Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Suite Time

We talked for a while as she had white wine and I, having finished my bourbon, moved on to ice water.  I had no intention of getting even slightly drunk.  The double of Maker's Mark had calmed me.  As we talked I felt an edge building.  An urge for Janelle.  The desire for sex.  More drink might push me over that edge and I didn't want that.

"There isn't any music. I can't believe you don't have music in this suite, Wil.  You of all people," she said.
"Just a radio that sounds crappy and some music channels on the TV," I said.
"You are so lucky I stopped by!"
She pulled her phone out of the carry-all sitting on the floor next to her, got up, walked over and put it on the desk.
"Hang on a second.  I'll be right back," she said.

Janelle walked into the bedroom and I heard her unzipping one of the bags of hers I'd hauled up.  Soon she came back with a small Bose speaker system.  As I watched her, studying the amazing curve of her ass in those jeans, she got her phone linked to the Bose and a surprisingly big, rich sound came out.

"What do you want to hear?"
"Whatever you want is fine," I said.
"Seriously?  You don't care?"
I shrugged.
"Whatever makes you happy," I said.
Janelle laughed
"Happy.  You're funny.  You mean, whatever makes me ready to..." she said.
It was my turn to laugh.
"I was hoping you wouldn't need music to be ready for that."
"Good point, Wil.  But music helps with the mood, ya know."

She started up a Deep House track.
"Too loud?"
"It's fine," I said.
She stood back, decided it was just right, and then poured herself more wine. She was about two thirds of the way through the bottle already. We sat next to each other on the couch in the suite.  I got up and closed the sliding door as the evening air was now too cool coming off the dark blue-green mountains.

I'm more interested in organic music than computerized electronica but as the tune played I thought her idea was inspired.  There was nothing about it that would draw my attention away from what I was interested in-- getting my cock into her-- and the beat of it was insistent and had a sexual pulse to it.

We continued to talk as her music spooled out into the room.  I was enjoying being with Janelle.  She was smart, positive, and alluring.  Time went by but I had no care how much had passed.  Everything was in the moment and nothing else mattered.  It was the point I was hoping to reach when I left for the mountains on Friday.  How I would have gotten there alone I don't know.  But Janelle got me to a great state of mind.

"Here's something you won't believe about me," Janelle said, "I'm not really a drinker."
"Why wouldn't I believe that?"
"Because, last night we went out and I drank beer, and in the story I told you when we were hiking today I drank wine at that dance club, and tonight we're here in your suite and, look at me, I'm drinking.  But I don't drink very often, really."
"Janelle, all I'm worrying about is that the wine will put you to sleep."

She put her plastic wine glass on the side table.
"I'll have you know that I am wide awake, my dear."
She studied my face for a few moments.  I could almost hear her thinking.
"You know why I brought along so much stuff?"
She didn't wait for my response.
"Because I spent an entire hour trying to figure out what you'd want me to wear to bed.  Plus I have no idea how many times... so I finally just thought, 'aw fuck it,' and threw everything in the suitcase, plus stuff to wear if we ever actually leave this room, oh and about 8 pairs of shoes, and jewelry, and... well. damn near everything."

I smiled.

"Did you bring that subject up because you want to go to bed now, Janelle?"
Her eyes darted around the room.
"Well... not necessarily to bed... but...."
"And you want to know what to wear?"
She nodded.

I moved next to her on the couch.  We kissed.  I felt that nice wave I was riding on get stronger.
"Since I don't know any of these outfits you packed, we'll keep it simple this first time. And, it's just the first time-- not the only time.  Wear this: perfume, lipstick, as much jewelry as you want, and the sexiest heels you packed."
"OK, so like just a nice bra and panties set..."
I interrupted.
"No.  Only the stuff I told you to wear, Janelle."
"Oooohhh.  Um, OK. Really?  And then just come back out here?"

After a few moments of pondering Janelle got up and headed towards the bedroom.  "Give me a few minutes, OK?"
"I'm not going anywhere," I said.

After she closed the bedroom door I closed the blackout drapes and turned out every light except one in the foyer that cast a dim, golden glow into the living room.  I poured another double shot of bourbon on a single ice cube in my cup.  I sat down in the chair in the corner and put my feet up on the ottoman.  The chair faced the bedroom door.  I waited for Janelle to reappear as her beat-heavy trance music played on.

After just a couple minutes the door cracked open.  "Babe, would you bring me some wine?"
I got a fresh plastic wine glass and poured some more of the chilled white into it.  She slipped her hand out to take it. "Here," I said, placing the glass in her hand.  I smelled her perfume and my heart rate increased.
"Are you sure I shouldn't wear the sheer little black teddy I brought?" Janelle asked.
"Wear exactly what I told you to wear."
The door closed.

It was another fifteen minutes or so before the door opened slightly.
"Wil?  Are you still out there?   Awake?"
"Come on out, Janelle," I said as I stood up, walked around the ottoman and moved towards where she would appear.
She opened the door, took one hesitant step into the room, and into the glow of the light from the foyer.  She had a white bathrobe pulled tightly around her.  When I got to her she loosened her grip on the robe and I slipped it off her shoulders and let it fall to the carpet.  I stood back from her to take in the view.

She was a perfect five and a half foot nude hourglass perched on a pair of black wedges.  Her olive skin looked darker in the low light. She was wearing dark lipstick-- it was impossible to tell the real color but it was dark.  Her dark brown hair was down but you could see the silver, dangling earrings she wore.  She had a massive silver necklace on that looked vintage.  It fit close to her neck, almost like a choker but fell along the top of her beautiful, full breasts. 

I moved to where I could view her best without blocking the light falling on her.  Without me telling her to do so she turned slowly so I could take in every angle.  When her back was to me she raised her arms up over her head.  She moved slowly, snakelike, a wave of movement rolling through her from her head to her toes.  It was mesmerizing. 

Janelle walked past me to change the music and I stood still following her with my eyes-- never taking them off her body.  She put on another mix.  One with a slower beat.  She found just the right one.  Turned it up a little bit louder.  Then she walked back over to me.

"Is this how you wanted me?" she said, her voice little more than a whisper.
"Exactly. Even better than I imagined, actually."
"Oh, did you do a lot of  'imagining' while you were waiting?"
"I did."

I took her by the hand and led her over to the ottoman.  I pointed to it and said, "On all fours, right there."
Janelle situated herself on the ottoman without a word.  I walked around her.  She held her head back so she was looking straight ahead.  The sight of her fine round ass and her large breasts hanging down had me hard.  On my second trip around her I ran my hands across the taut flesh of her backside and gave each cheek a quick, firm smack.

Then I stood in front of her as she stayed put atop the ottoman.  I unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out.  Neither of us said anything.  Janelle lifted her right hand and grasped my dick at the base.  I moved closer.  And then she slowly slid me through her dark lips and took that cock into her mouth until my balls were against her lower lip.