Sunday, September 4, 2016

Weekend in the Mountains Part 9-- Janelle's Tale

J: Aw, you don't have to take a cold shower, Hun.  I won't leave you hangin'.

Me: That better mean what I hope it means.

J: Oh, you'll see.  Once we get off this mountain and back into town.  

Let's see, where was I, OK, on the way back to the ski lodge I saw a PetSmart so I zip in, buy a round, black, dog tag and personalize it BELLE in white.  When we get back to the room I fix it all up on the collar. We get some snacks and drinks from the machine and start getting ready for our big debut.  I almost dump the whole dog collar thing as too trashy but Jill, AKA Dixie, talks me into keeping it.  Her argument is that what I'm wearing looks elegant and classy and then the collar puts a little kink in the look and it will pay off in the contest.  I'm not sure because the platforms are already kinky enough but I trust her judgement.

We got our stage clothes on and checked each other out to see if there were any problems.  Everything looked great so we took everything off.  Then we set the alarm for 4 PM and tried to nap.  The idea was that we wouldn't look all tired and worn out at midnight.  About 4 we shower and do our hair and makeup, touch up fingernails and toenails and some other stuff. We figured that under the stage lights we might wash out so we go a little heavier than usual on the makeup, lipstick, all that.  We decide to pack one duffle bag for the two of us with makeup, hairspray, brushes, most of the stage clothes including the big shoes.  Since we want to be out in the club for a while before the contest we wear our little black dresses and non-stripper heels. We'll change into the stage clothes in the club. 

Me: Nervous at this point?

J: Butterflies the size of geese.  Plus I was really hungry-- we decided we should eat almost nothing all day, for some good reason I don't remember.  We get to the club and park where we're supposed to. It's about 6 PM and the parking lot is more than half full already.  I guess guys came straight from work.  Anyway, the security guy is cool and lets us in out of the cold.  He radios the manager and in a minute Rick- I just remembered his name-- is back to greet us.  Everything is just so cool and all the guys working there treat us, and all the other girls, like stars. We leave our stuff in the dressing room, check the mirror, check each other, and then go out into the club.  Rick told us that since we had checked in we didn't have to come backstage until 7:30.  He gave us each a token for a free drink but said, 'don't get drunk... guys will be buying you drinks out there... one or two are OK but more than that is sloppy so be cool, OK?'  He also showed us the lineup of dancers.  There were nine total and Belle was up 7th and Dixie was 9th.  So, we had a long wait ahead of us before hitting the stage.

We went out and I felt like every eyeball in the place was on us.  We worked our way to the back bar and there were a couple of stools together so we sat, perched on these barstools in our short little dresses, legs crossed, high heels dangling all sexy like. Ha!  Dixie told me that we probably looked like hookers.  We each got a white wine-- the bartender was very sweet and poured it in plastic champagne glasses for us.  Real classy.  When we gave him the tokens he said, 'ah, so you two are dancing tonight, cool.'  

Dixie started talking to him about us being complete amateurs and he was very encouraging.  I had remembered to bring a little purse with me so I tipped him a couple ones. He thanked us and then guys started coming up to talk to us.  One after another.  There were dancers working, of course, this whole time.  Stage dancers, table dancers, I was trying to watch this one beautiful girl give a lap dance to a guy in a side booth-- I found out later that's what it was called.  Pretty amazing actually. But this steady stream of guys kept getting in the way of my research..  They all said some version of the same thing and I was too nervous to care plus all I really wanted to do was watch some pros out there so I knew what to do later on.  After refusing about a dozen drinks we finally relented and each of us had a second white wine. It dawned on me that these were the guys who would be voting so I should have been more attentive.  Oh well.

Once, when it got a little quiet between songs, our friendly bartender said, 'When do you two go on?'  I told him that I was 7th and Dixie was 9th and last.  He smiled, 'Rick thinks you two are going to win prizes then,' he said.

I asked what he meant and he said, 'He makes out the lineup.  He always puts someone good first to grab the room's attention.  Then he builds it up from number two to the finish.  So, he figures you are both in the money.  Your main competition will go 1st and 8th probably.'
I acted like I was mad, 'So, Rick thinks Dixie's better than me?'
He laughed, 'Nope. Contrast. You're a dark-haired Wow! and Dixie's a slim, cool blonde.  Watch, I'll bet the 8th dancer is either a redhead or an exotic.'

I asked him what an exotic was and he said, 'Asian, Latina, Black, Indian... you know, not White.'

It was about 7 PM when I grabbed Dixie and told her I needed to go backstage.  I really couldn't take any more of the endless stream of interruption.  After we danced, maybe, but not before.  But, honestly Wil, almost all of the guys seemed really nice.  I was surprised. Nobody grabbed at us.  Nobody said anything really rude.  Well, unless you think that being categorized by hair color, body type, or ethnicity is rude. It didn't bother me because, after all, I was a 'WOW!'

Me: And how.

J:  Backstage we could hear the music really well and also the DJ's patter between songs.  In addition to promoting the dancers that were working their butts off he also kept promoting the amateur strip contest at 8 PM.  He had the list of dancers and probably wouldn't know one of us from the other but he would say, like, 'gentlemen, you'll want to be here tonight when the exciting Dallas hits the stage' or Tiffany or Mercedes or Swan.  When he mentioned Belle and Dixie it was pretty cool.  We knew there were at least thirty guys out there that knew our names from our time at the back bar.  So hearing lots of cheering when our names were mentioned was a little rush.

Anyway, at 7:30 we got into our stage clothes. For me it was...

Me: From the ground up, black platform heels, black lace-top thigh-high stockings, black panties cut high on the hips but covering more than a g-string front and back, a lacy black push-up bra, a black leather-like dog collar with name tag, perfect hair, nails and makeup, and a black satin shorty robe cover-up.

J: Well, you are paying attention!

Me: Damn right.  What about earrings and perfume?

J: Ooooo.  Good catch.  Huge silver hoops on the lobe, silver studs above, and probably Tabu.

to be continued...

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