Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Takin' It Hard

After just a few minutes I knew I was going to blow my load way too soon.  Thinking that would be a sub-optimal outcome, I pulled out of Janelle's mouth and started to walk past her.  I ran the fingers of my left hand down her spine as I went by.  She sat back on her heels, still perched on the ottoman.

"Why are we stopping?"
"We're not.  We're just getting started," I said.
She frowned.
"But I was having fun."
"You weren't going to have fun for very long though, 'Nelle.  You're too damn good at that."
I patted her lightly on the left ass cheek.
"Get that sweet stuff back up in the air.  Just like you were-- and get your knees as far apart as you can without slipping off that thing."

She got back up on her hands and knees and widened out her stance as much as possible.  I stood behind her, put my right hand, palm down, between her legs and I slipped my middle finger into her pussy.  She was seriously wet.

"Fuucckk, babydoll," I said quietly.
"Hey, I got off having your cock in my mouth.  I told you..."

I wasted no time getting a second finger into her and started working that hole-- twisting my hand as I moved in and out of her. She pushed back against every move, forcing my fingers deeper into her.

"I found something for you this afternoon," I said, "don't move."  I went into the bathroom and got the lube I bought at the drugstore.

She stayed right where she was on all fours on the ottoman.  I wasn't gone fifteen seconds. I was surprised at how watery the lube was, not a gel at all, but a liquid.  I put some on my index and middle fingers and began to work it into her.

"Does that feel warm?"
"A little... maybe..." she said.
Then, just a few moments later, "Oh, there it is, oh yeah, it's definitely warming up... nice... I like that, Wil..."

I had two fingers in her again and was working her pussy harder now.  After a few minutes Janelle moaned, "You've gotta put that dick in me baby... c'mon... do me... put that big cock in my pussy... fuck me baby..."

I had been rock hard when she was sucking me off but now I was only semi-stiff. However, it was firm enough to slip the head in and start working her.  Between her tight but slippery snatch and the warming liquid covering my cock I stiffened quickly and as I grew and hardened I started to ride her round ass good and hard.

As the pace picked up Janelle dropped her head down to the ottoman and stretched her arms out in front of her and just fuckin' moaned.  She arched her back and kept her ass up high.  When she got into that position I slam fucked her until we were making a helluva racket.  She got very vocal, demanding that hard cock, screaming for it.  Her talk made me drive harder and deeper and I spanked her big, beautiful ass hard as I rammed her.

I finally buried my load deep into her hot slit. When I pulled out of her wet cunt I could see her white ass was darker where I smacked her.  Even in the low light in the living room of the suite it was clear she had gotten her fine ass spanked hard. Janelle had started out with nothing on but jewelry and shoes.  Somewhere along the way, I had no idea when, her shoes had fallen off.

Freshly fucked and ass-smacked, she rolled over onto her side, still lying across the ottoman. I walked into the bathroom and washed my cock off.  I figured it would be good to get that hot lube off my dick before she put it back in her mouth.

When I walked back into the room she groaned, "Damn, baby, you're a nasty fucker..." Then she laughed a bit.  I went over to her and rolled her onto her back on the ottoman.

"Put your fuckin' legs in the air and spread 'em apart."
She hesitated a second.
"Do it," I said.
She did.

With my left hand I split her pussy lips apart. I slid the middle finger of my right hand right back into her cunt.  I pumped in and out of her a few times and she tried to inch away on her back.  I pulled my finger out of her and stretched across her with my arm.

"Open your mouth, you hot little bitch" I said.
When she did I stabbed the sticky wet finger right into her mouth.
"Clean that up, slut.  It's cum and pussy juice, just for you."
She sucked on my finger.

"You wanna get fucked some more this weekend you dirty, cock-sucking, cumslut?"
"Yes, please,"  Janelle said.

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