makes sure everybody knows the lineup and tries to calm everybody down a bit. Then he says, 'I just want all nine of you ladies to know that the club is standing room only tonight... we have guys outside in the freezing cold waiting to get in. If somebody leaves they can pay their money and get in but the fire marshal won't let another man in the place right now.  That's all because of you!  Those guys know that we only showcase the most beautiful amateur talent. There aren't ten dancers tonight because, out of the twenty-five who applied only nine made the grade!'  I'm thinking, 'total BS' but, it was a great pep talk. Really, it helped. 

The first girl went on at 8... from backstage you could hear and feel the music, the DJ and the crowd.  All we could see was a stationery video shot of the stage from a security cam at the rear of the club on this little black and white monitor.  All of us amateurs were studying that little screen.  And when the lead-off dancer, Vixen, appeared the roar from the crowd seemed to shake the building.  Dixie looked at me and said, 'Belle, this just got real!'

We hugged and then just sat down and waited.  As each girl came off the stage we'd talk to them.  Vixen was glowing when she came back. She was really pretty, nice body, and from what we could see on the little screen she knew how to move.

One by one they went out and came back.  Most had an adrenaline rush from it but a couple were so nervous they almost got ill. Finally, when dancer number six went out I did one last mirror check, freshened the lipstick, straightened everything.  Dixie came over and said, 'what did the DJ tell you, Babe?'  
'He said I should strut to the beat, show my ass, and drop my top.'
'Cool baby, you'll rock the house! You won't need it, but good luck!'  

Number six came off stage happy and I moved to the wing, one step away from where the crowd could see me... I heard the rumbling music the DJ told me about and realized he was talking over it, 'Gentlemen, it's time to welcome a very special snow-bunny ski-babe, all the way from way down south, give it up for Belle!!!'  The beat hit and I strutted out.  I got goose bumps from the roar-- it was like a wild, feral scream.  For me!  

Me: Yeah I can imagine how great you looked, Janelle.

J: Bang-bang-bang I strutted the best I could in those big foot in front of the other... exaggerated, ya know, so the caboose really swung.  When I made it to the front of the stage I untied the shorty robe, shrugged it off and just let it fall to the floor.  They went nuts.  I turned and when they saw my ass, Wil, they went wild.  Bang-bang-bang. Back to mid-stage. Turned back around, rocking to the beat. Looked right and held my gaze on one guy.  Then left, looking at a wild man who was howling as I rocked my hips to the beat.  I was trying to remember not to race through it.

Then I looked straight ahead and I put my arms up, twined my wrists around and held my hands together palm to palm.  Then I just kinda wiggled and writhed.  Feet together, knees together and flexed... I moved to that thumping beat. Now the music was louder than the crowd. I understood what the DJ was telling me, promoting anticipation is part of the art.  There's an element of tease to it but you have to know just when the tease gets tedious.  You sense when the room is, uh, eager. So, I brought my hands back down, reached behind my back, unhooked the bra and then, like the robe, just shrugged it off like I didn't give a damn. And I remembered to smile-- that was the toughest part actually. 

 I don't want all of this to sound braggy, Wil, I just want to tell you what really happened, OK?  

Me: You're doing great. It's like I'm there. Drooling.

J: Ha! The DJ was right, there was a big roar as my top fell. 

Me: No kidding. What a shock.

J: I strutted back up to the front of the stage-- boobs bouncing with every step.  I had no idea what to do next but the music was still going so I turned, pulled the panties up over my ass cheeks, then stood in place, flexed my knees like I was going down, all the time rocking to the beat.  Then I covered my ass with the panties again and strutted along the stage to the right and then back across to the left.  It wasn't until then that I realized there was cash all over the edge of the stage.  Ones, Fives even a Twenty.  The DJ started talking, the  signal that my time was almost up so I went along picking up money, my robe, and my bra.

They were cheering like crazy as I motored towards the wing.  Then I stopped and just flat wiggled my ass.  I turned, face front one last time, and bounced on the balls of my feet in those platforms so they knew these titties are all natural, baby, and very, very bouncy. Then I blew a kiss to the room.  As I passed the DJ booth I leaned in and kissed him on the cheek.  He mouthed, 'Told ya!' and gave me a thumbs up.

I went off as May went on.  May was a very petite Asian girl, very pretty, and exquisitely groomed.  Plus she had a store-bought rack that was enormous. They roared when they got a look at her. Imagine a 95 lb Asian doll with double D boobs, Wil.

Me: Nope.  I'm just picturing you, "Belle".

J:  Well, Dixie gave me a big hug as I came off.   I told her that it was a lot of fun.  After May came off  Dixie went on and was fantastic.  She had added this long string of fake pearls that a regular dancer had loaned her and she worked the hell out of it. Her body was so gorgeous and fit. The dark green on her white skin, the pearls... really amazing... AC/DC's Highway To Hell.  Yeah, Dixie Jill was killer.

Me:  That is just incredible, Janelle.  What a story.  So, how did the cash prizes go?

to be continued...

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