Saturday, July 15, 2017

Janelle Bends Over

Janelle, on her knees, with her hands bound behind her, blindfolded, had no way to control my cock.

I fed it to her.  Then took it away.

I tilted her head back and straddled her face and she tongued me from asshole to cock tip slobbering all over my balls on the way.

I buried it back in her mouth and she took the whole length until her chin was up to my nuts and her eyes were watering.

She was bound, blindfolded, on her knees and saying she'd never felt more free.

And alive.

And filthy.

And happy.


I didn't want to cum on her.

I wanted to cum in her.

I helped her to her feet and took her into the bedroom.

I piled the pillows near the edge of the bed where she stood and pushed her from behind telling her to bend over.

I entered her slick pussy through the crotch opening in the bodystocking.  After a few thrusts the edge of the material moved and it felt like I'd gotten a rope burn on my dick.

I pulled out, grabbed the bodystocking at the open crotch and tore it apart.  When I was done it no longer covered her beautiful round ass.

I drove back into her hard.

I came deep in Janelle.

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