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Weekend in the mountains part 12-- The prize

Note: The first part of Janelle's story about the amateur strip contest was published back on August 28th.  If you're starting here you might want to go back to the beginning and get the full flavor of the piece.  Just an idea, your mileage may vary.  No matter what, I hope you have fun with this tale.

J: When I heard Rick start to talk I gathered up my tips, my little black robe, and scurried backstage.  Dixie and I went through our money from two dances while Vixen did her thing out on the stage.  We both had about $100.  Wil, we were so pumped up by the rush of performing to such an enthusiastic...

Me: Horny.

J: Sssshussshhhh... an enthusiastic crowd. And, no lie, the money was exciting too. Plus we knew we were both getting prizes too.  After Vixen came off there was a five minute or so break before we went back onstage for the awards.  Rick did the whole voting routine again and, like before, it just sounded like a three-way tie to me but he awarded Dixie $500, Vixen $250, and I got the $100 prize. Cash, on the spot Baybee!  No funky checks.

Me: For what it's worth, I voted for you.

J: Thanks, silly.  So, we're backstage, cooling off and Rick comes back and tells us how great we were, blah, blah, blah it was their biggest amateur night all ski season and so on.  Then he reminds us that the club is still open for two and a half hours and if we want to table dance it's $10 for two songs and we don't have to split with the house, just tip the waitresses and DJ before we leave.  He also throws in a new wrinkle, that lap dances are $20 for two songs. The last thing he told us was that the VIP Room was off limits to us.  We figured out later that was how he kept his regular dancers happy on amateur night.  The crowd would be huge but only those girls could work the private room.
Anyway, he leaves and Vixen says to us, 'I don't know about you two, but those wild boys are fired up out there and I want some of that easy money!"  And she almost sprints out there.

I told Dixie I was thinking about going back to the hotel.  I was coming down off the adrenaline rush.  Between the two of us we had around $800 already in contest prize money and tips, mostly hers, of course,but together we'd done pretty good. 

Then Jill says, 'Hold on a second, 'Nelle. Let's think this through. We're never going to do this again, probably.  Everybody out there's already seen everything anyway.  Ten dollars to just stand next to a table and dance a couple of dances? I mean, it's not like they can grab you... they're just getting a closer look.  Now. that lap dance thing, I wouldn't even know what to do, but just dancing next to a table? We should at least check it out, right?'

Me: Janelle, we're sitting all alone by a waterfall out here in glorious nature and, well, your story is making me hard.  If you tell me you stayed to table dance, well I...

J: Just settle down, buddy. I told Jill that we should sit backstage for fifteen minutes and if we both wanted to try it after that we would fix our make-up, put on our stuff, and do it.  Frankly, since it was after 11PM, I thought we'd both agree to just head back to the hotel.  But after only ten minutes or so I agreed with her that it was worth a try.  

So, we got freshened up, all dolled up again, and went out past the DJ into the club.  He gave us the double thumbs up and big grin.  That helped because I was almost as scared as before the first time I went on stage.  The first booth we passed that didn't already have a dancer waved us over.  Dixie told them we were going to get a drink but would come right back. He told her that he'd order her any drink she wanted, she turned back to me, told me what he said and I told her, 'Go for it, Hun,' and I went across to the other side of the club while she did her first ever table dance. 

I didn't know what the heck I was doing. I walked walked right by guys who wanted me to dance because I was looking for the cute guys-- like it was a regular club!  Such a dope.  Anyway this table with four guys got my attention, I talked to them and agreed to dance.  The club rule was that during the first song you'd get topless and then during the second song you'd stay topless.  Ten bucks. I ended up staying there for six songs about 20 minutes. Got $30 plus an extra $5 tip and a 7Up. I saw no reason to put my top back on just to take it off again so I went backstage and put the bra in the duffle. I kept the robe on but untied.  Hard yet, Wil?

ME: Um, yeah.  We probably should get back to the hotel.

J:  Shut up, you.  I've never told anybody any of this and I'm going to finish my story.  So sit still, there's lots of weekend left. Anyway, I checked the mirror and then went back out. By the end of the first hour I had over $80 more money. The DJ didn't let any song run much over three minutes so the girls could max out.  I was figuring out the basics of this thing-- basically you danced for about 5 minutes and got ten bucks.  

I ran into Jill around Midnight and she said she was going to try lap dancing. I asked her what you had to do for it to be called a lap dance and she said she thought it just meant that it was OK for the dancer to initiate contact with the guy but it was still not allowed for the guy to initiate.  She said that everybody was asking for lap dances and she was telling them, 'Not 'til after midnight.'  I laughed and said, 'Whatever, Babe. Stay safe.'

I found a security guy and asked him and, basically, Jill had it about right.  It still worried me.  But every table that called me over wanted lap dances!  Just so you know, Wil... I held the line and only did table dances.  Even so, I was in demand, buddy.

Me: No shit, tease.

J: So anyway I got near this one booth-- they were shaped like a "U" and the table for drinks was tiny and moveable-- and there are just two older guys, like late 40s or 50s, not old just older than the average age in the place, well they're at this booth near the back and they're dressed well.  When I got close one of them waved me over.  He asked me to sit for a second and so I sat down at the end of the seat, cross my legs, and try to act normal instead of like an amateur stripper.  He said, 'Hello,' and I told him that they were lucky to have a whole booth to themselves since the club was so packed and he laughed and said they weren't lucky at all, that his buddy there-- he pointed at the other guy-- owned this club and some others.  Then he told me that he also owned several strip clubs too but elsewhere.  Now I was getting a little nervous wondering if these guys were actually Rick's boss.  I mean, I was only comfortable doing this whole crazy thing because I saw Rick and his guys as a protector of sorts.  But he couldn't protect me from his boss and his boss's friend.  That make sense?

Me: Sure.

J: Anyway, eventually he pulls out a hundred and puts it on the table and says, 'Why not get your little blonde friend and come over here and you two can dance together for us.'  I told him I didn't even know where she was and he immediately pointed across the room and said, 'She's right there giving some college boy a lap dance.'  So, I told him we'd be back.  I got to Jill as the song was ending and she was collecting another twenty and told her that a couple of guys want us to dance together for them.  She grins, 'Cool, Belle.'  We start walking across the room and she says, 'Babe, I'm having so much fun!  Do these dudes of yours want lap dances?'  Damn, Wil.  She'd gone native.  It was like she was suddenly a veteran stripper.  I just laughed and shook my head.

When we get to the booth with the two strip club moguls they have us step to the back of the booth and they put the table out in the walkway a bit so it's kind of like we'll have our own little private dancing area in this space.  The guy I talked to introduces us to the guy who, he says, owns the club.  We all chat a bit but the music is too loud to really have a conversation.  Then the club owner leans towards us and says, loud enough for us to hear 'You two were both great out there tonight. Hard to believe you're true amateurs, but my boy Rick swears you are.'  We both nod. 'We don't want to keep you girls away from dancing for the patrons but we'd like the two of you to dance two songs together.  Fifty dollars each.  Just table dances, nothing more.' He held his hands up, palms facing us as if to say, 'No funny stuff.' After the first song we were to switch places so we would each dance one dance close to each guy.

So, of course we dance and I pick up the hundred when we're done with the second song.  We both put our robes on and  Jill sits down next to the club owner and I sit down next to the guy who first called me over.  That guy tells me, 'My friend will be telling her the same thing I'm telling you, Janelle.' Yeah, he knew my real name. Alarm bell goes off in my head.  'We want to offer both of you two work  in our clubs.  We know you're from down south but if you move out here we're sure you'd both clear six figures a year in our clubs. That's a hundred grand, clear, give or take. Got it?' I nodded that I understood what he was saying. I didn't say, 'Hey, I have an accounting degree I think I know what clearing a hundred grand means.' I also didn't tell him he was effing crazy even though I thought he was.  'See, we move the top dancers through six different clubs, the best venues west of the Mississippi, only the best talent, so you'd be guaranteed five days a week and every three to four weeks you'd move to a different club. So you're always a fresh face, ya know.  I'm telling you, you're both big earners, for sure. We'd get you trained up a little bit, of course, but you're both super talented amateurs. Of course, you'd work the VIP rooms where the big money is. Whaddaya say, Janelle?'

Me: Are you kidding me?

J: Scout's honor, Wil.  These guys were pitching us on being full-time strippers.  My heart was beating so hard I thought it would explode.  Plus, I'm totally freaking out because now I just want to get out of there.

to be continued

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