Saturday, June 24, 2017


I turned off the TV and got up from the chair.  As I walked towards the now-opening bedroom door Janelle entered the living room.  Although the light was dim in the suite I could see her well.  I breathed in her perfume as we neared one another.  My heart started to race again.

She was wearing a black textured body stocking with black pumps.  She had a jacket on, black, cut longer than a blazer it nearly covered her ass. The front styling of the jacket was a deep vee, the lapels falling across her full breasts which were covered only by the bodystocking.  The only jewelry she had on was a silver bracelet and silver stud earrings.  Her eyes were made up far more than usual. The effect was tremendous in the low light.  Her lipstick, just as the night before, was dark.

I was intoxicated.  She did a slow turn. When she had her back to me she pulled the jacket up over her round ass.  She bent slowly forward then straightened up, let the jacket drape normally again, and turned back to face me.  I was speechless.

"Is this OK?"
All I could do was smile.
"Should I put on some music?"
I nodded and she went over to the table and in a minute or so the suite was filled with some of her hypnotizing electronica.

She walked back towards me in time with the beat.  One foot in front of the other working it like a model on the runway-- or a stripper on stage on amateur night more likely.
We kissed.
For a while.
I stiffened.
She sensed it and ran her hand down slowly and found it.  She smiled.  "I've wanted that all day," she said.

"Tell me, did you pack any scarves in that trunk?"
"A couple, I think."
"Go get all that you brought."

I watched her walk into the bedroom, her ass like the proverbial bag full of bobcats.

She came back out with three silky, colorful scarves.  I looked them over in the dim light and then dropped them on the couch and went back to kissing her.

As things heated up I helped her slip off her jacket.  Then I took her bracelet off and placed it on the stand where the TV stood.  She looked spectacular in that bodysuit and heels.  I put my lips next to her left ear and said softly, "Put your hands behind your back with your palms together."
She did so without a word.
I moved behind her and picked up one scarf and wrappped her wrists together tightly before knotting the scarf.  "Your circulation should be fine tied that way," I said, "Hold your arms as far away from your body as you can." I bounced both of her ass cheeks a few times with my right hand before stepping back in front of her. "You can drop your arms back down. Can you get your arms free?" She shook her head.  I pinched both of her nipples through the sheer fabric of the bodystocking.  Then bounced her tits a few times with my hands.  I slapped them gently from each side several times.
"You look good Nelle.  Still feel good?"
"I feel great Mr. Wilson," Janelle said.

I pulled the cushion off the chair and put it on the floor in front of her.  Because she was bound at the wrists I helped her to her knees. She sat back a bit and I instructed her to straighten up so that her shoulders, hips, and knees were in line. She did so.

I stood back and took in the view, the trance music heightening the experience.  I stepped back to her and reached down to make sure the open crotch of her lingerie was framing her snatch.  I adjusted it and felt her moistness. I slid three fingers all around her wet pussy.  I bent down so we were face to face and put my fingers to my mouth, touched my tongue to my lower lip, and said, "You taste great too, Nelle." She opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out slightly and I fed her some of her own juice.  She ran her tongue all around my fingers and then started to suck on them.  I pulled them from her hungry little mouth.

I stepped over and picked up another scarf.  I prepared it as a blindfold while standing behind her and when I put it over her eyes she gasped slightly.  I tied it firmly and then tested her, seeing if she'd flinch when I threw a hand towards her face.  Nothing.  I stepped away from her and took a drink from a rocks glass of bourbon I had been drinking when she had come out of the bedroom.  I leaned back, relaxed, breathed a bit to get my heartrate under control and just watched her.  She looked good kneeling in her come-fuck-me-pumps and black body stocking.
Bound at the wrists.
She began to sit back on her heels.
"Straighten up, doll."
And so she did.

I moved to the other side of the suite as quietly as possible.  When I said something to her about her music she jumped slightly.  She didn't know where I was in the room.  Between the blindfold and the music masking the sound of my movements some of her senses were impaired.

I stepped back over to her quietly and got on the other side of her from where she had last heard me speak.  I unbuckled my belt close to her right her so she could hear it.  I unbuttoned my pants and then, right next to her ear I quickly unzipped my pants.  She smiled and put the tip of her tongue on her lower lip.  Then I stepped away from her and watched her as I took my clothes off as quietly as I could.  She frowned slightly and said,  "Where are you?"  She got no answer from me.

I stood in front of her although she didn't know I was there.  Looking at her and stroking my cock it wasn't difficult to get good and hard again.  I stepped up to her and put my right hand on her cheek. She turned slightly into it. "Good girl," I said as I slapped her other cheek firmly with my cock.  She turned her head that way and opened her mouth.  I bounced the head of my dick off her full lower lip.
She tilted her head back slightly and opened her mouth wide.  I slid my cock in slowly but then she pushed her head forward trying to take it all in one stroke.  She choked, and I pulled back out. "The pretty girl is in such a hurry," I said.

And she went right back down on it.  Blindfolded, bound, and swallowing cock as fast as she could.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Sunday Brunch & Beyond

Janelle and I walked several blocks from the hotel to a restaurant for brunch on Sunday morning. We left the hotel about an hour and a half after I was ready to go.  I spent the time waiting for her to get ready drinking hotel room coffee and watching an old movie on TCM.  It was no great hardship. I like watching movies made in the 30s and 40s more than the current crop of films.  It's like time travel. The coffee, however, could have been better.

On the way to the restaurant I marveled at how a woman could take so much time getting ready yet look so natural as a result.  I mean that as a compliment.  Janelle looked squeaky clean, fresh, and glowing-- not overly made up.

The restaurant was a place that specialized in breakfast all day and had a name with an egg joke imbedded in it.  They were busy but we didn't have to wait long to be seated.  I had bacon, eggs, and grits. And good coffee.  I'm wary of grits in places that aren't mom & pop restaurants but their grits were done right, slow cooked and good with cheddar, real butter and ground black pepper.  Janelle had an omellette and coffee.  As we left we agreed that we wouldn't need much else to eat all day.

As we got closer to the hotel on our walk back we stopped at this small greenspace-- not a full-blown park, just an area with shaded benches where you can watch people out and about in the shopping village.  We talked about a few things, still getting to know one another, when Janelle started a people watching game.  She spotted a couple walking, well out of earshot, and said, "I say he enjoys it when she does it cowgirl but she'd really rather take it doggystyle. What do you think?"

I looked at Janelle, wondering if she was crazy.  Then I looked at the 20-something couple.  "I disagree.  He's afraid to try anything but missionary and she's frustrated because her last boyfriend always did her from behind. She misses him terribly."

"Either way, they need to communicate more," Janelle said.  Then she spotted a couple in their 50s and said to me, "You start this time."

This went on for about three more rounds and was mildly amusing.  Then I said to Janelle, "What if someone was watching us sitting here and played this silly game on us?  What would they say?"

She looked at me for a second.  "First, they'd think it was pretty unlikely that a sweet young woman like me would have a sexual relationship with such a curmudgeonly old man.  But, if forced to come up with something, they'd say that I enjoy everything of a sexual nature while you are just grateful for some attention."

After a moment I said, "Well, they'd be right about me but would they be right about you?"
"Pretty much," she said.
"So, there's nothing you prefer over everything else?"
Janelle waited until two guys had walked past us a few steps.
"Well, since you're so persistent, I really enjoy being on my knees, fingering my pussy, while gagging on cock."
"Sweetheart, this sure is your lucky weekend. Too bad for you I'm so old."
She snorted.
"By the way, young lady, those guys heard you."


We went into the city for the afternoon. We visited lots of galleries and little shops that Janelle likes. She bought a few things for herself and I bought her a watercolor she liked.  We got back to the hotel around 6 PM and after hanging around the suite for an hour or so we went out to get a light meal.  We were back in the suite by 8 o'clock.  Frankly, the whole day had been like one of those Cialis ads where they urge guys to take a pill every day because you never know when the time will be right to fuck.  The more time I spent with Janelle the more attractive she was to me.

"I brought all this stuff to wear," she said, "and last night you didn't let me wear anything but my shoes."
"They were nice shoes," I said.
"Still, I wanna dress up..."

I told her that if she let me get cleaned up first she could spend as long as she wanted getting ready for the evening.  So, about twenty minutes later, there I was watching an old movie again while she was in the bedroom / bathroom side of the suite getting ready.  I actually could feel my heartbeat the longer I waited for her.  I did some deep breathing techniques to get my heart back under control.

It was just after 9 PM when the bedroom door opened slightly, "Mr. Wilson?"
"Yes, Nelle?"
"I think I'm ready, can you turn the TV off?"